Arabian Nights

Saudi Arabia, Dubai & Oman

Arabian Nights

Saudi Arabia, Dubai & Oman 15 day land tour - February 27, 2021

The Magic of Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Muscat Oman

For the first time ever, we are able to offer Saudi Arabia. The owners have tried for years to be able to visit Saudi Arabia, but have not been able to tour the country. Saudi Arabia has not allowed Americans or other countries to get tourist visas. Not because it wasn’t safe, there are estimates of over 35,000 Americans along with thousands in the military that safely live and work in Saudi Arabia. On September 27, 2019, just a few months ago, Saudi Arabia announced they are opening their doors to tourism. The owners of Fun For Less wasted no time in scheduling their trip. They will be touring Saudi Arabia with many of their children and grandchildren in early March of 2020. They will also be preparing for your tour to Saudi Arabia in 2021.

Tour Information

This is a rare opportunity to visit the land of Aladdin and his magic lamp. We have combined Saudi Arabia with Dubai, Abu Dhabi, along with Salalah & Muscat in the country of Oman. Here is a small taste of what you will see and experience.

  • Our group will be flying on Emirates airlines to and from Dubai. Emirates Airline has been rated number 1 several times over the last few years, it is currently voted number 5. To put this in perspective, Delta is currently the 32nd best airline in the world, United and American don’t even make the top 50.
  • Dubai and Abu Dhabi have the BIGGEST of everything: World’s tallest building, World’s largest mall, World’s tallest Ferris wheel, World’s largest choreographed fountain, World’s largest indoor ski resort with two chair lifts, World’s tallest hotel, and the list goes on. We have even included the Grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque (listed as the 3rd best landmark in the world-beating out places like the Taj Mahal). You will also enjoy our Dune Bashing or Dune bugging in luxury vehicles across the Arabian Deseret with a sunset dinner in the Arabian Desert.
  • Muscat & Salalah in the country of Oman. You will love the old Arabian town of Muscat and Salalah is the oasis of the desert along the coast of Oman. We visit religious sites all over the world like the Vatican in Italy and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Salalah is one of those sites. Most scholars agree the land Bountiful mentioned in the Book of Mormon is located in the Salalah area.
  • Saudi Arabia: The rare opportunity to visit a country that has been closed to tourism. We will travel into the heart of the Arabian desert to Madain Saleh with its fascinating ruins plus visit old Arabian Forts along with Riyadh the capital of Saudi Arabia.
  • Short Flights: The fastest and easiest way to get around Saudia Arabia, United Emirates and the country of Oman is to travel on short flights. Our international airfare takes us into and home from Dubai. Dubai will be our base, where we can leave our large luggage and fly with our small luggage for a 4-day trip into Saudia Arabia, return and then after a few days in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, take another 4-day trip into the country of Oman to visit Muscat and Salalah before returning to Dubai.
  • 5-Star Luxury Hotels: One of the highlights on this special tour will be our hand-picked luxury hotels. All of your hotels are 5-star luxury (with the exception of our 4-Star Deluxe Hotel in Tabuk in the Arabian Desert), all of our hotels are so fantastic you will feel like a Sultan. Our Raffles Hotel in Dubai is rated the #1 hotel out of over 600 hotels in Dubai. Every room has over 700 square feet. Our hotel in Salalah Oman is the Crown Plaza on the beach. We are still working on the hotels for Saudi Arabia.
  • Two Fantastic Luxurious Beach Resorts: The Shangri La Beach Resort Muscat and the Jumeirah Mina A Salam Beach Resort Hotel will exceed your best dreams. We save the best for last. Our last four nights will be spent in the fantastic beach resorts listed below:
    • We will first stay two nights in the 5-Star Luxury Shangri La Beach Resort in Muscat, it is the best resort in the country of Oman. It has 18 football fields worth of private beach. Their numerous swimming pools equal more than 64,000 square feet of swimming. They even have a meandering river to float on that is over 6 football fields in length. At the resort there are over 40 places you can purchase food, so you will not go hungry. We have scheduled a free afternoon to explore and experience this special beach resort.
    • Your last two nights and days will be spent at the phenomenal 5-Star Luxury Jumeirah Mina A Salam Beach Resort – It exceeds 5-stars! It is the best beach resort in Dubai. It is made up of four fantastic beach resort hotels located along 1.2 miles of private beach. Getting around is easy and a lot of fun. They have 2.3 MILES of Venice like canals that wind through the resort with little boats to take you anywhere or just to take a ride. They cost you nothing. They also have golf carts that are free to drive you anywhere around the resort. You can use the small boats or golf carts to take you to one of the 40 restaurants or for a swim in one of their 19 swimming pools. The golf carts will also take you to their $80 a day water park that is included in your package. This fantastic hotel starts at $1,200 a night per room and goes up from there. It pays to have friends with connections. Our savings were so huge; we were able to include two nights and two days at this special 5-Star Luxury hotel. The day before you fly home, we have scheduled one full free day to enjoy the hotel, beach, swimming pool, boats and water park.

Time to Appreciate Your Luxurious Hotels

Few ever complain that we don’t give you good hotels, the complaints relate more to, “we don’t ever give you free time to enjoy your luxury hotels”. This is one tour that needs some free time. In March the owners of Fun For Less Tours are making their fourth trip, with some of their children and grandchildren, to Dubai. This will be the third time their children and grandchildren will ski and snowboard at the largest indoor ski resort in the world. We have scheduled a free afternoon and evening in Dubai that can be spent lounging around the luxurious Raffles large pool or you could use the time to visit the largest mall in the world or maybe enjoy skiing on the slopes of the world’s largest indoor ski resort. We also have a half-day in Muscat to enjoy your over the top Shangri La Beach Resort. Our greatest amount of free time is saved to the end when you will have a full free day to enjoy boating the 2.3 miles of Venice like canals, along with trying to swim in as many of the 19 swimming pools as possible, relax on the 1.2 miles of private beach, ride the golf carts and take time to experience their huge Jumeriah Mina A Salam Beach Resort’s water park.

Package Price Includes:

  • $1050 worth of flights, including taxes and fees. The flights in the area are short flights avoiding long slow drives by bus.
    • Muscat to Salalah.
    • Salalah to Dubai.
    • Dubai to Tabuk Saudi Arabia.
    • Tabuk to Riyadh Saudi Arabia.
    • Two additional airfares are included FREE when flying LAX-Dubai with the Fun For Less Group airfare.
      • Dubai to Muscat.
      • Riyadh to Dubai.
  • 13 Nights in Luxurious Hotels – some of the BEST hotels in the world:
    • Two nights 4-Star Deluxe hotel in Tabuk in the Arabian Desert.
    • One night 5-Star Luxury hotel in Riyadh capital of Saudia Arabia.
    • Two nights 5-Star Luxury hotel in Salalah Oman.
    • 8 of the nights in hotels that should be rated above 5-Star Luxury.
      • Four Nights 5-Star Luxurious Raffles Hotel – Rated Number 1 in all of Dubai.
      • Two Nights in the 5-Star Luxurious Shangri La Beach Resort Muscat Oman.
      • Two Nights in the 5-Star Luxurious Jumeirah Mina A Salam Beach Resort Dubai.
  • Visit the observation deck on the world’s tallest building.
  • Dune bashing or dune bugging in 4-wheel drive luxury vehicles.
  • Sunset dinner in the Arabian Desert with show.
  • All transfers to and from airports and hotels.
  • All tours, entrance fees, guides and buses in the countries of the United Emirates, Oman and Saudia Arabia.
  • Buffet breakfast daily.
  • Fun For Less Tours Managers throughout.
  • Dr. S. Michael Wilcox as your guest educator in Muscat, Salalah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
  • Option to purchase group airfare with Emirates Airlines – if you chose to do your own airfare, make sure you get the schedule of when our group will arrive and leave.

Package Price: $5,895*

*Does not include international airfare to and from Dubai, tips or visas.
International airfare pricing to be announced around 9 months prior to departure. You can also purchase your own international airfare. Estimated Group airfare LAX to Dubai, Dubai to Muscat, Riyadh to Dubai and then Dubai to LAX - $1,300. This is an estimate, airfares will not be priced or opened up for reservations until 9 months before our departure.

Day 1: February 27: Fly to Dubai
Today we will fly to Dubai.

Day 2: February 28: Dubai
After clearing customs in Dubai we will transfer to the 5 Star Luxury Raffles Hotel.

Important Note: The owners of Fun For Less Tours are visiting Saudi Arabia in the Spring of 2020. They will have a better understanding of the places that should be visited while in Saudi Arabia. Upon their return, the day by day itinerary will be adjusted to show what you will be visiting.

Day 3: March 1: Dubai – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
This morning we will transfer to the airport to fly to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Itinerary to be announced.

Day 4: March 2: Riyadh – Tabuk
Itinerary to be announced.

Day 5: March 3: Tabuk
Itinerary to be announced.

Day 6: March 4: Tabuk – Dubai
Itinerary to be announced. This evening we will fly to Dubai. Upon arrival transfer to the hotel.

Day 7: March 5: Dubai – Abu Dhabi – Dubai
Today after breakfast we will drive 1.5-2 hours to reach the capital of UAE, Abu Dhabi. We will visit Grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque which has been named to honor the late president, His Highness Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. We also plan to drive past the Emirates Palace. Afterward, we will go for a safari in the desert with dinner. The trip provides you with an opportunity to discover the golden sand dunes of Arabia in a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Experience the thrill of a lifetime, a roller coaster ride through the sand dunes. The adventure then continues with a drive to a Bedouin Campsite, right in the heart of the desert where we will enjoy a BBQ dinner. Return to Dubai.

Day 8: March 6: Dubai
This morning we head towards the Dubai Marina district. We plan to see the Palm Jumeirah, which is the world’s largest man-made island. Then we will visit the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, which is situated next to one of the world’s largest shopping malls, the Dubai Mall. You will have some time this afternoon to relax and explore on your own.

Day 9: March 7: Dubai – Salalah
This morning you will check out of your hotel and leave your large luggage.  You will need a small backpack or small carry-on bag for the next three nights. We will visit old Dubai. We will walk through the bustling alleys of souks (Arab marketplaces). Later this afternoon we will travel to the airport to fly to Salalah, Oman.  Upon arrival into Salalah, we will check into our 5-star Resort Hotel.

Day 10: March 8: Salalah
Salalah is a good candidate for Nephi’s Land of Bountiful. This morning we will visit the fishing village of Taqah, an old town with an interesting castle surrounded by watchtowers and Taqah stone houses.  Later we visit Khor Rori, the side of the ruined city of Samhuram-the capital of ancient Arabia’s frankincense trade. We will also visit the Biblical “Nabi Ayoub” Prophet Job’s Tomb. This evening we will return to our hotel.

Day 11: March 9: Muscat
Today we will fly to Muscat. Today and tomorrow we will tour Muscat. We will visit the Sultan Qaboos Mosque. Then we will do a photo stop of Al Alam Palace, the official palace of his Majesty Sultan Qaboos. We also plan to visit the colorful Muttrah Souq. Overnight in Muscat at your 5 Star Luxury Shangri La Beach Resort.

Day 12: March 10: Muscat
This morning we will finish touring Muscat. This afternoon you will have a free afternoon to relax and enjoy your 5 Star Luxury Shangri La Beach Resort.

Day 13: March 11: Muscat – Dubai
This morning we will transfer to the airport to fly to Dubai. Upon arrival into Dubai, we will transfer to our 5-star luxury hotel.

Day 14: March 12: Dubai
Today you will have a free day to enjoy your beautiful Luxury hotel.

Day 15: March 13: Fly Home
This morning we will fly back to the US.