Christmas Markets


Christmas Markets

14 day cruise/tour - December 1, 2024

World’s BEST Christmas Markets Cruise

14 Day PACKAGE includes 8 Day 7 Night Romantic Rhine Cruise that visits 4 Countries: Switzerland, France, Germany, and the Netherlands – combined with a Christmas Markets Land Tour that includes Christmas Markets in Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. Overall, there are OVER 30,000 Christmas Markets in European cities. Few ever make it into a top 10 list.  You will be experiencing 11 Christmas Markets that made it into someone’s top 10 list!

Important Note regarding AmaWaterways Charter Pricing:  By chartering over 50% of the boat, we receive special Discount Charter Pricing.  We do not discount the ship pricing – but we are able to apply our ship Charter Savings of $900 PER PERSON off of our total Package Price that INCLUDES the Ship and Land Tour.  When you combine an AmaWaterways ship with a Fun For Less Tours Land Tour, you are able to save $900 PER PERSON because of our Charter Pricing. 

So many fantastic Christmas Markets to experience.  In Germany alone, there are close to 3,000 Christmas markets – In Europe the number could reach over 10,000 Christmas markets.  There are many lists of the Top 10 best in the world – they are not all the same – But after reviewing close to 20 articles that list the top 10 or so BEST Christmas Markets, we find out of the tens of thousands of Christmas Markets in the world, only about 30 Christmas Markets, overall, ever find their way into someone’s BEST Christmas Markets list.  Some of those that we will visit in 2024 are very unique – One is in a Gorge deep in the Black Forest, another is on a ship, another is in a series of caves and another is a huge Christmas Market in a Train Station.

Here is the list of Christmas Markets we will visit in 2024 that have made it into someone’s top 10 list:

  • Munich Christkindlmarkt in Marienplatz square:  Dating back to the 14th century.  Home of living customs and old crafts. Germany’s largest Nativity scene market.  We will also plan to visit the Nativity Museum while in Munich.
  • Ravenna Gorge:  Considered the most beautiful market in Germany.  A unique Christmas Market.
  • Konstanz Lake-side Christmas Market:  A unique Christmas Market with even a ship filled with Christmas Markets.
  • Zurich Christindlimarket:  The largest indoor Christmas Market in Europe located in a Train Station.
  • Basel Christmas Markets:  Recently voted the BEST Christmas Market in Europe.
  • Strasbourg “The Capital of Christmas”:  For over 400 years they have been holding Christmas Markets – makes many of the Top 10 lists, some at #1.
  • Freiburg Christmas Market.
  • Cologne Christmas Market:  makes many of the Top 10 lists, some at #1.
  • Amsterdam Christmas Market
  • Bruges Christmas Market:  a highlight to visit any time – but stunning at Christmas time.
  • Volkenburg “Christmas Town”:  It is rumored Santa actually comes from Valkenburg.  It is also home of unique Christmas Market located in Caves.
  • Brussels Christmas Market:  A Christmas Wonderland.

Between the luxurious AmaWaterways cruise ports of call and the Fun For Less Tours added Land Tour, you really are going to experience the BEST Christmas Markets in the world. If there is one feeling you can describe while visiting all of the Christmas Markets, it is happiness. Yes, the shopping is fun, the sights are stunning, and the food is fantastic – but above all, it is the enjoyment and feeling of happiness that permeates throughout whole trip.

Package Price Includes:

Our Total Package includes both the AmaWaterways Luxury Cruise and our Fun For Less Tours Land Tour – Here is what is INCULDED in our Total Package:

  • AmaWaterways Luxury 8-Day 7-Night Cruise between Velshofen (near Munich) and Budapest, Hungry.
    • $3,998 Cat D Cabin with two large porthole windows.
    • $200 in ship taxes and port charges
    • All Shore Excursions
    • All Christmas Markets off the ship are included
    • All ship port taxes and fees.
    • Special Guest Educator: Dr Michael Wilcox.
    • Fun For Less Tours Staff: The Tyndall Family (owners of Fun For Less Tours)
    • Three quality meals on-board the ship every day.
    • Free internet and free movies.
    • Unlimited bottled water.
    • All bicycles and helmets on board are free to use.
    • Option to upgrade cabin to French Balcony, Double Balcony, or Suite.
    • Use of quality headset receivers.
  • Our Special Christmas Markets Land Package includes Munich, Zurich, Ravenna Gorge, Bruges, Brussels and Valkenburg Caves Christmas Markets.
    • 1 Night 4-Star Deluxe Hotel Munich.
    • 2 Nights 4-Star Deluxe Hotel Zurich.
    • 2 Nights 4-Star Deluxe Hotel Brussels.
    • All Christmas Markets.
    • All tours, buses, guides and entrance fees in Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium.
    • Guest Educator: Michael Wilcox
    • Fun For Less Tours Staff: The Tyndall Family
    • All Transfers, if you booked our group airfare or your flight arrives on or before and departs on or after our Fun For Less group flights.
    • Use of quality headset receivers.

Total Package Price    $6,195
Charter Savings:       ($900)
Total Package Price  $5,295*

Package Price: $5,295 *

**Per person cash discount price, based on double occupancy.
Does not include airfare or tips.

Below are the prices for upgrading to balcony and suite cabins.  With our combination of an AmaWaterways river cruise with our Fun For Less Tours Land Package, you are saving $900 Per Person off of whatever cabin category you chose.  Pictures of the different balcony cabins and an example of the layout of an AmaWaterways river cruise ship can be found below.  The prices below are the prices per person to upgrade from a D Cabin to Balcony Cabins.

  • Cat D Large Porthole Cabins 170 sq. ft.:                                                           Included in Price
  • Upgrade to a Cat CB French Balcony with sliding glass door:                     $600
  • Upgrade to a Cat CA French Balcony with sliding glass door:                    $1,000
  • Upgrade to a Cat BB Double Balcony with French and Outside Balcony: $1,600
  • Upgrade to a Cat BA Double Balcony with French and Outside Balcony: $1,800
  • Upgrade to a Cat AB Double Balcony with French and Outside Balcony: $2,000
  • Upgrade to a Cat AA Double Balcony with French and Outside Balcony: $2,200
  • Upgrade to Large Suite with Double Balcony both French & Outside:      $3,500



Christmas Markets Day by Day Itinerary:
(This is a partial list and is subject to change as needed to accomplish everything we can in each area we visit.)

 Day 1: December 1: Fly to Munich
Today we fly from the United States to Munich Germany.

Day 2: December 2:  Munich
Upon our arrival we will head to Munich’s old town for a tour and then spend time in it’s highly rated Christmas Markets.  We will also visit, if open, the Nativity Museum that has possibly the largest display of old and new nativities in the world.

Day 3: December 3: Munich – Zurich
Today we will travel to the beautiful old town of Konstanz.  The old town is located next to a river.  Christmas Markets fill the old town squares and of high interest to us, is the ship parked in the river filled with Christmas Markets from top to bottom.  The ship is on lists of the best unique Christmas Markets. After we will continue to Zurich to overnight.

Day 4: December 4: Zurich
Today will be a tour of Zurich and the surrounding area.  In addition to other Christmas Markets in the area – today we will visit another unique Christmas Market located in a train station.  It is the largest indoor Christmas Market in Europe.

Day 5: December 5: Zurich – Riquewihr – Basel – Ship 
Today is a highlight day as we visit the quaint medieval village Riquewihr.  The first records we have of the village is 1094 and then in 1291 there was a wall added, making this small village a medieval walled city.  It looks like nothing has changed in close to 800 years.  They also have a wonderful Christmas Market. In the afternoon we will arrive at the ship in Basel and tour the old town of and experience their Christmas Market that has been voted the best in Europe.

Day 6:  December 6:  Freiburg – Ravenna Gorge – Strasburg
Today is another highlight day.  In the morning we will tour Freiburg from the ship, along with its Christmas Markets that is #1 on some lists.  Then return for lunch.  The ship sets sail at 2pm for Strasbourg.  We will not be traveling with the ship.  We will be leaving the ship by bus to travel deep into the German Black Forest to what many lists consider the most beautiful Christmas Market in Europe.  The Ravenna Gorge Christmas Market is in a picturesque setting in a deep gorge.  It is only open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in December and from what we read, should not be missed.  We will then drive to Strasburg to visit some of their Christmas Markets at night.  We will reboard our ship in Strasbourg at 9:30 when it arrives into Strasbourg.

Day 7: December 7:  Strasburg
Strasburg is considered to be one of the most beautiful ancient cities in France.  This morning we will do a tour and then have time for their famous Christmas Markets.  They claim to be the home of the oldest Christmas Markets in Europe, dating back well over 400 years.  Strasburg Chrismas Markets has been rated #1 on some lists.

Day 8:  December 8:  Heidelberg
Today we will visit Heidelberg Castle and tour Heidelberg’s old town before visiting their Christmas Markets.

Day 9: December 9: Rudesheim – Rhine Gorge
Today is another quint village with its wonderful old town and Christmas Markets.  In the afternoon the ship sails through the Rhine Gorge – both sides of the river are considered a UNESO World Heritage Site.  There are 40 castles and fortresses that line both side of the river for about 25 miles on the Rhine River.

Day 10: December 10: Cologne
Today we will visit Cologne and its massive Cathedral.  Cologne is home of another famous Christmas Market – rated #1 on some top 10 lists.

Day 11: December 11:  Amsterdam
Today we will do some touring of Amsterdam, with a boat ride on the canals of Amsterdam.  Late in the afternoon you will have time to visit their famous Christmas Markets.

Day 12: December 12:  Amsterdam – Bruges, Belgium 
This morning we will disembark our ship in Amsterdam and we will drive into Belgium to visit Bruges.  To many this city filled with cannels is more impressive than Amsterdam.  It is also more beautiful in old architecture compared to Amsterdam.  In addition to your tour, you will experience their famous Christmas Markets.

Day 13: December 13: Valkenburg Caves
We have saved one of the best Christmas Markets for last.  Valkenburg is known as “Christmas Town”.  According to the stories, Santa Clause was born in Valkenburg.  They take Christmas to another level and with many of their Christmas Markets located inside caves – they are also one of the most unique Christmas Markets in the world.  We will return to Brussels for their Christmas Markets before heading to your hotel near the Brussels Airport to overnight.

Day 14: December 14: Fly Home
This morning we will fly from Brussels back to the U.S.  Taking with us many wonderful feel good memories of our cruise and tour, along with our many treasures we found when shopping the best Christmas Markets in the world.