Mediterranean Cruise

Italy, Spain, France, Monte Carlo, Greece & Malta
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Mediterranean Cruise

Italy, Spain, France, Monte Carlo, Greece & Malta 20 day tour - September 29, 2018


We have added a fantastic land tour of Spain to one of the best Mediterranean cruises we have ever seen. The combination has created the best Mediterranean cruise we have ever offered. This special tour includes Spain, France, Monte Carlo, Italy, Greece and the wonderful island of Malta. There is so little of the top spots left off – it is almost the perfect Mediterranean land tour and cruise!!! This is the best itinerary we have ever offered, all at a great price!!! Cruise ships normally just hit locations near each other. Every stop on this ship is another highlight day! This is the first time we have found such a perfect itinerary that included almost everything we feel is important. It may not happen again – don’t miss out!

Highlights of Your Incredible Tour!

Our Land Tour of Spain includes the best of what Spain has to offer:

  • Madrid has the most opulent palace in the world – it is absolutely jaw dropping.
  • Avila is an ancient 11th-century fortified town.
  • Segovia is a fantastic fortress with a stunning Gothic Cathedral.
  • Toledo was once the capital of Spain. It is one of the most spectacular cities in the world.
  • Barcelona is filled with Antoni Gaudi Architecture – it really is “gaudy”. Everything is unique and fun.

Our Cruise ship is scheduled to stop in the following ports of call:

  • Cairns, France: Experience Nice, Monte Carlo and the walled city of Eze.
  • Florence and Pisa, Italy: Leaning tower, spectacular Tuscan scenery and world class museums.
  • Rome, Italy: The Colosseum, famous fountains, the Vatican, Sistine Chapel and so much more.
  • Athens, Greece: The Acropolis, the Parthenon along with Paul the apostle in Corinth and Mars Hill.
  • Mykonos, Greece: Today will be a free day to enjoy this beautiful island.
  • Santorni, Greece: Hands down the most beautiful Greek Island.
  • Malta: Another treasure in the Mediterranean, missed by most
  • Marseille, France: We will visit the surounding area.
  • Shore excursion package: $714.

Package Price Includes:

Important Note: Our price is a complete package.  We do not give you free afternoons and then charge you more for additional touring!.  Many travel companies show a low price, but by the time you add everything in, they become expensive.  Our pricing is a package that will actually give you more for less!
Here is what is included in our special complete package price:
  • 12 Night Royal Caribbean Cruise on Vision of the Seas.
  • $370 in port charges and ship fees.
  • $136.58 in ship taxes.
  • All land taxes.
  • $190 Airfare from Seville to Barcelona.
  • 4 and 5-star luxury hotels in Madrid, Granada, Seville and Barcelona.
  • All tours, guides, buses and entrance fees throughout Spain.
  • All transfers to and from airports, hotels and ship.
  • Private get together and lectures.
  • Special guest educator: Jack Marshall.
  • Fun For Less Tours Staff throughout your land tour and cruise.
  • “Whisper Perfect” headset receivers. You can hear everything clearly even when you step away to take that important picture.
  • The option to purchase our own private discounted shore excursions @ $714 for the entire package.
  • The option to purchase our group airfare to Madrid and home from Barcelona (it is not included in the package price.)

Package Price: $3,395*

*Per person cash discount price, based on double occupancy.
Does not include airfare, tips or shore excursions.
Airfare pricing to be announced soon.
Call our office for quotes from other cities.
You can also purchase your own airfare.

Day 1: September 29:  Fly to Madrid Spain
Today we fly from the US to Madrid Spain.

Day 2: September 30:  Arrive into Madrid
Upon arrival into Madrid, we will immediately start our tour of Madrid.  Our tour will include the Puerta del Sol, Plaza Espana, the Parliament, Cibeles Fountain, elegant Calle Alcala, Paseo de Castellana and the Prado Museum.  We will then head to our 5-star luxury hotel.

Day 3: October 1:  Segovia – Avila
This morning we will head to the north of Madrid, crossing the rugged Sierra De Guadarrama on the way to Segovia, famous for its Alcazar and the 2,000-year-old Roman Aqueduct.  We will then continue on to the walled and turreted town of Avila, where St. Theresa founded the Order of Carmelites.  We will return to our 5-star hotel in Madrid

Day 4: October 2: Toledo – Granada
Toledo attracts more tourists than any other place in Spain.  On a hill surrounded by a loop in the Tagus River stands this old capital.  We will spend the morning touring Toledo and then head south through the barren landscapes of Don Quixote’s La Mancha.  We will cross the Guadalquivir River and head into the Andalusian hills, to overnight in a 5-star luxury hotel in Granada.

Day 5: October 3: Granada – Seville
This morning we will visit the Alhambra, the exotic Water Gardens of the Generalife and the Royal Summer Residence.  We will then travel the little over 2 hours to Seville where we will start our city tour, Between today and tomorrow morning you will visit Plaza de Espana, the Gold tower, the Cathedral with Columbus’s Tomb, and the narrow lanes of the Santa Cruz quarter.  You will also have some free time to explore the old quarter.   You will overnight in a 5-star luxury hotel.

Day 6: October 4: Seville – Barcelona
We will finish our tour of Seville this morning before flying to Barcelona. Upon arrival into Barcelona, we will transfer to our deluxe hotel.

Day 7: October 5:  Barcelona Spain
We will spend the day touring Barcelona and Gaudi.  We will do a city tour along with a visit to the famous La Sagrada Familia Chruch (one of the most unique churches in the world), we will also visit the park and homes designed by Gaudi before checking into our Royal Caribbean Ship in Barcelona.

Day 8: October 6: Cannes France (Monte Carlo)
For those doing our optional shore excursion package, we will spend the day in Nice, Monte Carlo and one of the best walled cities in the world Eze.

Day 9: October 7: Florence & Pisa
This morning the ship docks in Livorno Italy a little over an hour drive away from Florence and about 25-minute drive to Pisa.  For those doing our Optional shore excursion package, we will depart early for Florence.  We will spend the day visiting the center of the Renaissance, whose liberating ideas helped pave the way for the reformation. This city is the home to the Medici family, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Dante. We will take a guided tour of the old city, visiting such sites as the Piazza del Duomo, including the beautiful Baptistery Doors that inspired Michelangelo. We will also visit the original statue of David in the Academy Museum. We will then head to Time permitting, we also plan to visit Pisa with its famous Leaning tower on our way back to the ship.

Day 10: October 8: Rome
The ship docks in Civitavecchia Italy a little more than an hour drive from downtown Rome.  For those doing our optional shore excursions package, we will depart early for Rome.  We will spend a full day visiting the Vatican City, The Vatican Museum, The Sistine Chapel, St. Peters Basilica (the largest church in the world), St. Peters Square, the Magnificent Coliseum of Rome and as many fountains as we can visit before returning to the ship.

Day 11: October 9: Fun Day at Sea
We will again have time for great lectures from our guest educator:  Jack Marshall.  You will also have time to relax on your free day at sea.

Day 12: October 10: Fun Day at Sea
We will again have time for great lectures from our guest educator:  Jack Marshall.  You will also have time to relax on your free day at sea.

Day 13: October 11: Athens
Today our ship will dock in Piraeus located about 1-hour drive from Athens, home of the Acropolis and the Parthenon.  For those doing our optional shore excursions package, we will head to Corinth Canal and the ruins of Corinth where Paul taught and wrote letters to.  We will then head into the city of Athens to visit the Acropolis, Mars Hill (also where Paul taught) and the Parthenon.  Time permitting we will also do a tour of Athens before returning to our ship.

Day 14: October 12: Mykonos Greece
We will not be offering a tour in Mykonos.  You will have a free day to explore the beautiful island of Mykonos.  The best way to enjoy Mykonos is to simply wander the twisting narrow streets, visit local museums (there are several including; a folklore museum, archaeological museum even a windmill museum), shop for local souvenirs or take a cab to one of the local beaches.  If you are interested, the cruise line does offer excursions.

Day 15: October 13: Santorini Greece
Not all islands are created equal.  Santorini is a 10 on a scale of one to 10 and is the most beautiful of the Greek Islands.  For those who purchased our optional shore excursion package will have a tour of this beautiful island.

Day 16: October 14:  Fun Day at Sea
We will again have time for great lectures from our guest educator:  Jack Marshall.  You will also have time to relax on your free day at sea.

Day 17: October 15:  Valletta, Malta
For those who purchased our optional shore excursion, we will visit Valletta. When UNESCO named Valletta a World Heritage Site, it described it as one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world.

Day 18: October 16:  Fun Day at Sea
We will again have time for great lectures from our guest educator:  Jack Marshall.  You will also have time to relax on your free day at sea.

Day 19: October 17:  Marseille, France
Today we will have a shore excursion for those who purchased our shore excursion package.

Day 20:  October 18:  Barcelona – Fly Home
This morning we will transfer from the ship the to the airport to fly home.