Colombia River Cruise

with Panama

Colombia River Cruise

with Panama 17 day cruise/tour - August 10, 2025

Special Ship Charter

The owners of Fun For Less Tours were excited when they found out a few years ago that AmaWaterways was building two luxury river cruise ships to sail the Colombia Rivers. Both will be completed sometime in 2024. The owners of Fun For Less Tours had already been to Colombia to prepare for future experiences for those who travel with us. When they found out AmaWaterways was putting ships in Colombia, which would much improve our passengers’ experiences of Colombia, they waited until the ships were going to be ready for passengers to put together their Colombia Tour, combined with AmaWaterways River Cruise.

Your AmaWaterways Experience
Colombia has an exceptionally diverse population with vibrant cultural traditions and festivals. More than 1,000 styles of music are performed and enjoyed throughout its borders – it is no wonder that Colombia is considered the “Land of a Thousand Rhythms.” The country’s rich musical and cultural heritage, history, and natural beauty will intrigue you, as will the great Magdalena basin, which harbors many species of flora and fauna not found anywhere else on the planet.

An unparalleled experience onboard the stunning newly designed AmaMagdalena. An intimate 60-passenger cruise ship with luxury throughout and sweeping views as you cruise Colombia’s Magdalena River. Each amenity-filled stateroom features AmaWaterways signature twin-Balcony cabins, with both a French Balcony and an outside balcony. Cabin sizes range from 237 square feet to 510 square feet.

For our tour and cruise of Colombia, we have chartered the whole ship and added Dr. Michael Wilcox as your educator. Your ship will sail between Cartagena and Barranquilla. Here are a few of the highlights you will experience on your wonderful river cruise: Ride an authentic Paola through the town of Calamar. Be welcomed by a local band as you take a historic walking tour through Mompox, a UNESCO Site preserved in colonial charm, and discover the colorful stilt houses of Nueva Venicia. Go birdwatching and search for beautiful Cianeguo hummingbirds as well as the Chauna chavaria – only found in this region. Plus, attend a special Carnaval celebration in Barranquilla featuring vibrant live performances reserved exclusively for AmaWaterways guests.

Package Price Includes:

16-Day Colombia River Cruise PACKAGE PRICE INCLUDES: 8-Day 7 Night sailing on Colombia’s beautiful Magdalena River on a brand new AmaWaterways ship. To make your experience in Colombia even better, we have added 10 days of additional touring with 9 nights of hotels before and after the ship. AmaWaterways has an 8-day land package they offer with their cruise. Their package includes three nights in a city called Medellin, where they will spend much of their time visiting Colombian coffee plantations – instead of Medellin, OUR package includes 3 nights in Bogota the capital city of Colombia. There is so much to see and do in Bogota compared to Medellin. AmaWaterways package includes 2 nights in the Walled City of Cartagena – OUR package includes 3 nights. AmaWaterways package includes 3 nights in Panama City, Panama. OUR package also includes 3 nights in the Panama City area. Both include the Suez Canal Locks and the indigenous tribes that live in the rainforests.

Important Note regarding AmaWaterways Charter Pricing: By chartering 100% of the river cruise ship, we receive special discount charter pricing. Between the ship and our land tour you will save a minimum of $900! Cat C cabins are included in the price. When you upgrade to B, A, Jr. Suite or a Grand Suite – Our Charter Pricing will SAVE you even more money over the ship’s pricing! Most of our passengers will save well over $1,000 per person over what you would pay for the AmaWaterways Package AND OUR package is 1 day longer AND it includes Tour Managers and Educator AND it includes additional touring.

Our Total Package includes both the AmaWaterways Cruise and our Fun For Less Tours Land Tour.
Here is what is INCLUDED in our Total Package:

  • AmaWaterways luxury 8 Day 7 Night Cruise on the Magdalena River in Colombia.
  • Cat C Luxurious Double Balcony cabin with both a French Sliding Glass Door Balcony and a Balcony where you can sit outside. 237 Square Feet – Our Package is $900 Less than Ship’s Package.
    • Option to upgrade to Cat B Double Balcony Cabin for $499 per person – the ship charges $699 for the same upgrade. 237 Square Feet.
    • Option to upgrade to Cat A Double Balcony Cabin for $799 per person – the ship charges $999 per person. Cat A cabins are on the upper deck, same floor as the restaurant and reception. 237 Square Feet.
    • Option to upgrade to Junior Suite Double Balcony Cabin for 1,699 per person. The ship charges $1,999.
    • Option to upgrade to a huge 2-room Grand Suite for 2,399 per person; the ship charges 2,999 per person.
  • $200 in ship taxes and port charges.
  • All Shore Excursions are included.
  • Special Guest Educator: Dr. Michael Wilcox.
  • Fun For Less Tours Staff.
  • Three quality meals on board the ship every day while on the ship.
  • Our Special Land Package Includes:
    • 3 nights 4-Star Deluxe Hotel Bogota, Colombia.
    • 3 nights 4-Star Deluxe Hotel Inside the walled city of Cartagena, Colombia.
    • 3 nights 4-Star Deluxe hotel in Panama City, Panama.
  • Two airline flights:
    • Bogota, Colombia to Cartagena, Colombia.
    • Barranquilla, Colombia to Panama City, Colombia.
  • Buses, Guides and Entrance fees throughout the Land Package.
  • Guest Educator: Dr. Michael Wilcox.
  • Fun For Less Tours staff.
  • Headset receivers.

Package Price: $6,995*

*Per person cash discount price, based on double occupancy. Does not include international airfare and tips.

Day by Day Itinerary: Always subject to change.

Day 1: Aug 10: Fly BOGOTA COLOMBIA
You fly and arrive the same day. After arrival, you will transfer to your 4-star Deluxe hotel.

Day 2: Aug 11: BOGOTA
Two of Colombia’s top attractions the Zipaquirá Salt Cathedral and Lake Guatavita. Descend to the otherworldly Zipaquirá Salt Cathedral. The Salt Cathedral is an underground church built inside a salt mine and made entirely of salt. There are 14 small unique chapels connected by tunnels over 600 feet underground. A huge highlight. Lake Guatavita the site of the legend of El Dorado.

Day 3: Aug 12: BOGOTA
Today is a full-day tour of Bogota. The tour includes a trip by cable car or funicular up the hill of Monserrate, a city highlights tour and a visit to the Gold Museum.

Day 4: Aug 13: BOGOTA – CARTAGENA.
In the morning, check out of your hotel and fly to Cartagena, the beautiful capital of the Bolivar region located on Colombia’s Caribbean coast. Take the day to delight in the beautiful coastal city of Cartagena. Many Spaniards flocked to this location when they heard tales of gold found in the tombs of indigenous leaders, expanding this small port into a thriving city. As you tour the city, you may witness iconic landmarks such as the Catedral de Cartagena or the stone walls built to protect the city from the plundering of pirates, although they did not stop Sir Francis Drake from holding the city for ransom in 1586. (B)

Day 5: Aug 14: CARTAGENA
Start your day by exploring the incredible UNESCO-designated San Felipe Castle, the fortress that defended Cartagena from French and British attacks. In the afternoon, delve deeper into the enriching history of this Caribbean city as you visit the Gold Museum, which features ancient gold artifacts from the indigenous cultures found in this region. You will also visit the Caribbean Naval Museum. Follow the story of this fascinating country and its incredible naval history from pre-Hispanic times until the present. (B)

Day 6: Aug 15: CARTAGENA 
Cartagena is such a wonderful old walled city.  So today is a free day to enjoy and explore on your own.

Before checking out of your hotel, tour the famous vaults of Cartagena. These vaults have gone through many transformations – from being Spanish headquarters to a prison for those seeking independence from Spain to the art galleries, restaurants and shops you can witness today. We then transfer to board our wonderful ship.  After settling into your stateroom, enjoy a tour through the breathtaking neighborhood of Getsemani. With the vibrant colors of the homes and street art as well as the mouthwatering local delicacies that can be found throughout the area, this historic neighborhood will delight all your senses. In the evening, watch the sunset in Cartagena during a special cruise excursion. Upon returning to your ship, embark on your journey along the magical Magdalena River. (B,D)

In the morning, experience the town of Palenque, the first “free town” in the Americas. Founded by those who fled a life of slavery during colonial times, the spirit and appearance of this town have been preserved through time. In 1713, the Spanish crown issued a Royal Decree that officially freed the people of Palenque from slavery. Immerse yourself in the town’s deeply rooted culture and traditions, which are so distinct that UNESCO declared Palenque to be a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. An important piece of their heritage is the music and rhythmic style that was developed in this city, which you will enjoy during a special performance by local musicians. Later in the day, visit Calamar. Located at the entrance of the Canal del Dique, this town was first settled in 1840. Witness historic sites such as the Iglesia de la Inmaculada Conception as you tour this beautiful destination by paolo (a bicycle taxi for two). (B,L,D)

Spend your morning in Santa Barbara de Pinto, located on the banks of the Mompox arm of the Magdalena River. Enjoy a walking tour through this traditional town, where you may see local landmarks such as the Santa Barbara Church and enjoy intricate handmade crafts created in the town. In the afternoon, arrive in the island town of Mompox, where you will be welcomed with open arms and lively music during an exclusive jazz performance played by local musicians. (B,L,D)

Day 10: Aug 19: MOMPOX
A town frozen in time, Mompox embodies the appearance of what many villages looked like during colonial times. Founded in 1540, this remote village became an important Spanish trading post. Some Spaniards found Mompox to be a haven for keeping gold and other treasures protected from the pirates that pillaged coastal cities like Cartagena, and with this precious metal and the work of skilled artisans from Spain came beautifully crafted artifacts. Since then, the town has become famous for its incredible filigree jewelry, which you can learn more about during your tour this afternoon. While visiting this unique island, journey through the incredible ecological Cienega Pijiño region, exploring the massive lake that is home to a variety of flora and fauna native to the region. In the afternoon, take a stroll through this storied town on a guided walking tour. With stunning colonial churches, breathtaking nature surrounding the town, and delicious local delights such as capa cheese and butifarra, Mompox is sure to be a highlight of your journey along the magnificent Magdalena River. (B, L, D)

Day 11: Aug 20: MOMPOX – EL BANCO
Bid farewell to in Mompox before embarking on a scenic cruise down one of the most breathtaking stretches of the Magdalena River – La Mojana Region – and reaching the town of El Banco, nestled at the intersection of the Magdalena and César rivers. Founded in a location strategic for both the native people and the Spaniards, the town was repeatedly destroyed in their struggles and then rebuilt atop its ashes. In 1749, a freed black slave named José Domingo Ortiz led a group of settlers to this special location, carrying with him a statue of the Virgin Mary, staking this place as their new home. Because of this connection, the Virgin of Candelaria, a special invocation of the Virgin Mary, is specially venerated in this region. Embark on a guided walk of this incredible destination and learn more about its history as the birthplace of cumbia, an iconic genre of music and dance that has now been popularized around the world. What began as a courtship dance practiced by African slaves later incorporated American steps and European and African instruments has become a worldwide sensation, which is especially popular in the Andean region of Colombia. In the evening, enjoy an exclusive dinner in town and witness an incredible cumbia performance by locals. (B, L, D)

Day 12: Aug 21: MAGANGUE
Witness the sights, hear the bird calls, and watch the wildlife around you as spend the day in Magangue. Immerse yourself in the presence of Colombian nature surrounding this city on a birdwatching tour, giving you a unique opportunity to see birds only found in this specific part of the country. You can also take a hiking tour through the picturesque Cienega, a town teeming with Colombian heritage. (B,L,D)

In the morning, visit the Floating Village of Nueva Venecia. A charming town filled with inviting locals, Nueva Venecia, or “New Venice,” can only be navigated by boat. With its beautiful colonial houses, vivid architecture and local sanctuary protecting the native flora and fauna, this town highlights the beauty and warmth of Colombia. Witness its splendor as you tour the village. While here, explore this village and learn more about the lives of its people during a guided tour. Enjoy the traditional crafts and art that is on display, learn about the techniques the fishermen of Nueva Venecia use, and taste the local delicacies as you embrace this village and its unique culture. Later in the day, venture to the beautiful seaside city of Barranquilla, a vibrant destination home to notable musicians, writers and artists. Immerse yourself in the warmth and culture of the city’s atmosphere as you venture through this magnificent location, where you may visit famous landmarks such as the bocas de cenizas, the point at which the magical Magdalena River meets the breathtaking Caribbean Sea, and the “Carnaval” Museum, which showcases the unique history of this incredible festival. In the evening, enjoy an exclusive “Carnaval” celebration just for AmaWaterways guests as we bring the full traditional experience to our guests all year round. (B,L,D)

Disembark your ship and fly to Panama City, famous for the canal that separates North and South America. Start your Panama journey in Panama La Vieja, the site of the original Panama City. Located in the middle of skyscrapers, this charming UNESCO World Heritage Site still conserves its initial mystical flavor. Built on an indigenous village, Panama La Vieja was the first city founded by Spain in the Pacific Coast in 1519. Continue into Causeway Amador, a road that unites Panama City to the islands of Naos, Perico and Flamenco, as you immerse yourself in the modern sights of this wonderful city. In the afternoon, explore the intriguing Museum of Biodiversity. Designed by the renowned architect Frank Gehry, this unique museum invites you to delve into the stories surrounding the country’s diverse ecosystems, tectonic forces of the earth, and the first settlements of humans in the area, all joining together to create the Panama we know today. After, walk through the vivid colors of Casco Antiguo.  When we are done we will transfer to our hotel where we overnight.  (B)

Day 15: Aug 24: PANAMA
Take in the man-made majesty of the Panama Canal during this full day of incredible excursions. Before this marvel of engineering was constructed, ships were forced to sail the southernmost tip of South America along the Drake Passage or the Strait of Magellan. Once the Panama Canal was opened in 1914, after over 30 years of construction directed by multiple countries, international trade changed forever. Visit the building where the chief engineer, George W. Goethals, centralized the canal’s administrative activities before embarking along this legendary canal for yourself. Journey along the Panama Canal as you witness the breathtaking Gatun Lake. Known as the largest artificial lake in the world, this body of water is surrounded by the beauty of petrified trees frozen in time, tropical rainforest, and the unique flora and fauna found along its banks. When we are done touring we will return to our hotel to overnight.  (B)

Day 16: Aug 25: PANAMA
Be dazzled by the breathtaking rainforest of Chagres National Park, taking in the amazing scenery that surrounds you. Navigate the Chagres River through this magical jungle aboard a piragua, a traditional canoe, captained by a knowledgeable Emberá (an indigenous tribe) guide. Stop at a magnificent waterfall, where you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the cool water and absorb the energy of this natural wonder before continuing to an Emberá village. The Emberá are a riverine people of Panama, historically building their houses along banks of rivers. Learn how to cook a traditional Emberá lunch that you will enjoy. Immerse yourself in the ritual dances, local music, handcrafts and more as you experience and embrace this unique culture. (B)

Day 17: Aug 26: PANAMA
Bid Panama farewell and prepare for your flight home. (B)