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10 day cruise/tour - March 16, 2019

Cuba is not open to regular tourism
It is open to organized pre-approved travel Itineraries

Americans can legally go to Cuba only if the trip falls within one of 12 categories. Here are the 12 categories: visits to close relatives, academic programs, professional research, journalistic or religious activities and participation in public performances or sports competitions. They can also go to organize a professional event or competition, to film and produce television programs and movies, to record music and to create art there – And US citizens can go to Cuba for educational or cultural exchanges. It is referred to as “People to People” travel. Ordinary tourism remains off-limits. Our trip to Cuba falls under the educational or cultural exchanges, called “People to People” travel AND is completely legal.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line has worked with the US Government to make sure their “People to People” shore excursions falls under the educational or cultural exchanges section of the law – which makes it legal for US Citizens to visit Cuba. The owners of Fun For Less Tours have been to Cuba twice. Both times they have taken the organized People to People shore excursions. They felt their People to People tours were as good as any tours they would want to take when in Cuba. The shore excursions are a great mix of culture and history, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, also including city tours and meeting the local people. You also have some free time to explore once you have fulfilled the legal requirements to be in Cuba. Our price includes all of your necessary “People to People” shore excursions. This is the only safe way to visit Cuba. Any other way is breaking U.S. Law and subject to fines and harassment.


We Have the Right Cruise and Tour! With Cuba Approved Itinerary

  • We looked at many tour and cruise companies that offered approved travel itineraries. We wanted to try and figure the full prices that would include everything except the airfare. We took into consideration the following: All transfers, if you arranged your flight times on or before our Fun For Less group flights., ship taxes, ship port charges, ship fees, SHIP TIPS, legal “People to People” Full Day shore excursions in every port in Cuba, deluxe hotel in Miami, all entrance fees, educator costs , tour managers costs and the cost to enhance and create a private shore excursion experience exclusive for our group,. We then applied it all to 5 different choices we found. The price range was staggering, take a look:
  • 7 Night Land Tours: We looked at Back Roads Cultural Land Tours and Insight Cuba Tours, both were reputable companies that have been doing trips to Cuba for years. The cost of tours with approved itineraries and deluxe hotels for 7 nights, with everything needed, was between $5,000 & $7,000 per person. The Land Tours usually visited Havana and two or three other cities. We could not understand why it was so expensive until we started checking on quality hotel costs. A good hotel in Havana could easily cost $500 to $800 a night. Even then, everything we read stated that hotel ratings were not accurate, they are not up to US standards and food was not very good.
  • 3 & 4 Night Cruise: The least expensive were cruises that had a one day or two-day stop in Havana. We found several cruises with a short stop in Havana, Cuba. Most only spent 1 day in Havana and then went on to other Caribbean Islands. The one we considered the most was a 4 night NCL cruise. It included only one stop in Cuba, 1 ½ days in Havana and one stop at another Caribbean Island, before returning to Miami. When we took all costs into consideration, their cheapest inside cabin, the hotel night before the cruise, the cost of shore excursions, port charges, tips, transfers, etc., it was over $1,500. Better than the land tours, but not what we really wanted.
  • We wanted at least 3 ports of call in Cuba. We found 3 cruises that offered a minimum of 3 ports of call. A 10-night cruise on a luxury Pearl Seas cruise ship out of Miami, a 7-night cruise on a first class Celestyal Cruise Ship out of Jamaica and an 8-night cruise on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship out of Miami.
    • The 10-night Cruise option: Pearl Seas Cruise ship is a luxury boutique ship with every cabin having its own private balcony. They offer a 10-night cruise with several stops as they go all the way around Cuba. The least expensive cabin, along with shore excursions, hotel, transfers, port charges, etc. The cost was $8,400 per person.
    • The 7-night cruise ship out of Jamaica was the lowest quality of our three ships. We decided to not consider this ship as it was out of Jamaica.
    • The 8-night cruise ship option: Royal Caribbean’s cruise ship has 3 stops in Cuba, PLUS a stop at their private resort in Haiti. The least expensive cabin, along with shore excursions, hotel, transfers, port charges, hotel in Miami, etc. The cost is under 2,000.

To sum it all up. The land choices were not only too expensive, they often ended up with poor hotels that much of the time had no electrical power. The 4-night cruise, while cheap was not worth going all the way to Cuba for one stop. When comparing the three cruise choices, Royal Caribbean’s quality, pricing and itinerary became the very BEST choice out of the cruise choices AND also became the BEST choice overall.

Package Price Includes:

We picked March for several reasons: It is less humid, it has the fewest number of rain days, temperatures are the most pleasant and it is normally out of hurricane season. The good news about doing Cuba by cruise, you don’t have to worry about bad hotel rooms or bad food. Cuba has been stuck in time since the 1950’s, you need to visit Cuba before it changes!!!

  • Here is the breakdown of our 10-day Cuba Package Price:
  • 8 night Royal Caribbean’s Empress of the Seas cruise ship.
  • Upgraded inside cabin category 4V.
  • $215 in port charges and ship fees.
  • $189.29 in ship taxes.
  • $116 in Ship Tips.
  • OVER $400 worth of People to People (Legal) Shore Excursions.
  • Specially designed shore excursions for our group.
  • Deluxe hotel in Miami.
  • All land taxes.
  • All transfers, if you arranged your flight times on or before our Fun For Less group flights.
  • Everglades tour and airboat ride.
  • Special Guest Educator:  Dr. John Lund.
  • Fun For Less Tours Staff.
  • Headset receivers, so you can hear clearly your guides and educators.

Does not include: tips for the transfers and the shore excursion. Cuba Visa, Cuba Insurance or Airfare into and out of Miami.

Package Price: $1,995*

**Per person cash discount price, based on double occupancy. Does not include airfare.

Day 1: March 16: Fly to Miami
Today we will fly from our home to Miami. After our arrival, we will transfer to our hotel.

Day 2: March 17: Miami
This afternoon we will board our cruise ship.

Day 3: March 18: Havana, Cuba
This morning we will arrive in Havana, Cuba. We will be doing a people to people shore excursion. To be announced at a later date.

Day 4: March 19: Day at Sea
Today you will have free time to explore the cruise ship.

Day 5: March 20: Cienfuegos, Cuba
This morning we will arrive into Cienfuegos, Cuba. We will be doing a people to people shore excursion. To be announced at a later date.

Day 6: March 21: Day at Sea
Today you will have free time to explore the cruise ship.

Day 7: March 22: Georgetown, Grand Cayman
Cruising across North Sound, we will anchor at Stingray City, a sand bar only 4′ deep where you will swim with the stingrays.  These tame creatures can be hand fed and if you choose; you can experience the “stingray massage”.  You then head to Coral Gardens where you can glide among the armies of brilliant fish that dart in and out of the area’s spectacular coral reefs.  After we will return to our ship.

Day 8: March 23: Labadee, Haiti
Today we will not be doing a shore excursion. You will have a free day to explore Labadee, Haiti or you can book a shore excursion through the cruise line.

Day 9: March 24 Day at Sea
Today you will have free time to explore the cruise ship.

Day 10: March 25: Fly Home
Today you will say goodbye to our cruise ship to head to the airport to fly home.