Couples Get-Away

Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa

Couples Get-Away

Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa 6 days 5 nights - October 22-27, 2023

He is the BEST GIFT Ever for You and Your Married Children!

Give a gift that will be life-changing. It is said 50% of marriages end in divorce and over 50% of those that stay married are not really happy in their marriage. If that is true, that means only about 1 in 5 or 1 in 4 marriages will be a really happy marriage. It’s time to change the odds and Dr. Matt is just the one to help. What most of us lack is the skills to understand and how to work together toward a great marriage. Even if you have a great marriage, Dr. Matt can make it even better. This last November we had a sold-out Couples Get-Away in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. Those in attendance said it was a phenomenal experience along with a fantastic vacation with their spouse. Fun For Less Tours has teamed up again with Dr. Matt Townsend. In October of 2023, we are again going to offer couples getaway to Puerto Vallarta Mexico. This is a vacation that will pay off for a lifetime. If you haven’t experienced Dr. Matt’s masterful mix of entertainment, fun, laughter, and education, you have been missing out! As a world-class educator and humorist, you will literally laugh your way to a healthier and deeper love. Dr. Matt will take his 25 years of experience educating couples and companies to help you address some of the biggest threats to relationships today.

Most of our October 2022 group was made up of parents bringing their married children. This trip can be the BEST investment ever when it comes to the happiness of yourselves and your married children. Each morning starting around 9 am, we have about 2.5 hours of workshops with Dr. Matt. In his “Take Your Love to Higher-Level Workshops,” he will give you the real-life tools needed for a deeper connection to your spouse. Tools that you will be able to use throughout your life. Every afternoon and evening is free to enjoy your vacation in the incredible Marriott Beach resort and Spa in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Yes, it is a vacation, a second honeymoon, a time to enjoy improving your marriage. Everyone will experience beautiful vistas, wonderful beaches, a fantastic large “heated” swimming pool, world-class education to deepen your marriage relationships, and ample free time to relax.

The owners of Fun For Less Tours have enjoyed a wonderful 45 years of marriage. Even for them, what they felt they learned from Dr. Matt’s workshops, has been life-changing. They can’t recommend enough how important it is for you and your married children to experience a Dr. Matt Townsend Couples Get-Away. Take some of that money you planned on spending with us, on a vacation this year and use it to give the gift of a lifetime to yourselves and your married children.

Take Your Love to a Higher Level

Enjoy 9-10 hours of workshops with Dr. Matt Townsend will be scattered throughout the week, where you will receive real-life tools as well as a deeper connection that you will be able to carry with you for the rest of your life. His workshops will address a variety of topics:

  • Closing the Gap…The Art and Science of Reconnecting – You will learn the latest research and techniques in the “art of love”, including the Seven Basic Needs of Healthy Relationships.
  • What Is She/He Thinking?  A hilarious and in-depth dive into your partner’s brain, thoughts, emotions and differences. You’ll finally understand why they do what they do and what you can do to manage the differences.
  • Creating REAL Communication – This conflict resolution workshop will teach you how to “Get REAL” on issues that have been too hot to handle in the past.
  • Learn to Love Your Partner Their Way – In this workshop, Dr. Matt Townsend will help to create more mutual benefit in your marriage by turning “Complaints into Completes” by simply learning to love each other the way we want to be loved.
  • Spiritual Beings and the Human Experience –  Life is hard so we don’t have to make it any harder than it already is. Learn how to become “One” and live more simply by living from your real self in the Body, Mind and Spirit workshop.

Package Price Includes:

  • 9-10 hours with Matt, learning how to take your marriage to a higher level.
  • 6 Days 5 nights in the 5-Star Luxury Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort and Spa.
  • $50 credit per hotel night to spend on food and drinks per room.
  • $20 daily resort fee is included. Includes all non-motorized activities.
  • Free internet.
  • 19% taxes are included.
  • Luggage handling along with tips for porters and housekeepers are included.
  • All hotel rooms have a balcony.
  • Wireless internet in rooms and public areas including the pool area.
  • 20% discount for spa services.
  • Preference golf rates at Marina Vallarta Golf Course.
  • Dr. Matt Townsend as your guest educator.
  • Fun For Less Tours Staff throughout your vacation.
  • Transfer to and from the airport – if you are on our group airfare OR you arrive and depart around the time of our group transfers, you are welcome to join the group transfer.

Package Price: $1,395*

*Does not include Round Trip Airfare.

A vacation of a lifetime! The owners of Fun For Less Tours have been to the Marriott Beach Resort many times, sometimes more than once in the same year. They love how close it is to SLC. There are sometimes 4 hour nonstop flights between Salt Lake and the Puerto Vallarta Marriott Beach Resort. Even with a layover, it is still less than flying time than flights to Hawaii or the Caribbean. They love the Marriott’s heated pool and beach; they love that the food is about 30% less than you pay in Hawaii; they love the many activities that are available in your free time. With all the business they give Marriott, they can stay in most Marriotts in the world for free. For them, the Puerto Vallarta Marriott Beach Resort and Spa is their favorite. Their family vacations there more than anywhere else in the world.

Don’t miss out!!! You’re going to love your time with Dr. Matt and your time together! You owe it to your marriage! It will create memories for a lifetime! Come join Dr. Matt and Fun For Less Tours on a vacation that will pay dividends for many years to come.