Spain & Portugal with Mediterranean Cruise
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Exotic Morocco

Spain & Portugal with Mediterranean Cruise 21 day tour/cruise - August 26, 2024

Tour of Morocco, Portugal Spain & Gibraltar - with a Mediterranean Cruise

This fantastic tour and cruise has so many highlights, it climbs the ladder to becoming one of the best tours and cruises we have ever offered anywhere in the world.

Here is the PARTIAL list of some of the highlights:

  • Marrakesh, Morocco: It’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Marrakesh, is like no other experience! At night the former imperial capital is wild and unique, with a blend of donkey carts, spice sellers, snake charmers, street performers, fortune tellers and a ton of flea market booths selling their wares.
  • Lisbon, Portugal: There is so much to see and do, we spend two days in Lisbon. Our tour will include two UNESCO fairytale castles – the colorful Pena Palace and the Tower of Belem, along with the Jeronimo’s Monastery.
  • Seville, Spain: The stunning Plaza de Espana, Seville’s Cathedral with Columbus’s Tomb, and ancient narrow streets of the Sana Cruz quarter.
  • The Rock of Gibraltar: Gibraltar is part of the British Empire and refuses to become part of Spain. This will be a huge highlight.
  • Toledo: The ancient walled city of Toledo attracts more tourists than any other place in Spain. A UNESCO World Heritage site – no trip to Spain is complete without visiting Toledo.
  • Madrid Area: The fairytale castle, Segovia, a 2,000-year-old Roman Aqueduct, the ancient walled city of Avila and possibly the most impressive royal palace ever – the Royal Palace of Madrid.
  • Barcelona: Known for its unique architecture, the Sagrada Familia Cathedral and Antoni Gaudi’s park.
  • Amsterdam with its many canals and windmills.
  • 13 Day 12-Night cruise includes the following ports of call:
    • Bordeaux France: filled with stunning architecture.
    • Porto, Portugal: A World Heritage Site – one of the oldest cities in Europe.
    • Lisbon, Portugal.
    • Seville, Spain located about a 1-hour drive from the port.
    • Gibraltar, United Kingdom.
    • Malaga, Spain.
    • Barcelona, Spain

This special unique tour and cruise has been designed to bring you the best of the best in Morocco, Portugal, Spain and The Rock of Gibraltar. We really did hit a home run with this newly designed tour and cruise. It has become one of the BEST trips we have to offer anywhere in the world.


Exotic Morocco Every day is another huge highlight day on this special newly designed tour and cruise. You are going to love every minute, but most of all you’re going to love Morocco! There isn’t room to share how exciting and wonderful Morocco is. The Tyndall family, who owns Fun For Less Tours, crossed from Spain to Morocco by ferry for their inspection tour of Morocco. Upon arrival, they found a driver of a van and hired him off the street to take them all over Morocco. Hiring a stranger off the streets in Tangier, Morocco, to drive your family for several days throughout Morocco, is not what we recommend for our passengers to do. But for the Tyndall family, it was the best way to explore and experience everything in Morocco.  Because of the movie Casablanca, it may be the most famous city in Morocco, but the best of the best can be found in Marrakesh. You are going to love the medieval walled city that makes up part of Marrakesh AND you will never forget the carnival-like atmosphere of Marrakesh at night. The huge square becomes a gigantic flea market – filled with numerous sellers of wares, street performers, fortune tellers and snake charmers playing a pungi (their wind instrument) to their cobras. This will be a highlight you will remember forever! We also visit the impressive mountains near Marrakesh in 4-wheel drive vehicles.

Come join us on our fantastic 21-day Exotic Morocco, Spain and Portugal Tour and Cruise with your educator. Celebrity Cruise line has been voted the BEST Premium Cruise Line! Between the cruise and tour, you will experience a Mediterranean Cruise, the very best of Spain, Portugal, Morocco, the Rock of Gibraltar and the island of Palma De Mallorca.

Package Price Includes:

  • 13-Day 12 Night Celebrity Silhouette Cruise ship with upgraded inside cabin.
  • $420 in ship port charges and fees.
  • $141.17 in ship taxes.
  • Two flights:
    • Barcelona, Spain to Madrid, Spain.
    • Madrid Spain to Casablanca Morocco.
  • 1 Night 4 Star Deluxe Hotel Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • 3 Nights 5-Star Deluxe Hotel in Madrid, Spain.
  • 3 Nights 5-Star Luxury Hotel in Marrakesh, Morocco.
  • All tours, buses, guides & entrance fees in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, in Barcelona & Madrid Spain, along with Casablanca and the Marrakesh area in Morocco.
  • Guest Educator: Jeff Lawson.
  • Fun For Less Tours Staff throughout the tour and cruise.
  • Transfers are included if you booked our group airfare or your flight arrives on or before and departs on or after our group flights.
  • Individual headset receivers.
  • Option to purchase our shore excursion package.
  • Option to purchase our International airfare to Amsterdam and home from Marrakesh.

Package Price: $6,795*

*Per person cash discount price,
based on double occupancy.
Does not include International airfare,
visas, tips and optional shore excursions.

Day by Day Itinerary is subject to change at any time.

Day 1: August 26: Fly
Today we fly from the US to Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Day 2: August 27:  Amsterdam
Upon our morning arrival into Amsterdam, we will do a city tour that will include a boat ride on the many canals and if time permits, a visit to Ann Franks house.  (Transfers are included if you booked our group airfare or your flight arrives on or before and departs on or after our group flights.)

Day 3:  August 28:  Amsterdam – Rotterdam
This morning we will travel to Zaanse Schans an open-air museum with a collection of authentic historical windmills.  You will be able to go inside working windmills to see how they work.  We will then drive the approximate 1 hour to Rotterdam for a city tour before boarding our luxury Holland America ship in Rotterdam.

Day 4: August 29: Fun Day At Sea
Fun day at Sea, along with a presentation from Jeff Lawson.

Day 5: August 30: Fun Day At Sea – Bordeaux, France
Fun day at Sea, along with a presentation from Jeff Lawson.  Late afternoon we arrive into Bordeaux and overnight docked in Pauillac near Bordeaux.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Approximately 6 months before your departure date, Fun For Less Tours will offer all of their passengers, their own discounted shore excursion package. 

Day 6:  August 31:  Bordeaux, France
Bordeaux is filled with stunning classical, neo-classical and urban architecture, historical monuments.  A UNESCO World Heritage site that rivals the likes of Paris.

Day 7: September 1: Fun Day At Sea
Fun day at Sea, along with a presentation from Jeff Lawson.

Day 8: September 2:  Porto, Portugal
A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Porto is one of Europe’s oldest cities, second in size to only Lisbon.

Day 9 & 10: September 3 & 4: Lisbon, Portugal
See why this city stands out above all others as you stroll along elaborate mosaic sidewalks, explore castles and enjoy the beautiful countryside’s.  The ship stays overnight in Lisbon, giving you two full days to enjoy this fantastic city and its surrounding area.

Day 11: September 5:  Seville, Spain
From the port of Cadiz, it is a short drive to Seville.  From its old town with a quaint Moorish feel, to its impressive monuments and lovely architecture – you’re going to love Seville.

Day 12:  September 6:  The Rock of Gibraltar, United Kingdom
Today is a highlight day.  Very few ships actually stop in Gibraltar when cruising around Spain and Portugal.  Spain has continually tried to get the Rock of Gibraltar back, but every vote by the citizens of Gibraltar regarding becoming part of Spain have failed.  Gibraltar citizens want to be part of the United Kingdom.

Day 13:  September 7:  Malaga, Spain – Granada’s Alhambra
Our plans for our shore excursion in the Beach city of Malaga – is to leave and drive the approximate 1.5 hours to Granada to visit the Alhambra Palace.  There are only a few places in the world that can be compared to the Alhambra.  The Alhambra in Granada is a place you must see at least once in your life.  It is the most charming Arab palace in Europe.

Day 14: September 8: At Sea
Fun day at Sea, along with a presentation from Jeff Lawson.

Day 15: September 9: Barcelona, Spain – Madrid Spain
Today we say goodbye to our wonderful Celebrity Cruise Ship.  After we disembark we will have a tour of Barcelona and Gaudi.  We will do a city tour along with a visit to the famous La Sagrada Familia Church (one of the most unique churches in the world).  We will also visit some of the Gaudi family history architecture buildings and homes.  After our tour we transfer to the airport for our flight to Madrid.  Upon arrival into Madrid we transfer to our hotel where we will overnight for the next 3 nights.

Day 16: September 10:  Segovia – Avila – Madrid
This morning we will head to the north of Madrid, crossing the rugged Sierra de Guadarrama on the way to Segovia, famous for its Alcazar and the 2,000-year-old Roman Aqueduct.  We will then continue on to the walled and turreted town of Avila, where St. Theresa founded the Order of Carmelites.  We will return to our 5-star hotel in Madrid.

Day 17 September 11: Toledo – Madrid
Toledo attracts more tourists than any other place in Spain.  On a hill surrounded by a loop in the Tagus River stands this old capital.  We will spend the morning touring Toledo and then head back to Madrid to finish Madrid. Upon arrival in Madrid, we will immediately tour the Plaza Espana, the Parliament, Cibeles Fountain, elegant Calle Alcala, Paseo de Castellana, and if time permits visit the Royal Palace.  We then transfer back to our hotel for the night.

Day 18: September 12: Madrid – Casablanca, Morocco – Marrakesh
This morning we will fly to Casablanca, possibly the best known city because of the movie Casablanca.  Upon arrival we will do a city tour, along with a visit to one of the most impressive and largest mosques in the world.  After we will drive the approximate 2.5 hours to Marrakesh to overnight in our 5 star luxury hotel.

Day 19: September 13: Marrakesh, Morocco
Our tour will include, Marrakesh’s ancient walled city, a UNESCO World Heritage site.  We will also visit the Berber museum, Koutoubia Mosque, and the Medina.  In the evening we will visit Marrakesh’s famous Djemaa El Fna Square.  Time to experience the greatest show on earth in Marrakesh’s main square.  The hoopla and street performance have been non-stop since the 11th century.  By nightfall, the whine of the snake charmers’ flutes, along with street performers, gypsies telling fortunes, fire breathers, musicians and food stalls are everywhere.  Again, the word is authentic, an experience like no other in the world.

Day 20: September 14:  Marrakesh, Morocco – Atlas Mountains
Today is a full day to the nearby Atlas Mountains and three valley’s waterfalls along with visits to local villages.  Part of the time we will be in 4 wheel drive vehicles in order to reach several beautiful places that should not be missed.  Overnight Marrakesh.

Day 21:  September 15:  Fly Home
This morning we will fly from Morocco back to the U.S. and on to our homes – taking memories and experiences you will never forget.  (Transfers are included if you booked our group airfare or your flight arrives on or before and departs on or after our group flights.)