Dear Fun For Less Traveler:

Travel Protection comes in handy if you become ill, injured, or there is a death in your family. We recommend Travelex because they do an amazing job in handling claims. Note that you can get as much or as little travel protection as you’d like (scroll down for price chart).

After looking through the information below, feel free to call if you have any questions and/or would like to purchase insurance.


Why Travel Protection?

Why Travelex?

Cost & Particulars

1) Chart below shows the cost of protection per person. For example, if your invoice is $10,000 and there are two of you, the cost of the trip is $5,000 per person.

2) Protection is based on age at the time of purchase.

3) Bonus Coverage  If you purchase Travel Select  within 15 days from your deposit and insure the full cost of your trip and are not traveling against a Doctor’s advice at the time of purchase, pre-existing medical conditions are waived with respect to you or non-traveling family members. Note that family members must be in critical condition for you to return home and file a claim. Bonus coverage also includes financial default of tour operator, airline, hotel, etc. 

Pre-existing Medical Condition” is a condition for which medical advice, diagnosis, care or treatment was recommended or received within 60 days prior to purchasing insurance.

4) The price of coverage is in round numbers so it’s easy to estimate which price bracket you’ll be in once you add air. You don’t have to wait until you purchase air to cover it and it doesn’t matter who’s doing your air.

5) If one of you gets sick or injured before or during a trip (including Covid), you’re both covered. 

6) Insure any amount – No matter how much Trip Value you insure, you still get 100% of post departure benefits i.e. trip delay, missed connection, 50K medical, 500K evacuation, lost luggage etc.

7) Trip Interruption (coming home early) – 150% of the remaining balance of whatever amount of Trip Cost you insure.  Your flight home etc. comes out of this 150%.

8) If you would like to purchase protection or if you have any questions please call 801-619-1022. 

Trip Value, or “Trip Cost per person (whatever you decide that is) is the far left column. 


Core Benefits


Common reasons for needing insurance include:

Coverage Includes these fixed POST-DEPARTURE benefits

These benefits are fixed (always the same), no matter how much trip value you insure.


How Much Will You Lose with Fun For Less, without Travel Protection.
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How can travel assistance if I get sick or have an accident on a trip?

Travelex Assistance Provider can refer you to a local clinic, physician, or medical facility. They can also help you understand what benefits are available under your policy, particularly outside of Travelex office hours.

For questions please call 1-801-619-1022. Ask for me, John. If for some reason you can’t reach me and your call is time sensitive, call Travelex directly (800 228 9792), please use our location number (44-0028) so that Fun For Less can better assist you in the event of making a claim. Calling Travelex sometimes takes up to 30 minutes, so of course, start with me.

Note: This is not an official Travelex document.