TitleAuthorDate Aired
The One Place In England I Must Always Visit Dr. Michael Wilcox June 27, 2017
Things I Didn’t Know In Church History About Palmyra, New York! Dr. John L. Lund June 12, 2017
I Breathe…Therefore I Eat Jack S. Marshall June 12, 2017
Nora and John Glenn Rawson June 6, 2017
A Land As Old As Time Itself Dr. Michael Wilcox May 23, 2017
Put Thou My Tears Into Thy Bottle – Psalms 56:8 Dr. John L. Lund May 9, 2017
Jeroboam and the Grandfathers Glenn Rawson May 2, 2017
Finding The Historical Jesus Jack S. Marshall April 25, 2017
The Nourishing Place – The Cathedrals Of Europe Dr. Michael Wilcox April 18, 2017
‘Red Eggs’ Dr. John L. Lund April 11, 2017
Children are always worth the sacrifice Glenn Rawson March 31, 2017
Palmyra, The Cradle of the Restoration Jack S. Marshall March 21, 2017
St. Patrick – Worthy To Be Called A Saint Dr. Michael Wilcox March 14, 2017
Gentlemen, Please Remove Your Hats! Dr. John L. Lund March 7, 2017
Africa: A land Where Wildlife Reigns Supreme Jack S. Marshall March 1, 2017
Mother Whitmer and the Angel Glenn Rawson February 22, 2017
The Inquirer After Truth and The Sacred Grove Dr. Michael Wilcox February 15, 2017
The Interesting People You Meet When Traveling Every Face Tells A Story Dr. John L. Lund February 8, 2017
Hidden Jewel of Creation Dr. Michael Wilcox February 1, 2017
Joseph Smith and The Spirit of Revelation Glenn Rawson January 17, 2017
Passport Family Portraits Dr. Michael Wilcox January 10, 2017
Moments To Remember Dr. John L. Lund December 21, 2016
New Year’s Resolution Re-make Jack S. Marshall December 21, 2016
Site Of The Christmas Truce Jeff Lawson December 19, 2016
Christmas In Zarahemla Dr. Michael Wilcox December 13, 2016
What Do We Know About The Wise Men – Who Came To Honor Jesus? Dr. John L. Lund December 6, 2016
The Bells of Bethlehem Dr. Michael Wilcox November 29, 2016
What Do You Know About Turkey? The Country Not The Bird, Take The Quiz! Dr. John L. Lund November 22, 2016
Shapers of Nations and Humblers of Empires Dr. Michael Wilcox November 15, 2016
Tree of Life Glenn Rawson November 7, 2016
Long-haul Flight Survival Tips Jack S. Marshall November 2, 2016
Martin Luther And A Life Changing Moment Dr. John L. Lund October 25, 2016
That Magical Border Bedlam Dr. Michael Wilcox October 18, 2016
Greyfriars Bobby – A Heartwarming Tale Glenn Rawson October 11, 2016
Age Doesn’t Matter Unless You’re Cheese! Jack S. Marshall October 4, 2016
Is It Really Safe To Travel In Israel? Dr. John L. Lund September 27, 2016
The Promise Of Far-away Places Dr. Michael Wilcox September 20, 2016
“Go And Do As I Tell You!” Glenn Rawson September 13, 2016
The Tradition of the Descending God Jack S. Marshall September 7, 2016
When Dr. John L. Lund August 30, 2016
That Wonderful Mix That Is Normandy Dr. Michael Wilcox August 23, 2016
Getting Old Is Not For Sissies Jack S. Marshall August 16, 2016
Where the Gospel Begins, Your Traditions Must End! Dr. John L. Lund July 26, 2016
Beauty A Few Inches Deep Dr. Michael Wilcox July 18, 2016
Blessed Honored Pioneer Dr. Michael Wilcox June 21, 2016
A little-noticed place in Nauvoo Dr. Wayne E. Brickey June 1, 2016