China Yangtze

includes Zhangjiajie National Forest

China Yangtze

includes Zhangjiajie National Forest 5 Star Luxury with optional Bali extension! 18 tour/cruise - April 7, 2018

Why China Should Be Your First Choice!

Both China and our Thailand/Angkor Wat tours are the best tours in the world.  If you have not been to China, we recommend you make it your number one priority, even above Angkor Wat and Thailand!
Let us try and tell you in a few words why China is the best tour anywhere in the world.  A cruise on the Yangtze is more beautiful than cruising the Inside Passage of Alaska.
The 60,000 life size stone carvings of Dazu (carved by monks over thousands of years), is a sight to behold.  The Li River’s staggering beauty will be one of your best days on earth.  You will marvel as you explore the 9-mile city wall of Xian, with draw bridges and moats still intact. Climbing the Great Wall creates memories for a lifetime. The Chinese Cultural Village makes the Polynesian Cultural Center look small. Add the experience of seeing the Terracotta Warriors, Summer Palace, Forbidden City, Hong Kong, Beijing and so much more – all in a country that is friendly and loving to Americans. You will live and cruise in 5-star luxury throughout the tour.  Please believe us on this one. THIS SHOULD BE YOUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!!!
Now with Zhangjiajie. We cannot express in words or pictures how phenomenal Zhangjiajie is. It is truly off the beaten path! This is a rare opportunity to see one of the most beautiful places on earth! To us the beauty and experience exceeds places like the Great Wall, the Li River, the Yangtze, Machu Picchu, Iguazu Falls and so much more. It is rarely seen by Americans. In fact, the 5-star hotel we have arranged in Zhangjiajie has never had an American group stay in their hotel.
It is important to know everything that is included on our regular China tour that departs on April 18, is included in this tour. You just experience it on different days than the regular group. To the regular tour, we have added the three nights 4 days in and around Zhangjiajie. There are still only 2 flights, but the flight to get us into the Zhangjiajie area is more expensive. Plus we have about a 4-hour beautiful drive through the mountains to get to Zhangjiajie and another long scenic drive after Zhangjiajie to reach our ship on the Yangtze. Both will be beautiful drives.
The entrance fees, the 4 gondola rides, the expensive hotels, buses, guides, etc., makes this the most expensive area we will visit in China; even more than Hong Kong or Beijing! Is it worth it? Yes, Yes and Yes! The question related to how hard will this part of the tour be? Most of the days will be spent walking on level trails, with 30 to 50 steps periodically. You will possibly walk a couple of miles each day by the time you are through, along with groups
of stairs here and there.

We Have The BEST Tour To China

  • Air to China: Flying to China can be long and hard. With United, Delta, China Air and Japan Airlines your seats are so close together your knees are up under your chin. Next year ALL of our passengers will have the luxury of flying on Singapore Air (considered the best airline in the world). We will fly from the US to Hong Kong. Every seat has extra leg room, plus its own individual television with a huge number of movies you can play whenever you want. You can even stop and fast forward at any time. THE BEST PART: We fly for less on Singapore Air than you would pay to fly the lesser airlines!
  • We include both The Yangtze River and the Li River: Most tours visit either the Li River or the Yangtze. Most do not include both. With our special tour, we are going to visit both! The Yangtze River with its 4000-foot cliffs, lush green landscapes and hundreds of waterfalls is more beautiful than cruising Alaska. You can soak in the beauty from your own private balcony. The Li River may be your best day in China because its beauty is unsurpassed. In 2006 we had the Li River as an option at $599 extra. With some additional negotiations and some small changes, we are able to include the Li River without increasing the price!
  • Dazu: This is a must if you are going to China. A World Heritage site, Dazu has over 60,000 life size stone carvings that have been hand chiseled into rock walls by Monks over the last 1,000 years. More than half of our passengers feel the stone carvings of Dazu were more impressive than the Terracotta Warriors in Xian.
  • Shenzhen and China Folk Culture Village (created with the help of the Polynesian Culture Center in Hawaii): Shenzhen is a blossoming city that has been newly created in the last 20 years. Now with over 7 million people and beautiful skyscrapers, it has nearly exceeded Shanghai in growth and industry. Here China features the China Folk Culture Village. China is filled with many different nationalities and cultures. The creators of the Hawaiian Polynesian Culture Center helped design this amazing new center. The result has been spectacular. We will visit many ethnic villages such as Mongolian and Tibetan.
  • We travel through the Three Gorges Dam Ship Locks: The worlds largest man made dam has five ship locks to move the ship up and over the dam. Each lock raises our ship 60 feet in the air – 300 feet in all. The Panama Canal ship locks pale in comparison. Most of the cruise ships do not experience the ship locks.
  • Rural Farm Visit: See what life is really like in the countryside of China. We will visit a farm village to get up close and personal with every day living.
  • Because of our government contacts and friends we have in China, we have special privileges offered to our groups that are not given to others. Give us a call and let us tell you more about why we are “The Best For Less”. No other company can deliver the quality experience you deserve in China!!!
  • Xian Great City Wall: Most tours miss the city wall. This wall is possibly the most impressive city wall still standing in the world. The Xian ancient city wall is still in perfect condition as it was 600 years ago. It is four stories high and the top is wide enough to drive four semi trucks side by side for almost nine miles around the city. Even the moat and draw bridges are still intact.
  • You will see more and do more while living in 5-star Luxury.  We are the best tour and value in China!
  • And now on this special tour, you get all of China plus Zhangjiajie.

Package Price Includes:

Important Note: Our price is a complete package.  We do not give you free afternoons and then charge you more for additional touring or evening cultural shows!!!  Many travel companies show a low price, but by the time you add everything in, they become expensive.  Our pricing is a complete package that will actually give you more for less!
Here is what is INCLUDED in our special COMPLETE package price:
  • Flights and high-speed trains inside of China costing $797:  We travel from Hong Kong at the bottom of China to Beijing near the top of China by airplane!  We do not waste time traveling by bus!   We include flights and trains inside of China.
  • Shenzhen to the Li River by high-speed train- luggage will be taken by truck.
  • Li River to Xian by airplane.
  • Your Yangtze cruise ship to Beijing by airplane.
  • Includes all taxes, fuel surcharges and fees related to your flights in China and all luggage transfers when traveling by high-speed trains.
  • Special Guest Educator on the Yangtze River:  Glenn Rawson.
  • NEW 5-star luxury cruise ship on the Yangtze:  5 day / 4-night cruise – every cabin is an outside mini-suite with over 300 square feet including a private balcony!!!
    • All shore excursions off the ship!
    • All cruise taxes and port charges.
    • Private get-togethers on the ship
    • Educational lectures with Glenn Rawson while on the cruise ship on the Yangtze River.
  • Li River Cruise– very, very few companies include both the Li River and the Yangtze River.  We include both!!!
  • The quality of the meals and hotels in China can make or break your tour and we have the best!
    • 5 Star Luxury Hotels throughout your tour!
    • Quality breakfasts and dinners throughout your time in mainland China!
    • Lunch is included during your 5 day Yangtze cruise and on the Li River.
  • All transfers to and from airports, hotels and ship.
  • All land taxes and booking fees.
  • Tours in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guilin, Wuhan, Yichang, Chongqing, Dazu, Xian, Beijing , along with many villages and the countryside in China.
  • All tours, buses, guides and entrance fees.
  • Small groups – only 30-32 passengers on a 50 passenger bus. You will not be crowded!
  • Many cultural and entertainment shows.
    • China Cultural Village.  China wanted a Cultural Village for their different ethnic groups like the Tibetans, Mongolians, etc.  They asked the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii to help them design and build their China Cultural Village.  You will experience their creation, along with two major cultural shows.
    • The famous Tang Dynasty Dinner Theater Show in Xian.
    • Cultural show on the Yangtze.
  • Sampan boat ride Hong Kong harbor.
  • Fun For Less Tours staff that travels with you throughout China, the Yangtze cruise,  and on your shore excursions. “We don’t send you, we take you!”
  • “Whisper Perfect” headset receivers.  You will be able to hear every word clearly spoken by your guides even when you step away from the group to take that important picture!
  • Not included in the package is the option to purchase our discounted airfare with the number one airline in the world…Singapore Air!
  • Not included in our package is the option to purchase our optional extension tour to the most beautiful Island on earth – Bali!
4 Day 3 Night Zhangjiajie National Forest Costs:
• Additional airfare costs to reach Zhangjiajie area.
• 3 nights in 5-star luxury hotel.
• All buses, guides and entrance fees in Zhangjiajie area.
• Gondolas to and from Zhangjiajie Mountain tops.
• Gondolas to and from Tianman Mountain top.
• Chair lift on top of Tianman Mountain.
• Special cultural show at Zhangjiajie Park.
• Breakfast and dinner daily.
• Tour Managers from Fun For Less Tours “We Don’t Send You, We Take You!”
• Headset receivers that allow you to hear our guides clearly.
• Total Cost: $988 per person.
** Very Important **
This package price includes $797 for the domestic flights and high-speed trains inside of China, Plus the Zhangjiajie tour of $988.  
Tour Price: $3,195  Plus the flights and high-speed trains at $797 plus $988 = $4,980

Package Price: $4,980*

*Per person cash discount price, based on double occupancy.
Does not include international airfare, China visa and tips.

SLC Roundtrip Airfare: $1,789
California Roundtrip Airfare: $1,469
You can also purchase your own airfare if you want.
Domestic flights will be on Delta or United Airlines.
International flights will be on Singapore Airlines.

Day 1:  April 7: Fly to SFO
You will fly in the evening to San Francisco to catch our late night flight from California to Hong Kong.

Day 2:  April 8: Fly to Hong Kong
Approximately 1:30 am depart from SFO to Hong Kong on Singapore Airlines.

Day 3:  April 9: Hong Kong
This morning early you will arrive into Hong Kong. Upon arrival we will enjoy a tour of Hong Kong that includes a boat ride on old Sampans through the harbor of Hong Kong. Overnight Hong Kong.

Day 4:  April 10: Hong Kong – Shenzhen – China Cultural Village 
This morning we will travel into Mainland China to the city of Shenzhen and the China Cultural Village. The Chinese Government worked with the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii to create their China Cultural Villages featuring their many ethnic groups found in China, like Mongolians, Tibetans, etc. After our visit to the Cultural Village we will overnight in Shenzhen.

Day 5:  April 11: Shenzhen – Guilin
This morning we will take a high-speed train from Shenzhen to Guilin. Upon arrival we will visit the beautiful Reed Flute Cave before going to our hotel.  Guilin is possibly the most beautiful city in China.

Day 6:  April 12: Guilin and Li River Cruise – Xian
This will be a highlight day as we sail on the Li River through some of the most beautiful and unique rock formations found anywhere in the world. The scenic drive to and from the Li River is filled with terraced rice paddies. This evening we will fly to Xian. Xian is the capital of 11 dynasties and one of the largest medieval cities in the world.

Day 7:  April 13: Xian – Wild Good Pagoda – Terracotta Warriors
After breakfast, we will drive to visit the Wild Goose Pagoda.  Later we go to one of the world’s great archaeological treasures, the Terracotta Warriors. This evening we will attend one of the best cultural shows you will see anywhere in the world, the Tang Dynasty Dinner and Cultural Show.

Wild Goose Pagoda:  This Pagoda is a 7-story square tower and a holy place for Buddhists.
Terra Cotta Army Visit:   This is the site where Xian’s incredible Terra Cotta Army was discovered. Here you will marvel at the thousands of soldiers, archers, horses and chariots that were buried with the Emperor Qin Shi Huang more than 2,000 years ago.
Tang Dynasty Dinner and Cultural Show:  Xian reached its peak during the Tang Dynasty and is rich with cultural and historical significance.  From 618-907 AD, the Tang Dynasty presided over one of China’s most glorious cultural periods.  You’ll experience the era’s grandeur with traditional song, dance and colorful period costumes during tonight’s dinner show.
Day 8:  April 14: Xian – Zhangjiajie
We will do a city tour with a special visit to Xian’s ancient city wall. This may be the best preserved City Wall in the world. Dating back over 500 years, the ancient city wall stretches almost 9 miles around the city with its moat and drawbridges still intact. The top of the wall is wide enough to put 4 semi-trucks side by side.  This evening we will fly to the “FAIRYLAND & AVATAR MOUNTAIN” Zhangjiajie, which boasts of strange-shaped peaks and rocks, hidden valleys, wandering waters and limestone caves. You will stay 3 nights here.
Day 9:  April 15: Zhangjiajie
Today you will explore Zhangjiajie National Forest Park with a cable car up to the “Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve”. You will have a bird’s view to all the mountains and valleys of the Wullingyuan scenic area.
Day 10:  April 16: Zhangjiajie
This morning we will breathe more fresh air in Zhangjiajie National Forrest, wandering Golden Whip Stream, visit the Four Gates with Plenty Water, where four streams pass through mountains and form four natural gates. Afternoon, we visit Tianmen Mountain scenic area.
Day 11:  April 17: Zhangjiajie – Yichang – 5-star cruise ship
This morning we will take a beautiful long drive between 5-6 hours from Zhangjiajie to the 3 Gorges Dam and our 5-star luxury ship on the Yangtze. We will spend 5 days 4 nights cruising the beautiful majestic Yangtze River.
Day 12:  April 18: Cruising the Yangtze
Cruising the Yangtze can be more beautiful than cruising the inside passage of Alaska. With lush green mountains, manicured farms and fjord like 3,000 foot cliffs, you will be awe struck at its beauty. We will start our day by visiting the world’s largest man-made dam. We will then enter the 5 ship locks of the 3 Gorges Dam. The ship’s locks of the Panama Canal pale in comparison. Each of the 5 ship locks will raise the ship 60 feet into the air. Spectacular, unique, mystic and magical are the adjectives describing the magnificent scenery along the Three Gorges, unfolding on a monumental scale, equal to the Grand Canyon. Today we will go through the Misty Gorge where you will see exquisite peaks, grotesquely shaped rocks and silvery waterfalls.
Day 13:  April 19: Cruise the Yangtze River and the Three Lesser Gorges
We will start our day with our shore excursion into the Three Lesser Gorges. This is one of the most beautiful places on earth. We will then return and continue sailing through Wu Gorge and on to the grandest Gorge on the Yangtze, the Qutang Gorge.
Day 14:  April 20: Cruise the Yangtze River
Today we will visit the Red Pavilion of Shibaozhai. The temple at the top was built between 1736-1796.  In 1819 they built the 9 story pavilion to help monks get to the temple.
Day 15:  April 21: World Heritage Site: Dazu – Beijing
This morning we leave our 5 star luxury ship on the Yangtze in Chongqing and then drive back into the mountains to visit the special stone carvings of Dazu. Here monks have been carving life size stone carvings for over 1,000 years. There are 60,000 of them! Most of our passengers have liked this site as well or better than the Terracotta Warriors in Xian. A MUST SEE IN CHINA. This place is rarely on tours offered by others and again will be one of your favorite highlights of China. We will return to Chongqing to take our flight to Beijing.
Day 16:  April 22: Beijing
Today we will visit the Temple of Heaven and then head to the Summer Palace (the summer residence of China’s Emperors. This afternoon we will make our anticipated visit to the Forbidden City. A huge complex of palaces, pavilions, courtyards and gardens. The Forbidden City was off limits to common people for over 500 years).
Day 17:  April 23: Beijing – Great Wall
This morning early we will travel 40 miles north of Beijing to the Great Wall. This extraordinary 4,000 mile long fortification was built to thwart the barbarian invasions. A walk along the enormous towered and turreted wall is spectacular. We will return to Beijing where you will have a free afternoon to shop at Silk Alley or relax before your flight back home.
Day 18:  April 24: Beijing – home OR Optional Extension to Bali
This morning you will fly home OR take the recommended extension to the most beautiful island on earth – Bali!!!



Optional Bali Extension

6 Day 5 night extension: $1,595
“Travel and Leisure” each year rate the best islands in the world – Over the last 10 years, Bali has received more votes than any other island in the world.  This is your chance to see what paradise is really like.  Here is why you should make Bali a priority:
  • We have a special, unbelievable deal on air.  If you are flying our number one airline in the world, Singapore Air, you can add Bali for only $100 per person.  That right, you get approximately 1,000 of additional airfare for only $100.
  • You are already in the neighborhood; it would cost you 1,500 or more to ever go back.
  • Every year we have large number of passengers that find out they love china and ask during their china tour if they could add Bali – Bali cannot be added on while you are in China – Don’t make the mistake of a lifetime by missing Bali – it really is that fantastic!!!!!
  • Your resort hotels are 5-star plus!  Similar hotels in Hawaii would be $1,000 to 1,500 per night.  You get all of the tours, transfers, entrance fees, buses, guides, Fun For Less Tour Staff, along with luxury hotels and stunning beauty for only $1,595

You will be staying in two hotels located on different sides of the island. One of them has on its grounds and part of the resort, the number 1 golf course in all of Asia. This Greg Norman Championship course plays 7 of its holes along the ocean or out over the ocean. It is equal to or better than the beautiful courses found along the California Coast Line. Best of all you can play 18 holes with cart and caddie for under $100 when staying at the hotel.
Your Optional extension includes:
  • 5-star luxury beach resorts.
  • All tours of the Island & Hindu Temples.
  • Balinese shows & unsurpassed shopping.
  • The most beautiful rafting trip in the world.

Fly The #1 Airline in the world – Singapore Air 
Your flight will be on the number one airline in the world Singapore air. 

Day by Day Itinerary:

Day 1: April 24: Fly – Bali 
Early this morning we will fly from Beijing to Singapore on Singapore Air. We will change planes in Singapore and continue on to Bali, the most beautiful Island on Earth. You will then check into your luxury 5 star hotel located on the Beach – The Pan Pacific Nirwana Golf & Spa Resort.

Day 2: April 25: Bali – Full Day Tour
Full day tour of Bali. You will enjoy beautiful layered rice paddies, enjoy one of the most beautiful rafting in the world as you float by moss covered cliffs and deep jungles in the middle of Bali. You will also have a private show put on by the Barong Dance Group. We will do additional shopping before we return to your resort hotel. The Pan Pacific Nirwana Golf & Spa Resort.

Day 3: April 26: Bali
Free Day to enjoy your fantastic beach resort. The Pan Pacific Nirwana Golf & Spa Resort.

Day 4: April 27: Bali
This morning we will take a ½ day tour of Tanah Lot and spend time shopping in the local flea market. We will then transfer to the beautiful Bali beach resort.

Day 5: April 28: Bali
Full day to enjoy your beautiful beach resort.

Day 6: April 29: Bali
This morning you will travel to the airport and your flight back to the US and home.