Ultimate Book of Mormon Lands

Including the country of Honduras
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Ultimate Book of Mormon Lands

Including the country of Honduras Escape winter and join with us on this wonderful tour! 13 day tour - March 4, 2024

Come Discover – Are these the Lands of the Book of Mormon?

Our guest lecturer will give us insights to the Book of Mormon, the peoples past and present and the sites our group will visit. Stay in luxury as you see the most significant ruins in Central America. This fantastic tour includes all of the most important Ruins that date back to Book of Mormon times. Best of all we fly from Mexico City to Villahermosa/Palenque and we travel by boat from Southern Mexico to Guatemala. This flight and boat trip eliminate 4 grueling days of driving on bad roads plus 3 or 4 nights in hotels! No other tour can offer you so much in such a short time. Other tours can take 16 or 17 days to do what we do in 13 and they will charge over $5,100.


  • Mexico City: The great ruins of Teotihuacán.
  • Ruins of Palenque: considered by many as the best in Central America.
  • Travel by boat on the Mayan Nile – considered by many to be the River Sidon.
  • Ruins of Yaxchilan – possible candidate for the city of Zarahemla.
  • Ruins of Tikal: Probably the most impressive ruins in Central America.
  • Ruins of Yaxha by the Belize border.
  • Ruins of Kaminaijuyu: Prime candidate for the first city of Nephi.
  • Ruins of Copan: Fabulous set of ruins located in the country of Honduras.
  • Guatemala City: The once vast city of Nephi is perhaps the city that is buried beneath this capital.
  • Lake Atitlan: prime candidate for the “Waters of Mormon”.

Package Price Includes:

  • All reservations, land taxes and booking fees.
  • 4 star and 5-star hotels.
  • Airfare from Mexico City to Villahermosa/Palenque.
  • Special Guest Educator: Dr. John Lund.
  • Educational Lectures.
  • Fun For Less Tour staff throughout your tour.  “We don’t send you, we take you.”
  • All transfers, buses, guides, entrance fees.
  • Several boat excursions.
  • Individual Headset receivers for every guest.  You do not have to run to keep up with your educator or guide.  You also do not need to stand close to your educator or guide to hear them.  Even when you step away from the group to take that important picture, you will hear every word spoken by your educator, guide or tour staff.
  • Option to purchase our group airfare.

Package Price: $4,282*

*Per person cash discount price, based on double occupancy.
Includes internal airfare from Mexico City to Villahermosa.
Does not include international airfare and tips.
SLC Airfare: TBA around 10 months prior to departure.
You can purchase your own airfare. For quotes from other cities contact our office.

Day 1: March 4: Arrival into Mexico City
Today we fly from our homes to Mexico City. Upon arrival, we will transfer to our wonderful deluxe hotel in Mexico City.
Day 2: March 5: Mexico City
Today will be spent enjoying Mexico City and the surrounding area.  Your day begins with a visit to the Anthropology Museum (the best in Mexico City) which explains many of the cultures of Mexico and Central America through displays and artifacts.  Next you will visit the gigantic ruins of Teotihuacán. This afternoon we will return to our hotel.
Day 3: March 6: Villahermosa – Palenque
This morning we will fly to Villahermosa we will gather our luggage and begin touring.  Our Villahermosa tour includes a visit to an outdoor museum with Olmec (possibly Jaredite) artifacts that date back to 1000 B.C.E. then head inland to the ancient ruins of Palenque. This is a very special place not only because of its mountain location but for its sheer beauty and peaceful feel. This is one of the cities mentioned by Joseph Smith in a Times and Seasons article.
Day 4: March 7: Palenque
After breakfast, the group will enter the ruins at Palenque.  Although smaller than the ruins of Tikal, these ruins are our favorite because of their breathtaking beauty. We will use this backdrop to share the Book of Mormon insights and stories. The ruins date back to the Classical Period. At the conclusion of the day, you will return to our beautiful jungle resort where you can swim in several different pools.
Day 5: March 8: Usumacinta River – Tikal
Today is an early start.  The group will travel by bus to the Usumacinta River or the “Mayan Nile”.  We then travel by longboat downriver to Yaxchilan and then cross the river by boat to Bethel, Guatemala.  Along the way, you may even see or hear the howler monkeys high in the jungle canopy. Once you have crossed the river and cleared customs the group will board the Guatemalan buses.  This will save two long, hard days of driving around the river.  We will then travel by bus to our wonderful jungle hotel near Tikal where we will spend the next 3 nights.
Day 6: March 9: Belize Border
This morning we will travel close to the Belize border where we will visit the fabulous ruins of Yaxha, that once covered areas in what is now Guatemala and Belize. We will then head back to our hotel.
Day 7: March 10: Tikal
This morning, after you have had breakfast the tour begins with a visit to the spectacular ruins of Tikal.  Tikal consolidated its power after defeating its rival cities around the 4th century C.E. and became the center of the Mayan world for the next 400 years.  After the tour, we return back to our hotel.  There may be an optional opportunity to experience a jungle zip line after the tour.
Day 8: March 11: Tikal – Resort hotel
Your days will slow down a little as we travel through the jungle to a beach resort hotel.  We will arrive mid-afternoon, giving you time to relax and take a swim in their beautiful pool.
Day 9: March 12: Rio Dulce River
Today will be a highlight day to remember.  This morning we will take boats across the bay into the canyons and rivers around the Rio Dulce River.  You will be amazed at how beautiful a boat ride can be.  The Rio Dulce River is also a candidate for the river Sidon.  This afternoon we will return to our resort hotel with time to relax.
Day 10: March 13: Copan
Early this morning you will board the buses after breakfast and visit Quiriguá, Guatemala; a ruin site referenced by Joseph Smith in the “Times and Seasons”.  We will then cross the border into Honduras and then continue onto Copan.  We will visit the impressive ruins of Copan upon arrival. Tonight the tour will conclude at our hotel near Copan.
Day 11: March 14: Guatemala City
This morning we will depart for Guatemala City. We will visit the archeological site of Kaminal Juyu in Guatemala City.  This site dates back to the 6th century B.C.E. and is often suggested as the best candidate for the 1st City of Nephi.  Overnight Guatemala City.
Day 12: March 15: Lake Atitlan
Today we visit Lake Atitlan which is a place referred to by The Lonely Planet Guide as “The closest thing to Eden on Earth.”  The lake was created by a volcanic explosion that was three hundred times greater than that of Pompeii. You will take a spiritual and relaxing cruise through these pristine blue waters, which are often suggested as being the Waters of Mormon. At the conclusion of the cruise, time will be given to explore and enjoy the Mayan culture of the lakeside villages. The day will end back at our hotel where you will spend our final night.
Day 13: March 16: Fly Home
Unfortunately even great things have to come to an end sometime. Today is the day you fly home.