Travels of Paul & The Apostles

Greece, Turkey, Isle of Patmos and Ancient Christianity
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Travels of Paul & The Apostles

Greece, Turkey, Isle of Patmos and Ancient Christianity 14 day tour - March 22, 2017

Turkey and Greece are considered the second holy land.  Much of the New Testament involves cities in Turkey and Greece along with the travels of the Apostles.  Nearly 2/3 of the New Testament including all of the letters of Paul, most of the book of Acts and the book of Revelation is set outside of Israel in either Turkey or Greece.
We have chosen to visit this part of the world when it is not filled with tourists.   It is early spring with average high temperatures that range from low 60’s to high 60’s.  It should be great temperatures for touring with a light jacket and with few to no crowds to get in the way.

What a Vacation!

Our tour includes:  It is hard to know where to begin, the whole tour is a highlight of highlight tours combined with the study of the travels of Paul and the Apostles and the look at early Christianity.  If you rated each day on a tour, most days would be between a 4 & 8.  Very few ever reach a 10 or highlight day.   For example:  Our Machu Picchu Tour has two (Machu Picchu and Lake Titicaca).  This tour has 5 highlight days:
Istanbul:  Our favorite city in Europe.  You will agree with us after you have experienced it.
Ephesus:  One of the best ruins in the world, it also involved Paul, John and other Apostle’s.  Ephesus is often so hot, it is impossible to enjoy it.  The average high temperatures when we will be there:  mid 60’s.
Cappadocia:    As if plucked from a whimsical fairytale and set down upon the stark Anatolian plains, Cappadocia is a geological oddity of honeycombed hills and towering boulders of otherworldly beauty.  Here Christians fleeing persecution built underground cities in the honeycombed hills.  Our favorite place in Turkey!
Meteora:  Our favorite in all of Greece and a highlight day you will never forget!  The name Meteora is Greek for “Suspended in Air”, which perfectly describes the six remarkable Greek Orthodox monasteries spectacularly perched atop rocky pinnacles.
Mars Hill & Athens Acropolis:  Our 5th highlight day will include Mars Hill and the Parthenon on top of the Acropolis overlooking Athens.

Package Price Includes:

Important Note: Many travel companies show a low price, but by the time you add everything in, they become expensive. Our pricing is a package that will actually give you more for less!  Below we have listed what is included in our discounted package price.
  • 5 star luxury hotels in Istanbul, Cappadocia, Ephesus and Athens.  First Class and Deluxe hotels in Meteora and Thessaloniki.
  • $470 in flights:
    • Istanbul to Cappadocia.
    • Cappadocia to Ephesus.
    • Ephesus to Thessaloniki.
  • Private Ferry from Ephesus to the Isle of Patmos.
  • All land taxes, airline taxes and fees.
  • All transfers to and from airports and hotels.
  • All tours, buses, guides and entrance fees.
  • Special Guest Educator:  Dr. S. Michael Wilcox.
  • Fun For Less Tours Manager – “We Don’t Send You, We Take You”.
  • “Whisper Perfect” Headset Receivers.  You will hear everything our guides and educator have to share, even when you step away from the group to take that important picture!

Package Price: $2,995*

*Per person cash discount price, based on double occupancy.
Does not include international airfare, tips and visas.
SLC roundtrip airfare: $1,487
JFK roundtrip airfare: $999
Currently our airfare is on Delta Airlines.
You can also purchase your own aifare.
For quotes from other cities please contact our office.

Day 1: March 22: Fly
Today we fly from our homes to Istanbul Turkey.
Day 2: March 23: Istanbul
This evening we will arrive into Istanbul, and transfer to your hotel where you will be staying for the next three nights.
Day 3: March 24: Istanbul
We will start the day with a boat ride on the Bosporus, the water that separates Asia from Europe. We will be using a private ship so we can sail it all the way to the Black Sea. Istanbul is both in Asia and Europe. We overnight Istanbul.
Day 4: March 25: Istanbul
Our tour today will include the magnificent Hagia Sofia, Hippodrome and the stadium of ancient Byzantium, where an Egyptian obelisk and bronze sculpture of the entwined serpents from Delphi still survive. We then continue on to the Blue Mosque which owes its name to the exquisite tiles adorning its interior. In the afternoon we will visit the amazing Topkapi Palace, which from the 15th to the 19th Century was the principle residence of the Ottoman Sultans. Overnight Istanbul.
Day 5:  March 26: Istanbul – Cappadocia
Today we will finish the sites in Istanbul and then Fly to Cappadocia.
Day 6:  March 27: Cappadocia
Today and tomorrow will be highlight days as we explore the amazing mystical landscapes around Cappadocia. We experience the ancient underground cities of Kaymakli, Guverclnlik and Devrent Valleys. We will also visit the natural rock castle at Uchisar, Avanos and Pasabaglari and the beautiful open-air museums at Zelve and Goreme. The remains of churches and Christian settlements date back thousands of years. This is a place where you simply let your mind wander and be amazed at the history and beauty of the region. We will overnight in a 5 star a luxury hotel in Cappadocia.
Day 7:  March 28: Izmir – Ephesis
This morning we will fly from Cappadocia to Izmir near Ephesus.  Today is another highlight day as we visit Ephesus and the surrounding area. We will start with the house of the Virgin Mary on top of Bulbul Mountain and then proceed to the ancient city of Ephesus where you will explore some of the best preserved theaters, fountains and buildings found anywhere in the world.  We will overnight Kusadasi.
Day 8:  March 29: Kusadasi – Isle of Patmos
This morning early we will take our private ship to Patmos in Greece, to visit and explore the Island of John the Revelator.  Michael will talk to us on the book of Revelations found in the New Testament.  We will return this evening back to our hotel in Kusadasi.
Day 9:  March 30: Thessaloniki
This morning we will fly from Izmir to Thessaloniki. Upon arrival we will visit this ancient city. Paul came here on his second mission and preached in the synagogue. Thessaloniki had the main synagogue in this area at the time. We will over night in Thessaloniki.
Day 10: March 31:  Thessaloniki – Meteora
Today we will finish visiting Thessaloniki. Later this afternoon we will drive around 3 hours to Meteora and overnight.
Day 11: April 1: Meteora
Today will be an amazing day visitng the monasteries of Meteora. These monasteries are perched on high cliffs and are accessible by staircases that are cut into the rock formations. They were created to serve monks and nuns in the Eastern Orthodox Church.
Day 12: April 2: Athens
Today will be a highlight day. We will drive around 4.5 hours to Athens. You visit the Acropolis and Mars Hill (where Paul taught). Overnight Athens.
Day 13: April 3:  Athens – Corinth
This morning we will head to Corinth. Your tour will include a photo stop of the Corinth Canal, Corinth and educational time with Michael Wilcox.
Day 14: April 4:  Fly Home
We will head to the airport this morning for our flight back to the US and home.