Branson Christmas

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Christmas in Branson

LIVE SHOW CAPITAL OF THE WORLD! 7 day 6 night trip - December 2, 2019

The owners of Fun For Less Tours along with many of the staff have been to Branson. They absolutely love Branson and the many shows. They actually find the Branson experience more fun and enjoyable than Broadway. You can’t compare a show like “Wicked” to any of the shows in Branson, but the sheer enjoyment and fun of Branson overall outweighs Broadway. Then there is the gigantic price differences. Branson shows are below $50 for the best seats in the house compared to $200 to $400 per seat on a Broadway play for their best seats. Many times during the shows in Branson, the shows have announced the groups and where they are from to thank them. Each group yells when their group is announced. The groups that have been from Utah have always been far behind us in the second half of the theater or even at the back of the theater. NOT OUR GROUPS! We start our seating in the second or third row and then go back. We always sit in the very best prime seating in front of all other groups! Why go all the way to Branson to sit in the back of the theaters for all of your shows. By the first week of December, we have always bought all of our seats for the following year.  This guarantees we get the best seating!

We Bring You the BEST Christmas Shows.

The biggest problem in Branson is the sheer number of shows. There are often 150 shows going on at any one time. Of that number, maybe 20 or so are very good, another 30 or so are good, another 50 or so are ok and the rest are below par. So how can we ensure our passengers see only those in the VERY GOOD category? We start first by talking with those we know from Branson, asking them what shows they rank the best to see. We then use rating services to see how the hundreds of customers have rated the shows. The very best rating system is Trip Advisor. Trip Advisor asks the many hundreds (if not thousands) that are willing to rate a show to give one of 5 ratings: Excellent, Very Good, Average, Poor, Terrible. This is probably the most telling about how well a show is liked by those that have seen the show. Most important to us is what percentage choose Excellent or Very Good. Those would be the ones that loved the show. It is amazing the differences in shows. One show may have 20% Excellent and 30% Very good and 40% Average and 10% between the last two. That would be only 50% loved the show. That show will never make our cut. We want shows that are close to 90% or above, between Excellent and Very Good, we are not looking for an average show or one that many didn’t like at all. When you look over our list of shows, you will find our lowest rated show is 87% when combining Excellent and Very good. That vast majority of our shows are 90% and above. We really have the BEST of the BEST waiting for you to experience

Package Price Includes:

  • 6 nights in a wonderful Deluxe Boutique Hotel in a great location.
  • Breakfast daily at the hotel.
  • 4 Special Dinners.
    • Special Dinner AND Show: The Shepherds Christmas Carol.
    • Special Dinner at the world-famous Lambert’s café where they throw the rolls.
    • Special Dinner and Show at the Dixie Stampede.
    • Grand Country Buffet Dinner.
  • Entrance and tram tour of Shepard of the Hills Old Homestead and tower – where Branson Started.
  • Silver Dollar City and it staggering 6,000,000 light display, along with two special fantastic Musical plays at Silver Dollar City
  • Group Transfers between Airport (if you arrive and depart near our FFL group flight and hotels and Hotels and Branson shows.
  • Fun For Less Staff throughout your stay.
  • Including Silver Dollar City’s two musicals, there are 14 different highly rated shows: Below are the shows that were highly recommended or came to the top of the list because of their Excellent and Very Good high ratings. We have included with each show their rating in Trip Advisor.
    • Dixie Stampede Dinner Show.
      • 74% Excellent plus 19% Very Good = 93% loved the show.
    • Sounds and Lights theater – The Miracle of Christmas.
      • 91% Excellent plus 6% Very Good = 97% loved the show.
    • Silver Dollar City Christmas lights and two musical plays.
      • 67% Excellent plus 22% Very Good = 89% loved it all.
    • George Dyer Christmas in concert.
      • 89% Excellent plus 7% Very Good = 96% loved it
    • Andy Williams Christmas show with Jimmy Osmond and Lennon Sister
      • 73% Excellent plus 14% Very Good = 87% Loved it.
    • Rick Thomas Illusionist (Magic).
      • 87% Excellent plus 10% Very Good = 97% loved it.
    • Haygood Christmas Show.
      • 86% Excellent plus 9% plus Very Good = 95% loved it.
    • Johnson Strings Christmas Show.
      • 96% Excellent plus 2% Very Good = 98% Loved It.
    • Brett Family Christmas.
      • 85% Excellent plus 10% Very Good = 95% Loved the Show.
    • Hughes Brother Christmas Show – the #1 Christmas Show.
      • Voted #1 Christmas Show in Branson 9 times in a Row.
    • Clay Cooper Christmas Show.
      • 86% Excellent plus 9% Very Good = 95% Loved the Show.
    • Sheperd’s Christmas Carol Dinner Show.
      • Not rated with Trip Advisor, first year – 4.7 out of 5 on Facebook.
    • Six Christmas Show.
      • 85% Excellent plus 10% Very Good = 95% Loved the Show.

Package Price: $1,399*

*Per person cash discount price, based on double occupancy.
Does not include airfare and tips. Transfers are included in the tour if you arrive and return around the group flights. The group flights are always subject to change with whatever the airlines do. If you arrive at a different time than the main group you will be responsible for your 1 hour transfer cost on your own expense each way.

Day 1:  December 2: Fly to Branson
Today you will fly into Springfield, Missouri and transfer to Branson.  (Transfers are included if you arrive when the main group arrives.  If you arrive later than the main group you will be responsible for your 1-hour transfer cost on your own expense.)

Day 2:  December 3:

  • Free Morning to visit Branson downtown & shop
  • 2 pm Six Christmas show
  • Dinner Grand Country Buffet
  • 7:30 pm Haygoods Christmas Show

Day 3:  December 4:

  • 10 am George Dyer Christmas Show
  • 2 pm Rich Thomas Illusionist Christmas Show
  • 4:30 pm Dixie Stampede Dinner Show
  • 7:30 pm Johnson Strings Private show for our group

Day 4:  December 5:

  • 10 am Clay Cooper Christmas Show
  • 2:30 pm: Shepards Tour
  • 4:15: Shepherds Christmas Carol Dinner Show
  • 7:30 PM Hughes Brother Christmas Show

Day 5:  December 6:

  • Free Morning to relax and sleep in
  • 12 Noon Silver Dollar City / two shows
    • Dickens Musical
    • It’s a Wonderful Life Musical
  • 8 pm Osmand and Lennon sisters Christmas Show

Day 6:  December 7:

  • 10 am The Brett’s Christmas Show
  • 3:30 pm Sounds and Lights Theater presents Christmas Miracle
  • 6:30 pm Dinner at the famous Lamberts Café, where they throw the rolls

Day 7:  December 8:

  • Fly Home. (Transfers are included if you return when the main group returns.  If you return earlier than the main group you will be responsible for your 1-hour transfer cost on your own expense.)