Stunning Tulip Cruise

with Belgium, Netherlands and the Holland Dikes
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2022 Tulip Cruise

with Belgium, Netherlands and the Holland Dikes 14 day cruise/tour - April 12, 2022

AmaWaterways has won almost everyone’s award as the BEST river cruise line in Europe, even beating out Viking! We are able to give you special pricing that other companies do not get because we charter our AmaWaterways ships.

Tour Information

Pictures don’t do justice!  Experience it in person, it will blow you away!

Stunning is not a strong enough word to describe fields of Tulips in Bloom. The mixture of almost every color in the color spectrum is on display. It is truly an experience you will never forget! Though weather and tulips blooming can never be fully predicted, history has shown the very best time year to see the best of the Tulips, is the middle to end of April. AmaWaterways knows that the cruises that start after April 15 and end by May 1 have the opportunity to see the Tulips at their best. During that time our charter discount is smaller but still more than fair. We have contracted a charter during the prime time. AmaWaterways rarely offers any discounts during this time, but for our groups, with our charter pricing, we are still going to be able to save you between $500 to $1,600 per person, depending on the cabin of your choice. This really is a FANTASTIC DEAL. No one else can give you this kind of discount.

Carol and Jim, the owners of Fun For Less Tours, along with Anita and Eric from the office, experienced an AmaWaterways Tulip Cruise in 2019. They already knew how wonderful Amsterdam is with its canals, windmills, and museums, but they discovered everything pales in comparison to the stunning beauty of the Tulip season. They had also been Bruges, Bruges is often considered better than Amsterdam with its old village atmosphere and wonderful canals. The cruise also opened up other areas in the Netherlands and Belgium that they had not visited before and they were very impressed especially with the dikes and tulip fields. They also loved the village of Hoorn and Grott Bijgaarden Castle’s Floral show outside of Brussels. One new city that was really impressive, was the medieval town and castle of Ghent. The ship gives the choice to visit Ghent or Bruges. We are going to choose Bruges off the ship and then during our land tour, we are going to spend a full day visiting the medieval town of Ghent. This cruise and land tour is a home run.

AmaWaterways offers 7-night cruises starting March 20, with the last one ending May 7. The breeding schedule for Tulips has extended the time that they can be seen. There are early blooming, normal blooming, and late blooming tulips. The best of the best can be seen at Keukenhof Gardens, a little less than an hour drive out of Amsterdam. Every year more than 7 million flower bulbs are planted in autumn to bloom in spring. There are over 800 different types of Tulips spread over almost 80 acres. There are 9 miles of footpaths throughout the park. A unique and unforgettable experience for everyone. They are open from March 21 through May 10. The ship stops there for 3 plus hours, which is only enough time to see less than ½ of the large Tulip extravaganza. Because of this, we have scheduled two visits for the group. We will visit the Garden on the first part of your land tour and then again, the last day before getting off the ship. The chances to see this fantastic Park in full bloom is 90%.

A favorite place to see tulips in Utah is at Thanksgiving Point. They brag that they have 300,000 tulips. Compare that to the 7,000,000 in the Keukenhof Gardens, Amsterdam.

Package Price Includes:

Our Package Price is a combination of two Packages: The Stunning Tulip Cruise with AmaWaterways with savings up to $1,600 per person AND our Special Land Tour and Hotel Package that includes Amsterdam, Ghent, Brussels and more.

Package #1: AmaWaterways Stunning Tulip Cruise includes the following:

  • 7 night sailing on a 5-star luxury ship sailing out of Amsterdam.
  • Includes all Shore Excursions.
  • Cabin Category D: Two Large Port Hole Window Cabin.
  • Three quality meals onboard the ship every day – award-winning for their meals.
  • Free internet.
  • Free movies.
  • Bottled water, fluffy bathrobes, and slippers in each cabin.
  • All bicycles and helmets on board are free to use.
  • Dr. S. Michael Wilcox as your educator on the cruise portion of the tour.
  • Fun For Less Tours Staff.
  • Option to upgrade your cabin to a French Balcony or a double French & outside balcony.

Stunning Tulip Cruise Package Price: 2022 Ship Price: $3,798 Our Discount $500 = $3,298 per person
Plus, ship port and taxes: $182
Total Price for Package #1: $3,480

Package #2: Land, Touring & Hotel

  • 6 days of buses, tours, guides and entrance fees.
  • 2 nights 4-Star Deluxe Hotel in Ghent.
  • 1 night 4-Star Deluxe Hotel in Brussels.
  • 2 nights 4-Star Deluxe Hotel in Amsterdam.
  • Transfers to and from the airport, hotels and river cruise ship.
  • Fun For Less Tours Staff.
  • Whisper Perfect headset receivers.
  • All land & hotel taxes.

Land Package #2: $1,495


Cruise Package #1: $3,480
Land Package #2: $1,495
Total Package #1 & 2 Price: $4,975

Package Price: $4,975 - total for both Packages*

*Does not include International air or tips.

Below are categories of cabins. Category D is included in your cruise package. For cabin upgrades pricing is listed below each category on the next page. Along, with the total savings of what the ship charges for the same cabin category.


Cat BB & BA Upgrades: 210 Square Feet with a French Balcony AND an Outside Balcony.
Cabins are the same size and design, BA’s are in a better location
Cat BB Cabin Upgrade – Additional Cost: $1,000 per person – Savings off Ship Price $800
Cat BA Cabin Upgrade – Additional Cost: $1,100 per person – Savings off Ship price $900

Cat AB & AA Upgrades: 235 Square Feet with French Balcony AND an Outside Balcony
Cabins are the same size and design, AA’s are in a better location
Cat AB Cabin Upgrade – Additional Cost $1,200 per person – Savings off Ship Price $1,000
Cat AA Cabin Upgrade – Additional Cost $1,300 per person – Savings off Ship Price $1,100

Cat Suite upgrade: 300 Sq. Feet with a French Balcony and an Outside Balcony
Cat Suite Cabin Upgrade – Additional Cost $2,200 per person – Savings off Ship Price $1,600

This is a partial list, and subject to change as needed to accomplish everything we can in each area we visit. We will have local guides who will make sure we see the very best in the time we have.

Day 1 – April 12: Today we will fly to Amsterdam.

Day 2 – April 13: After clearing customs in Amsterdam we will begin touring. We will visit the Zaanse Schans, which are a unique part of the Netherlands, full of windmills, wooden houses, barns, and workshops. Overnight in Amsterdam.

Day 3 – April 14: Today we will do a full-day tour of Amsterdam. We also plan to see Anne Frank’s House and if possible do a tour of the inside of the house to remember a disquieting period of the city’s history. Overnight in Amsterdam.

Day 4 – April 15: This morning we will visit the garden of Keukenhof, which produces 7,000,000 tulips annually. To make sure that we have enough time to visit this garden and see the tulips in bloom we will also visit as one of the shore excursions from the AmaWaterways ship. In the afternoon we will drive to Brussels to overnight.

Day 5 – April 16: We will tour Brussels and visit the beautiful Groot Bijgaarden Castle Floral Show outside of Brussels, where they hand plant over one million tulip bulbs.

Day 6 – April 17: Today we enjoy a tour of the port city of Ghent, which lies where the Leie and Scheldt Rivers join. We plan to visit the old town which dates back to the middle ages as well as seeing the Gravensteen Castle.

Day 7 – April 18: This morning we travel to Amsterdam with several stops on the way. This afternoon we board our luxury AmaWaterways Cruise Ship.

Day 8 – April 19: Scenic cruising to Hoorn plus a visit to a tulip and bulb working farm where they grow one million tulips.

Day 9 – April 20: Today we plan to visit the Delta Works storm surge barrier, an impressive series of dams, and Dutch hydraulic engineering. Later you may have time to walk through the medieval town of Middleburg.

Day 10 – April 21: Today we will have a full day excursion to the fantastic village of Bruges, which will include a visit to the Church of Our Lady, home to the beautiful Carrara marble Madonna and Child sculpture by Michelangelo.

Day 11 – April 22: Two choices in the morning: visit the home of the famous artist Peter Paul Rubens or do a walking tour of Antwerp. In the afternoon we will go to a Belgian Chocolate and Waffle tasting.

Day 12 – April 23: Our excursion today will be to the city of Delft, best known for being the home to the 17th-century painter, Johannes Vermeer, Delft Blue earthenware, and the Royal House. In the afternoon, we will visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Kinderdijk, a lovely village renowned for having the country’s greatest concentration of windmills, all dating from the 18th century.

Day 13 – April 24: This morning we will enjoy our second visit to the Keukenhof Gardens home to the 7,000,000 tulips. In the afternoon we will take a canal ride through the many canals in Amsterdam. This evening will be our last night on the ship.

Day 14 – April 25: Today we will disembark our cruise ship to fly home.