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Click Here For China Visa Application We are the best in the world when it comes to 5 star luxury at low prices. Make sure you take the time to read about why we are the “Best For Less” when it comes to China. When you click on either date below, you will see all of the details and the day by day itinerary.

We offer two dates for our fantastic China Tour. They both see and experience the same sites and cities. One starts two days earlier than the other group, they visit Xian and the Terracotta Warriors before the Yangtze River. The second group visits Xian and the Terracotta Warriors after the Yangtze River Cruise. This way our two groups remain separated except on the Yangtze River Cruise. When we have our two groups come together on the Yangtze, are numbers become high enough to control the ship, its ports of call, shore excursions and we can bring our own nightly entertainment.

Both groups offer the #1 Island in the world extension to Bali. You are already in this part of the world – you can add Bali for only the extra cost of jet fuel. You can’t afford to miss going to Bali, the most beautiful island in the world!!!!!