Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Norway, the Fjords, Denmark, Iceland & Greenland
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Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Norway, the Fjords, Denmark, Iceland & Greenland BEST Scandinavian Cruise Ever!! 22 day cruise/tour - June 20, 2024


Rarely have we found the right cruise that includes Greenland.  It has been approximately 10 years since our last cruise that included Greenland.  This cruise and tour through the Scandinavian countries and Iceland and Greenland is the BEST tour and cruise we have ever been able to put together in this part of the world.  It is so fantastic, the owners of Fun For Less Tours are even going.

Consider all that is included: Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Norway, Norwegian Fjords, Copenhagen Denmark, along with 3 ports of call in Iceland and 2 ports of call in Greenland.

Holland American Nieuw Statedam


In one day, from Oslo, we will take 3 picturesque train rides, sail on a ship through 3 stunning Norwegian Fjords and travel by bus through the most beautiful valley in Norway.  One of the most beautiful train trips in the world is the Bergen Rail line that takes you through spectacular scenery and steep mountain passes.  It is also one of the highest railroads in the world.  The Flam Railway experience drops you down from the steep mountains to the quaint village of Flam.  From the village of Flam we board our ship for our sailing of 3 stunningly beautiful Fjords.

Our huge highlight day will deliver the best of the best Norway has to offer. The map shows us going all the way to Bergen, but after some consideration and evaluating the headache of having to hall all of your luggage from one train to another train to a ship and then a bus before boarding the train to Bergen –  we decided to leave our luggage in Oslo and have our passengers travel with only a small day pack with snacks for this fantastic highlight day.  It makes the day a little longer, but makes life much easier without having to move your luggage 4 or 5 times – as we will return to the same hotel Oslo where are luggage has patiently waited for our return.

With its steep mountainsides, hanging valleys, towering peaks, waterfalls, and small hamlets, this train, cruise and tour is perhaps the most outstanding natural attraction in Norway.

Package Price Includes:

  • 12-day 11 night Cruise on Holland American Nieuw Statedam inside cabin.
  • $320 in port charges and fees.
  • $200 in ship taxes.
  • Deluxe Hotels:
    • 2 Nights 4-Star Deluxe Hotel Helsinki, Finland.
    • 2 Nights 4-Star Deluxe Hotel Stockholm, Sweden.
    • 3 Nights 4-Star Deluxe Hotel in Oslo, Norway.
    • 1 Night 4-Star Deluxe Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark.
    • 1 Night 4-Star Deluxe Hotel Reykjavik, Iceland.
  • $520  Huge highlight day from Oslo includes:
    • Train from Oslo to Myrdal.
    • Flam Train from Myrdal to Flam.
    • Cruise from Flam through 3 Fjords to Gudvan.
    • Bus from Gudvan to Voss.
    • Train from Voss back to Oslo.
  • $790 in Airfares:
    • Oslo to Helsinki.
    • Helsinki to Stockholm.
    • Stockholm to Copenhagen.
  • $200 in Two Ferries:
    • Helsinki to Tallinn Estonia.
    • Tallinn Estonia back to Helsinki.
  • Transfers are included if you booked our group airfare or your flight arrives on or before and departs on or after our group flights.
  • All tours, buses, guides, entrance fees in Tallinn, Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen and Reykjavik.
  • Special Guest Educator: Dr. Michael Wilcox.
  • Fun For Less Tour Staff:  Members of the Tyndall family – Owners of Fun For Less Tours.
  • Individual headset receivers.
  • Not Included:
    • Shore excursions are not included in the package. You have the option to purchase our discounted shore excursions which will be announced in the fall.
    • International airfare – Home to Oslo and Iceland to home is not included in our package. You have the option to purchase our group airfare from SLC.

Package Price: $6,595*

*Per person cash discount price, based on double occupancy. Does not include shore
excursions, airfare and tips.

Day 1: June 20: Fly from the U.S. to Oslo, Norway

Day 2: June 21: Oslo, Norway
We arrive into Oslo in the afternoon.  We will then transfer to our hotel.  (Transfers are included if you booked our group airfare or your flight arrives on or before and departs on or after our group flights.)

Day 3: June 22: Oslo, Norway
Today we will do a city tour of Oslo. Our tour will include the Viking Museum and the Open-Air Museum – which will be the highlight of the day.   Norway has gathered ancient homes, farmhouses, schools, and churches (even a Stave Church) from around Norway and created an authentic open-air museum. It is stepping back in time when everyone dresses as they did hundreds of years ago.

Day 4: June 23: Our HUGE Highlight – Oslo, Norway
We depart early for our 12 to 13 hours highlight day.  We travel by Bergen Railway through beautiful mountains and valleys before getting on the famous Flam Railway that drops you from the tops of mountains to the small village of Flam.  We then take a ship through three gorgeous fjords followed by a bus through the most beautiful valley in Norway to Voss.  We then take the Bergen Rail back to our waiting bags and our hotel room in Oslo.

Day 5: June 24: Oslo, Norway – Helsinki, Finland 
Today we will take a mid morning flight to Helsinki.  Upon arrival we will visit the Finnish countryside and the charming old wooden town of Porvoo. From the red warehouses nestled on the riverbanks to the delightful old town, you’ll discover a tranquil village. Porvoo retains its town plan from the Middle Ages, with small wooden houses, picturesque gardens, and narrow streets. We overnight Helsinki.

Day 6: June 25: Helsinki, Finland – Tallinn, Estonia
Today will travel by high-speed ferry to Tallinn Estonia.  Tallinn Estonia is one of the best-kept secrets in Europe. Tallinn is a beautiful port city that was established thousands of years ago along ancient trade routes. The original residents of Tallinn built an enormous wall to protect their city and it was at one time completely enclosed within these walls. Though the city has expanded since its inception, a large portion of the original wall stands.  In addition to our tour of Tallinn, we will have plenty of time to explore and wander through the cobblestone streets of the “Old Town”.  Late afternoon we will travel back to Helsinki by high-speed ferry.  Overnight Helsinki

Day 7: June 26: Helsinki, Finland – Stockholm, Sweden
This morning we transfer to the airport for our short flight to Stockholm, Sweden.  We will start our tour around this beautiful city.  After our tour we transfer to our hotel where we spend the next two nights.

Day 8: June 27:  Stockholm, Sweden
Today we will do a full-day tour of Stockholm that will feature the fantastic Vasa Museum. The Vasa is the world’s only surviving 17th-century ship and one of the foremost tourist sites in the world. The ship is displayed in a museum in Stockholm. We will also enjoy a tour of the city including the city hall.  We then transfer to our hotel.

Day 9: June 28:  Stockholm, Sweden – Copenhagen, Denmark
This morning we will take the short flight to Copenhagen, Denmark. When we arrive, we will do a half-day tour that will take you to the Denmark countryside where we will visit one of the top castles in the world, Frederiksberg Castle. On our way back to Copenhagen we will drive by the Kronborg Castle, which was also immortalized in William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”.  We overnight in Copenhagen.

Day 10: June 29: Copenhagen, Denmark – Holland America Cruise Ship
Today we will have a half-day tour to finish our Copenhagen tour.  We will visit the Little Mermaid and the Church of Our Lady, where you will see the Christus that the LDS church replicated for Temple Square. When we are done with the tour we will proceed directly to your Holland America Cruise Ship to check in.

Day 11: June 30: Fun Day at Sea
Today you will have time to enjoy your beautiful cruise ship, along with lectures with Michael Wilcox.

Day 12: July 1: Alesund, Norway
Today’s port of call is Alesund Norway.  For those that have signed up for our optional shore excursion package, we will spend the day touring Alesund and the surrounding area.  Today we will begin with a highlight tour of Alesund.  Alesund is a charming town with German-style architecture.  This is due to a catastrophic fire in 1904 which left more than 10,000 people homeless.  Keiser Wilhelm of Germany often vacationed in the area and when he heard of the fire he sent four warships loaded with construction supplies and assisted in the reconstruction.  Later we continue to Troll Road, Trollstigen.  This impressive stretch of road climbs along the steep mountainside with 11 hairpin turns.  This is one of Norway’s top tourist destinations.  Once we reach the top you will have free time to stroll around and take pictures.  The day will conclude back at the cruise ship.  When we leave port, around 4 pm, we will cruise through the Breisundet strait which is filled with fairy-tale landscapes.  Bring your binoculars to the deck; the beauty of Norway is on full display.

Day 13: July 2: Fun Day at Sea
Today you will have time to enjoy your beautiful cruise ship, along with lectures with Michael Wilcox.

Day 14: July 3: Akureyri, Iceland
If possible, we will be doing our own offered shore excursion of Akureyri.  This will be announced about 3 months before departure.  After the ship departs, we will sail through Eyjafjordur – it is one of Iceland’s longest fjords.  Lined with peaks that descend to the water’s edge.  The small island of Hrisey sits smack in the middle of it – inhabited since the 9th century.

Day 15: July 4:  Isafjordur, Iceland
If possible, we will be doing our own offered shore excursion.  Isafjordur is often described as the capital of north Iceland, the country’s second-largest city is both vibrant and pretty and serves as an ideal hub for exploring the incredible landscape that surrounds it.  After departure, we will do scenic cruising of Isafjardurdjur which includes the stunning waterfall of Dynjandi to the vast Hornstradir Nature Reserve where you can see the largest colony of seabirds in the North Atlantic.  Along Iceland’s spectacular coastline, glacier-carved green mountains stand in contrast against the deep blue sea.

Day 16: July 5: Fun Day at Sea
Today you will have time to enjoy your beautiful cruise ship, along with lectures with Michael Wilcox.

Day 17: July 6: Nanortalik, Greenland
Nanortalik, which means “the place with polar bears”.  Founded in 1797 as a trading depot at the mouth of the Tasermiut Fjord, the village is currently the home of about 1,000 people.  You may not see polar bears, but what you will find is a place of majestic beauty and friendly welcoming residents.  This stop will be exploring on your own.

Day 18: July 7: Qaqortoq, Greenland
The town of Qaqortog is the most populous town in Southern Greenland.  It has been inhabited continuously since prehistoric times.  You can still see traces of Thule and Norse cultures. This stop will be exploring on your own.

Day 19: July 8: Fun Day at Sea
Today you will have time to enjoy your beautiful cruise ship, along with lectures with Michael Wilcox.

Day 20: July 9: Fun Day at Sea
Today you will have time to enjoy your beautiful cruise ship, along with lectures with Michael Wilcox.

Day 21: July 10: Reykjavik, Iceland
We arrive into Reykjavik early this morning.  After our arrival, we have an adventurous day at Iceland´s second-largest glacier and the world´s largest man-made ice tunnel. This adventure day starts as we travel toward Langjökull, Iceland´s second-largest glacier. On the way, we visit the beautiful Hraunfossar Waterfalls and Deildartunguhver geothermal hot springs. The journey begins to elevate to the Icelandic Highlands and drive through the arctic desert in the footsteps of the glacier. We will climb up to 1250m above sea level where we will go inside Langjökull glacier. After we have been 200m inside and 40m under the glacier, we head back to Reykjavik where we overnight.

Day 22: July 11: Fly Home
Today we are already part way home from Europe.  This morning we will fly back to the U.S. and on to our homes.  Taking memories few have experienced of Iceland and Greenland.  (Transfers are included if you booked our group airfare or your flight arrives on or before and departs on or after our group flights.)