British Isles Land Tour

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British Isles Land Tour

14 day tour - August 24, 2020


Countries Visited:
England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland & Northern Ireland.

Major Cities Visited:
Ireland: Dublin. Northern Ireland: Belfast, Giants Causeway. Scotland: Edinburgh. Wales: Conwy. England: York, Preston, Windermere, Grasmere, Liverpool, Stratford-upon-Avon, Oxford, Stonehenge, Windsor and London.

Tour Overview:

  • Major Tour Highlights: Book of Kells in Dublin, Giants Causeway, one of the best coastal drives in the world along the Irish Coast, Titanic Museum in Belfast, Scottish Highlands, St. Andrews golf course, Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, Edinburgh Castle, Medieval walled city of York, Preston Temple, Preston, boat ride on Lake Windermere, Wales Countryside, Albert Docks in Liverpool, Conwy Castle and walled city, Stratford Upon Avon, Oxford, Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, Tower of London and more.
  • Tour managers throughout.
  • Special Guest Educator: Glenn Rawson.

Tour Information

We have designed the perfect land tour of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales & England.

A Great Choice at a GREAT price.  You can see so much more on a land tour compared to a cruise.  Here is a partial list of what you will see and experience that you will not get on our British Isles Cruise: The Scottish Highlands, St. Andrews Golf Course, the ancient medieval walled city of York, Preston Temple & Conwy Castle in Wales.

This is a fantastic itinerary with great hotels! Tourist class is a 2 star; First class is a 3 star, Deluxe is a four-star, and luxury hotels are a 5-star.  Most tour companies include tourist class or first class hotels.  The quality of your hotels can make or break a tour in Europe as many 2, and 3-star hotels are old and not what an American is used to.  We have handpicked our hotels that are quality 4-star deluxe hotels.  We even spend our two nights in Edinburgh in the best location, right in the middle of the Royal Mile!


  • In Ireland: Dublin, the Book of Kells, and the Irish countryside.
  • In Northern Ireland: Belfast, The northern coast (one of the top 5 coastal drives in the world), Giants Causeway, Titanic Museum in Belfast and a flight from Belfast to Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • In Scotland: Edinburgh, Edinburgh Castle, the famous Royal Mile, St. Andrews, the Scottish Highlands and a high-speed train from Edinburgh to York.
  • In Wales: The Wales countryside, Conwy Castle and the walled city of Conwy.
  • In England: Walled city of York, Preston, Preston Temple, Windermere Lake boat ride, Grasmere, Liver Pool, Albert Dock, Stratford Upon-Avon, Oxford, Stonehenge, Windsor Castle, Windsor, Runnymede, Tower of London, London, & the English countryside.

Package Price Includes:

Important Note: Many travel companies show a low price, but by the time you add everything in, they become expensive. Our pricing is a package that will actually give you more for less! Below we have listed what is included in our discounted package price.

  • Deluxe hotels in Belfast, Edinburgh, Preston, Stratford & London.
  • We stay in one of the very few hotels located right on the prestigious Royal Mile.
  • 50 minute Air flight from Belfast to Edinburgh. Avoids a 9 hour bus ride to Edinburgh.
  • 2.5-hour high-speed train Edinburgh to York. Avoids 8-hour bus ride.
  • All transfers to and from airports.
  • All taxes and booking fees.
  • Entrance fees and tours throughout.
  • All tours, buses, guides and entrance fees.
  • Explore the following castles: Tower of London, Windsor Castle, Edinburgh Castle and Conwy Castle.
  • Special Guest Educator: Glenn Rawson.
  • Fun For Less Tours staff that travel with you throughout – “We don’t send you, we take you!”
  • “Whisper Perfect” headset receivers. You will be able to hear every word clearly spoken by your guides, even when you step away from the group to take that important picture!

Package Price: $3,695*

*Per person cash discount price, based on double occupancy. Does not include International air & tips.

This is a partial list, and subject to change as needed to accomplish everything we can in each area we visit. We will have local guides who will make sure we see the very best in the time we have.

Day 1: August 24: Fly
This morning you will fly from the US to London Heathrow airport.
Day 2: August 25: Stonehenge
This morning your flight will arrive into London Heathrow airport.  After clearing customs we will head to the famous rocks of ancient Stonehenge.  The mysterious circle of stones that still carriers the aura built into it over four thousand years ago. We will then head to our deluxe 4 star hotel.
Day 3: August 26: London
Today will be a full day tour of London that will include the famous Tower of London, a castle, prison, home of the crown jewels and the most famous execution site in Europe.  Time permitting we will stop at the British Library, home to some of the greatest documents in the English language and world – from the original lyrics of the Beatles to the notebooks of Da Vinci, to the Magna Charta, to the oldest New Testament in existence.  We will return late this afternoon to our hotel.
Day 4:  August 27:  Windsor – Oxford – Stratford
This morning we head to one of the homes of the Queen of England, Windsor Castle.  We will spend much of the day exploring the castle and the surrounding old town of Windsor.  We will also visit Runny Mede (it was here the Magna Charta was signed). Then we will continue north to Oxford.  This is the college town of C. S. Lewis, J.R.R Tolkien, William Tyndale, Lewis Carroll and Dozens of other great English thinkers. Oxford was the scene of the most famous martyrdoms in English Protestant history for it was here Archbishop Cranmer was burned at the stake along with Bishops Latimer and Ridley. It was also used in Harry Potter films. We will overnight near Stratford-Upon-Avon.
Day 5: August 28: Stratford upon-Avon
We will spend the morning exploring Shakespeare and Stratford upon-Avon with a  free afternoon.
Day 6: August 29: Conwy Castle, Wales
This morning we are off to Northern Wales and the castle and walled town of Conwy. Built by Edward I as part of a ring of castles to cower the Welsh into Submission, Conwy stirs images of the legends of King Arthur, for Wales was the origin of the famous Camelot Stories. We will then continue to Preston where we will overnight.
Day 7: August 30: Albert Dock – Preston
Today we will drive to Liverpool and the famous Albert Dock which were used by many immigrants as they left England for the US. We will return to Preston to do a short city tour with a photo stop at the LDS Preston Temple.

Day 8: August 31: Lake District – Glasgow                                                      Another reason a land tour is the best way to go.  You cannot visit the Lake District from a cruise ship!  This morning we will head north into the Lake District of England.  This is possibly the most beautiful part of England with its lush hills and lakes.  We will stop at Windermere located on Lake Windermere. From here we will take a paddle steamer boat ride.  We will also visit the tiny village of Grasmere where authors like Wordsworth lived and wrote. We will then return to Preston to overnight.

Day 9: September 1:  York                                                                                          York is one of the reasons you want to do a land tour!  You cannot visit York from a cruise ship.  No where in northern England says ‘medieval’ quite like YORK, a city of extraordinary cultural and historical wealth that has lost little of its medieval luster!  Its medieval spider’s web of narrow streets is enclosed by a magnificent circuit of 13th-century walls. At the heart of the city lies the immense, awe-inspiring minster, one of the most beautiful Gothic Cathedrals in the world. This will be a highlight day!!! We will then take a train to Edinburgh to overnight.

Day 10: September 2: Edinburgh 
We have an entire day to enjoy Edinburgh. We will have a morning tour of the city, including Edinburgh Castle. Sir Walter Scott created the mystique of the Scottish clans here, and there is monument to this famous Scott. Edinburgh is also the city of Greyfriars Bobby and J.K. Rowling who wrote Harry Potter from the upstairs window of a local pub. You will enjoy Edinburgh Castle and have time to walk and explore the Royal Mile before returning to your hotel at leisure as your hotel is right on the Royal Mile.

Day 11: September 3: Scottish highlands – Belfast                                          Today we will drive through the stunning scottish highlands. On the drive we will drive pass the beautiful Loch Lomond. We will also visit St Andrews Golf course. St Andrews is considered by many “the home of golf”. There will not be time to play a round but you will be able to take some pictures and visit the pro shop. We will then continue to the airport to fly to Belfast late afternoon/evening and overnight outside the city.

Day 12: September 4: Ireland Coast
Today will be a highlight day! We begin with a drive up one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. We will travel to the top where we will find the Giants Causeway, one of the most remarkable geological wonders in Europe. This afternoon we return to Belfast and enjoy a short city tour before we return to our hotel.
Day 13: September 5: Dublin, Ireland
This morning early we will take the approx. 2 hour drive to Dublin Ireland.  The history of Ireland is deeply intertwined with Christian monasteries and the inspiring story of Saint Patrick. You will have time to visit Trinity College to see the most important book in Ireland – the Book of Kells and one of the most beautiful libraries in the world.  We will give you plenty of time to explore old Dublin and its walking streets before heading to our Dublin hotel.
Day 14: September 6: Fly back to the US & Home
This morning we transfer to the Dublin airport for your return flight home.