Rocky Mountaineer Train

See the beauty of the Rockies on The Mountaineer Train!
Sold Out

Rocky Mountaineer Train

See the beauty of the Rockies on The Mountaineer Train! SOLD OUT! 15 day train tour - August 17, 2017


Rocky Mountaineer Train Awards & Accolades
Travel & Leisure Magazine
“One of the World’s “Best Life- Changing Trips”
World Travel Award
The Rocky Mountaineer has been given 7 times the
Award “World’s Leading Travel Experience by Train”
USA Today
The Rocky Mountains offer some of the most rugged terrain in North America, taking a train trip “is
North America, taking a train trip “is better way to truly soak in the scenery!”
National Geographic
 “One of the Wold’s Greatest Trips”

Tour Highlights

The Majestic Canadian Rockies.  The train travels 2 full days during daylight hours from Vancouver to Banff in the Rocky Mountains.  The rest of the tour is by bus staying in luxurious 5-star hotels.  The Rocky Mountaineer Train delivers “The Best Train Trip in the World”.  They offer two classes of service on the train.  Both services are great!!!
The GoldLeaf Service Car (First Class) has two levels: The bottom level holds a 5-star restaurant where guests in GoldLeaf Service will eat their breakfasts and lunches on the two travel days.  It also has an outside vestibule where you can go outside (look at the end of last car in the picture above, you can see the vestibule).  The upper level in the first class seating area has a completely domed glass roof.  Those traveling in GoldLeaf Service stay in 5-star luxury hotels throughout the tour.   We have booked a full train car of GoldLeaf Service.
The SilverLeaf Service Car (Business Class) has one single level. It has gigantic windows and business class seating, but does not have an all glass domed roof.  Your 5-star restaurant meals will be served at your seat.  You do not have a vestibule where you can go outside.  Those traveling in SilverLeaf Service stay in 3 & 4 Star Hotels.  We reserved a full train car of SilverLeaf Service.
Very Important Information: We simply wanted everyone including the SilverLeaf passengers to stay with our GoldLeaf passengers in the 5-star Luxury Hotels.  It took some doing, but we finally made it happen.  The only difference between Gold and Silver is the class of service traveling from Vancouver to Banff.  At the end of the two days on the train, both groups will join together. The SilverLeaf group has been upgraded to the same hotels that the GoldLeaf group stay in.
After arranging the BEST train, we had to arrange getting all of the hotels to be the same for both Silver and Gold. They needed to all be in the GoldLeaf 5-star Luxury Hotels.  The train was the easy part.  Getting both groups into the Four Seasons in Vancouver, the Oak Bay Beach Resort in Victoria AND the famous Fairmont Hotels was the hard part.  We would request a tour date and some of the hotels would work, but not all the hotels.  It took us over 6 months of date changes and requests, but finally we found a date and great pricing that would work with the train and be able to reserve all of the hotels we wanted.  An added bonus was to have it all work at a perfect time of year.   We are not sure if we will ever be able to accomplish this again!
Take a look at some of the hotels you will be staying in:
  • The World Famous – 5 star Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel. Located in the heart of Banff National Park. The Banff Springs Hotel stands as a landmark in the picturesque alpine town of Banff, Canada’s “Castle” in the Rockies. It has been providing legendary hospitality to guests for more than 125 years. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • The World Famous – 5 star Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Hotel. It is surrounded by soaring mountain peaks, the majestic Victoria Glacier and a glistening emerald lake. The iconic Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Hotel is located in Alberta’s Banff National Park. It was built over 100 years ago and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • The World Famous – 5 star Fairmont Chateau Whistler Hotel. Nestled at the base of Blackcomb Mountain is Whistler’s landmark hotel and golf. Combining classic elegance and a modern alpine setting.
  • The 5 star Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver. The Four Seasons hotel chain is one of the top hotel chains in the world.  The Four Seasons Hotel’s exceeds the standards used to rate 5-star luxury hotels.
  • The 5 star Oak Bay Beach Resort Victoria, B.C. on Vancouver Island.  Winner of several “Travelers Choice Awards” for 2015 – Luxury Hotels in Canada #4 – Top Hotels in Canada #9 – Romantic Hotels in Canada #20, every bedroom has a fireplace!

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RM Train

Rocky Mountaineer's "Grand Rail Circle Program"

The “Grand Rail Circle Program” is an 11-day tour that includes rail, hotel and tours. Our program is a 15-day tour that includes: rail,hotels and tours. We do the program, on the map above, with many improvements:
  • You will spend two wonderful days traveling by train during daylight hours from Vancouver to Banff in either GoldLeaf Service or SilverLeaf Service. You do not sleep on the train with either program. The train stops in Kamloops where we will overnight in a hotel, then continue on the next morning to Banff, where everyone will leave the train.  Here our two groups will join together, stay together in luxury hotels and tour together.
  • The hotels in Kamloops, Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper and Whistler were all arranged through the train company.  It was the only way we could reserve the hotels we wanted.  In Vancouver we were able to reserve the 5-star Four Season Hotel on our own (the same hotel the train uses). The train did not include Vancouver Island so the Oak Bay Beach Resort we reserved ourselves.
  • Below are the really big additions we made to improve on the Train’s Program:
  • The train stays 3 nights in the 5 star Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver. We stay 2 nights in the 5-star Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver.  We felt 3 was too many and we could make better use of our time staying in other areas!
  • In Jasper, the train program had two issues:  First they only stayed one night and second the GoldLeaf program hotel was out of town.  We decided to stay in the SilverLeaf Hotel in town (it actually had a higher customer satisfaction rating) AND we decided to stay 3 NIGHTS in Jasper instead of just one.
  • The train stays only 1 night in the 5-star Fairmont Château Whistler Hotel. We stay 2 nights in the 5-star Fairmont Château Whistler Hotel.
  • We added Vancouver Island: We stay 2 nights in a fantastic beach front property on Vancouver Island: The Oak Bay Beach Resort Victoria.
  • We have included two full days of touring on Vancouver Island including Victoria and the famous Butchart Gardens.
  • We have also added all airport transfers. The Train’s Program did not include airport transfers.
  • We chose to travel to Vancouver Island from the Seattle Airport. The drive is filled with staggering beauty as we travel up the Olympic Peninsula to Port Angeles where we will board a ferry to Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island.
  • None of this is included in the train’s “Grand Rail Circle Program” and we are still over $1,000 Less than the train charges without all of the extras!
Important Note:  The train company was able to get us the extra nights in Jasper and Whistler, but it did create a problem – they could not leave the train parked for the extra nights, it was just too expensive. While we stay on in Jasper for additional nights, the train is going to leave early morning, after the first night. This would have given us no time to really experience Jasper and all that it has to offer! We felt it was a mistake to go all the way to Jasper and Whistler and not have time to experience them. We have chosen to stay on in Jasper and then travel by bus to Whistler. We will take the same route as the train and see the same sights. Traveling by bus has many advantages, one of which is we can stop and take pictures along the way!

Giant Future Bonus!

Meals are not included on the train’s program at any of the hotels they use including the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver.  We are using all of the trains hotels except for the Victoria Oak Bay Beach Resort Hotel that we arranged directly.  That hotel does include breakfast.  On the two days of train ride to Banff, breakfast & lunch are included.  There is a really good chance we will be able to get many of our breakfasts and a dinner or two taken care by the train company in some of our hotels they have reserved.  Let me explain:  For the last number of years the train has had an early booking bonus.  It happens at the start of a new year of sales.  The new booking bonus is then reduced or taken away as trains fill up. The early booking bonus has usually been in the form of a credit of $400 to $500 given to each early booking passenger. In the past that credit, could be used to buy breakfasts or dinners at your fancy hotels. They never allow a group that locks in prices far in advance, to also get the early booking bonus. So they told us that there is no early booking bonus for our passengers. This was not the answer we wanted. We let them know, that if our passengers could not have the 2017 early booking bonus, offered to others, we would not be willing to charter their rail cars. It was a deal breaker for us. They had to run this issue way up the chain of management, but finally they agreed. If they offer an early booking bonus for 2017 train tours (which we believe, is close to 100% that it will happen), then you will also receive the early booking bonus. We believe it will pay for many of your breakfasts in the fancy 5-star Luxury hotels and possibly a dinner or two.

The Big Differences between the Train's Program and Our Program

  • We have 4 additional days, 4 additional hotel nights, additional touring, Vancouver Island and two rides on ferries that are not included on the “Grand Rail Circle Program”. The only area the Train Program beats Our Program is the train between Jasper to Whistler, which we will take by bus. But their passengers lose, as they do not have enough time in Jasper and Whistler!
  • We are a lot less money for a lot more! The train’s 11-day round trip Vancouver through Whistler tour would cost you over $1,000 more than our 15-day complete package with a ton of extras: 4 additional 5-star hotel nights, Vancouver Island, Olympic Sound, Ferry to Victoria, Ferry to Vancouver, guest educator Michael Wilcox, Fun For Less Tours Staff throughout and so much more.
  • How were we able to arrange everything for less money and add so many extras? We paid a huge non-refundable deposit up front to lock in our prices now for 2017 AND we agreed to buy full rail cars! No one else would be this crazy, then again, no one else has our pricing! We have a limit to the number of seats we can sell. This is one special train trip you do not want to miss!

We really do have the best itinerary and tour AND for more than a $1,000 LESS!

Package Price Includes:

  • Our Program Package Price (using SilverLeaf Train Car):
    • Rocky Mountaineer Train Vancouver to Banff in our chartered SilverLeaf Train Car.  The GoldLeaf and SilverLeaf are together in the same 5-star hotels and doing the same tours throughout the trip.  The only difference is the class of service on the train and GoldLeaf passengers pay for upgraded rooms in the Oak BayBeach Resort in Victoria.  The SilverLeaf Train includes:
      • Single Level rail car with large windows (but not a domed glass roof).
      • Hot gourmet meals served at your seat.
      • First class hotels in Kamloops.
      • Transfers and luggage handling in Kamloops.
    • The following is also included in the package price:
      • 2 nights 5 Star Luxury Oak Bay Beach Resort Hotel Victoria – standard room with city view.
      • Puget Sound and driving up the Olympic Peninsula, WA.
      • Ferry transfer Port Angeles, WA to Victoria, Vancouver Island.
      • 2 days of touring Vancouver Island.
      • Tours include Victoria and Butchart Gardens.
      • 2 nights luxury Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver.
      • Transfer to Rocky Mountaineer Train.
      • 2 nights luxury Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel.
      • All tours in Banff Springs, Lake Louise, Ice Fields, Jasper & Whistler.
      • 1-night luxury Fairmont Château Lake Louise Hotel.
      • 3 nights first class hotel (IN TOWN) Jasper.
      • Bus from Jasper to Quesnel.
      • 1-night deluxe hotel Quesnel.
      • Bus from Quesnel to Whistler.
      • 2 nights luxury Fairmont Château Whistler Hotel.
      • All train, hotel and tour taxes.
      • Bus from Whistler to Vancouver airport.
      • Dr. S. Michael Wilcox as guest educator.
      • Fun For Less Tours Staff throughout.
      • Whisper perfect headset receivers – you hear everything, even when you step away to take that important picture.
    • Airfare is not included in the Package Price:  Airfare will not be expensive.  Best guess at this time – approx. $400 to $650 from Salt Lake City.  NOT $1,700 like most of our tours out of country!

Package Price: $6,595*

*Per person cash discount price, based on double occupancy.
Does not include airfare, tips, optional GoldLeaf package and most meals (see “giant bonus” above).

Optional GoldLeaf Package: $664
Package Includes:
  • Rocky Mountaineer Train in our GoldLeaf Chartered Train Car.
  • Two Level Train Car.
  • Top Level includes the best viewing possible with a completely domed glass roof.
  • Bottom Level includes a luxury restaurant where you will dine.
  • Bottom Level also has a vestibule or balcony area where you can go outside for better picture taking and fresh air.
  • Price includes upgrading your hotel room at the Oak Bay Beach Resort Hotel Victoria.  Your room will either be a standard Room facing the ocean or a Boutique Suite with a city view.

Day 1 Aug 17: Fly to Seattle

Today you will fly from your home to Seattle. We will spend the day traveling up the coast of the Olympic Peninsula to Port Angeles Washington. We will then travel by ferry to Victoria BC, Canada. You will overnight in the 5 Star Luxury Oak Bay Resort Hotel Victoria.

Day 2 Aug 18: Victoria

Full day tour of Victoria area that will include the Butchart Gardens and the Royal BC Museum in Victoria. Overnight Oak Bay Resort Hotel.

Day 3 Aug 19: Vancouver Island – Vancouver

We will spend the day driving up the coast and exploring Vancouver Island. Late this afternoon we will take a ferry to mainland Canada and on to Vancouver. We will overnight in the 5 Star Luxurious Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver.

Day 4 Aug 20: Vancouver

Today is a free day to explore and enjoy the best Vancouver has to offer in walking streets, sites and the Warf area. Everything is easy to access and explore. Overnight Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver.

Day 5 Aug 21: Luxury Train to Kamloops

Early this morning we will head to the train station to board our luxury train cars with extra large glass windows or glass ceilings. We will spend the day enjoying fantastic settings as we travel to Kamloops to overnight. Breakfast and lunch is included on the train today.

Day 6 Aug 22: Luxury train to Banff

This morning we will re-board our Luxury Train and continue on from Kamloops to Banff. You will witness some of the most jaw dropping scenery anywhere in the world as your train passes into the majestic Rocky Mountains. The train will pass by Lake Louise on our way to Banff. You will overnight at the Famous Banff Springs 5 Star Luxury Fairmont Hotel.

Day 7 Aug 23: Banff

Today is a full day tour of Banff including a Gondola Ride. The tours throughout the Canadian Rockies were bought from the train company. Whatever important sites they include we will be visiting. You will again overnight in the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel.

Day 8 Aug 24: Banff – Lake Louise

Today we will head to Lake Louise for a ½ day tour. You will have some time to enjoy the wonderful 5 Star Luxury Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise Hotel, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Day 9 Aug 25: Lake – Louise – Ice Fields – Jasper

Today will be a full day tour as we head to Jasper. No tour of this area would be complete without a stop at the famous Ice Fields. We will spend the day touring and traveling to Jasper. You will overnight in the middle of town, where everything is within easy walking distance.

Day 10 Aug 26: Jasper

Full Day tour Jasper area.

Day 11 Aug 27: Jasper

Everything we have seen and read suggests you need a day just to enjoy the town of Jasper. Today will be a free day to explore and enjoy this special area. Overnight Jasper.

Day 12 Aug 28: Jasper – Quesnel

This morning we will travel deep into the famous Gold Rush area. We will travel by bus, stopping at special sites to take pictures. We will overnight in Quesnel about ½ of the way to Whistler.

Day 13 Aug 29: Quesnel – Whistler

We will finish our drive from Quesnel to Whistler. Tonight you will overnight in the World Famous 5 Star Luxury Fairmont Chateau Whistler Hotel.

Day 14 Aug 30: Whistler

Today will be a free day to relax and enjoy the beautiful hotel and the surrounding area.

Day 15 Aug 31: Whistler – Vancouver Airport

Today you will transfer to the Vancouver airport to catch your flight back to the US and home.