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2025 CHINA

20 Day Tour/Cruise - April 9, 2025

China is Back! Now open to tourism and we CAN’T WAIT TO RETURN!

We are always asked – “What is your favorite tour or cruise in the world”? The answer is always the same – CHINA! The next question is, why China? The simple answer: Every day on any tour to any part of the world can be rated a 1 to 10 day. 10 being a day so impressive, “it blows your socks off,” and a number 1 day being almost a waste of time. When you take a trip in the world, there are very few 1 days and very few 10 days. Most days fall somewhere in between. For example, most of our passengers that have been on a tour to Peru would rate the day in Machu Picchu a 10 and the boat ride day on Lake Titicaca a 10 – the rest of the tour days would likely be rated between 5 to 9. Enjoyable but not rated one of the most impressive days ever. China has substantially more 10 days than any other tour in the world.
It is almost impossible to return from our specially designed tour of China without expressing to everyone – “That is the best trip I have taken anywhere in the world!”


CHINA is the owners of Fun For Less Tours’ favorite country in the world! From their first trip in the 1990’s, they have been to China over 25 times. They have spent many weeks on their own exploring all over China. Every place you visit and see in China they experienced first. Our tour is not like any other; we didn’t copy someone else’s tour, others copy our tours. Our tours include the important sites in Beijing, the Great Wall, the Terra-cotta Warriors, the Yangtze, the Li River, Hong Kong and so much more. But we don’t stop there, we bring you many things that are not offered by other companies:

Here is a partial list that makes us better than the rest:

  • With us you see more of China: We travel through the whole country, starting in Hong Kong we zig-zag through China, making sure we see the most impressive sites – all the way to Beijing.
    The Shenzhen China Cultural Village: Think of the Polynesian Cultural Village in Hawaii, and you will get an idea of what this is. The Chinese asked the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii to help build them a Cultural village that would display the dress and customs of their many ethnic tribes inside of China. Mission accomplished on a grand scale. The China Cultural Village is impressive and much larger than the Polynesian Cultural Village. The China Cultural Village is a huge hit with our passengers, and it also has several GREAT Shows. As far as we know, we are still the only company that has ever brought American Groups to the China Cultural Village.
  • Zhangjiajie Mountains: We were the first ever to bring American groups to Zhangjiajie. This is likely the most beautiful place on Earth. It is where they filmed the floating mountains of Avatar. Yes, those mountains actually exist, they filmed them at Zhangjiajie and then cut off the bottoms to make them float in the movie. This is a highlight of highlights in China.
  • Both the Yangtze and the Li River in one tour. Usually, you have to pick the Li River or the Yangtze; you can’t do both. If you are going to China, you need to do both. The Yangtze River is more impressive than the sailing through the inside passage in Alaska.
  • 8 Phenomenal cultural shows: in Beijing, Xian, Zhangjiajie, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Other companies charge extra for the shows, we include them all!
  • REAL 5-Star Luxury Hotels and Cruise Ship: In China hotels and Yangtze River cruise ships can assign their star rating more or less on their own – many company’s passengers end up in hotels and cruise ships on the Yangtze that state they are 5 stars but in reality are more like a 3 star. All of our hotels are 5 Star PLUS and our Yangtze Cruise ship’s cabin is a mini-suite with private balconies.
  • The ancient walled city of Pingyao: China’s best-preserved ancient walled city. The whole town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is often called a living museum. Even though the ancient walled city is many hundreds of years old, the buildings are all lived in. The first banking system in China started in Pingyao. This will be a major highlight.
  • Pandas and the Guangzhou Zoo Shows: A great place to see Pandas is at the Guangzhou Zoo. The Zoo also has many animal shows to enjoy. We will also enjoy a fantastic evening show across from our luxury hotel.
  • High-Speed Trains are faster than flying: By the end of 2022 China is close to having 30,000 miles of high-speed rail lines. High speed trains travel between 120 to 220 miles an hour. We used to do 5 airplane flights inside of China. By the time you add the drive through traffic to the airports, the hours before the flights, along with the drive time back into the next city – in every routing, traveling by high speed train has become faster than flying. That doesn’t even take into consideration that the vast majority of our flights were over an hour late. The trains have more comfortable seats, more leg room and you get to enjoy the beautiful China landscapes when traveling by train.
  • High-Speed Train Baggage issues: China’s High-Speed Trains have only a small area around your seat that can handle American’s small carry-ons – which is the size of what the Chinese would take as a suitcase. There is no room for large suitcases without having to eat up your legroom. Then there is the massive headache of loading and unloading buses, dragging large suitcases through train stations, along with having to lift your large suitcases on and off the trains. We are the only company we know of that has solved this issue. Your suitcases are taken from your hotel room in one city and will magically appear in your hotel room in the next city. We have your large luggage trucked from your hotel room to your next hotel in the next city. You are free to travel on the high-speed trains with your day pack or small carry-on – without having to handle or worry about your large suitcases.

Bottom Line: We designed our tour to bring the very best of China, you will see and experience more with us than any other company. China should be your #1 Choice. There are more WOW days in China than you will find on any other tour anywhere in the world!

Package Price Includes:

  • 13 Nights in REAL 5-Star Luxury Hotels.
  • 4 nights on a REAL 5-Star Luxury Cruise Ship on the Yangtze.
    • All rooms are mini-suites with a private balcony – over 300 square feet.
    • All shore excursions off of the ship.
    • All ship taxes and fees.
  • High-Speed Trains
    • Shenzhen to Guilin by high-speed train.
    • Guilin to Guangzhou by high-speed train.
    • Guangzhou to Zhangjiajie by high-speed train.
    • Chongqing to Xian by high-speed train.
    • Xian to Pingyao by high-speed train.
    • Pingyao to Beijing by high-speed train.
    • Special Luggage Service others do not do: We take all large pieces of luggage by truck to the next area when traveling by high-speed train. Our passengers do not have to handle luggage at the train station or on the trains!
  • Li River Cruise: Very few tours offer both the Li River and the Yangtze on the same tour. We include both!
  • The China Cultural Village: China wanted a place to display and celebrate their many ethnic tribes in China. They asked the Polynesian Cultural Center to help design their Cultural Village.
  • FANTASTIC Cultural Shows.
  • Small-Group Bus: 30 to 35 passengers on a 50-passenger bus.
  • Guangzhou Zoo – Includes pandas and shows inside the zoo.
  • Quality Meals: The quality of the meals can make or break your tour. We have the quality! Breakfast is included every morning in China and dinner is included on all but two nights in China. Also, lunches are included during your Yangtze cruise.
  • All buses, guides and entrance fees.
  • Gondola and cable car rides at Zhangjiajie.
  • All transfers, if you booked our group airfare or your flight arrives on or before and departs on or after our group flights.
  • All internal transfers to and from hotels, airports, hotels, train stations and ships throughout China.
  • All land taxes, hotel taxes and airline taxes inside of China.
  • Cities Visited: Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Guilin, Guangzhou, Zhangjiajie, Yichang, Chongqing, Xian, Pingyao, Beijing, plus many other small cities on the Yangtze.
  • Special Guest Educator: TBA
  • Fun For Less Tours staff throughout your tour and Yangtze Cruise. “We don’t send you, WE TAKE YOU.”
  • “Whisper Perfect” headset receivers. You can hear every word clearly, even when you step away from the group to take that important picture.
  • Option to purchase our 4-night pre-tour to Bali, the most beautiful island in the world!

Package Price: $5,595**

*Price does not include airfare into Hong Kong and home from Beijing. Per person cash discount price, based on double occupancy. Does not include Bali pre-tour, international airfare, China visa and tips.

5-night Bali Pre-tour Option

(day by day itinerary found below main itinerary)

This is highly recommended: Bali has been voted the most beautiful island in the world. You are already in the area, it is too fantastic of a deal to pass up. We have negotiated an unbelievable deal that will allow you to add Bali airfare.

Here is What Is included in the Bali Option:

  • 5 nights in 5-star luxury hotels.
  • $780 in Round trip airfare between Hong Kong and Bali.
  • Your hotel in Bali is the Mulia Beach Resort (Has been voted #1 Beach Resort in the WORLD several times!)
  • All tours, buses, guides and entrance fees during your time in Bali.
  • Possibly the most beautiful rafting experience in the world.
  • Tour managers from Fun For Less Tours “We Don’t Send You, We Take You”.
  • Total of Optional Bali Pre-tour experience: $1,895*

This is a partial list, and subject to change as needed to accomplish everything we can in each area we visit. We will have local guides who will make sure we see the very best in the time we have.

Day 1 April 9: USA/Hong Kong fly
Departure from USA to Hong Kong by flight.

Day 2 April 10: USA/Hong Kong fly
Cross international date line – lose a day.

Day 3 April 11: Hong Kong
Upon arrival into Hong Kong we will do a City tour of Hong Kong that will include Victoria Peak with Peak Tram, Golden Bauhinia Square, Avenue of Star, Clock Tower, Shopping at Harbour City.
Hotel: Harbour Grand Kowloon or Similar 5*  (Transfers are included if you booked our group airfare or your flight arrives on or before and departs on or after our group flights.)

Day 4 April 12: Hong Kong/Shenzhen by bus (Breakfast, Buffet dinner at hotel)
This morning we transfer to Shenzhen to visit The China Folk Culture Villages. Created with the help of those over the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii.
After our evening show we will travel to our hotel that is close to the high-speed rail station in Shenzhen as tomorrow we travel to Guilin and the Li River.
Hotel: Renaissance Shenzhen Luohu Hotel or Similar 5*

Day 5 April 13: Shenzhen/Guilin by highspeed train (Breakfast, Buffet dinner at hotel)
In the morning, we take the highspeed train from Shenzhen to Guilin, upon arrival we will visit the beautiful Reed Flute Cave. Dinner at hotel.
Hotel: Sheraton Hotel Guilin or Similar 5*

Day 6 April 14: Guilin/Guangzhou by highspeed train (Breakfast,-, Buffet dinner at hotel)
After breakfast at our hotel, we will travel to the Li River. Our boat will take us through some of the most beautiful and unique rock formations found anywhere in the world. The scenic drive to and from the Li River is filled with terraced rice paddies. Late this afternoon we take the high-speed train to Guangzhou where will spend the next two nights.
Hotel: Chimelong Hotel Guangzhou or Similar 5*

Day 7 April 15: Guangzhou Panda Day (Breakfast, Buffet dinner at hotel)
Today we will visit the Chimelong Safari Park. There is so much to do and see you will have the full day to enjoy it many animals and shows at your leisure. Our local guides will give you advice on what is best to see and experience. One of the highlights will be your visit to the Parks Pandas. This evening we are scheduled for another wonderful show just across the street from your hotel.
Hotel: Chimelong Hotel Guangzhou or Similar 5*

Day 8 April 16: Guangzhou/Zhangjiajie (Breakfast, Buffet dinner at hotel)
Today we will travel by high-speed train from Guangzhou to Zhangjiajie, where they filmed the floating mountains in the movie Avatar. The later portion of this train trip will be filled with stunning beauty out of your train windows.
Hotel: Sunshine Hotel & Resort Zhangjiajie or Similar 5*

Day 9 April 17: Zhangjiajie (Breakfast, Buffet Dinner at hotel)
After breakfast, we transfer to Zhangjiajie downtown, to take the 4.5-mile-long cable car way to the top of Tianmen Mountain, the highest mountain in Zhangjiajie (standing at over 5,000 feet. we will experience sub-primitive forests, enjoy the breathtaking glass skywalk and the 100-meter tall natural hole—Tianmen Cave, before riding one of the longest escalators in the world down through the middle of the mountain. This evening we will attend an outdoor evening show that will absolutely amaze you. Evening show Tian Men Hu Xian.
Hotel: Sunshine Hotel & Resort Zhangjiajie or Similar 5*

Day 10 April 18: Zhangjiajie by bus (Breakfast, Buffet Dinner at hotel)
Another huge highlight day. After breakfast at the hotel, we will take the bus to Mountain Tianzi—the king of the peak forest (cable car up). The major peak of the Tianzi Mountain is over 3,000 feet high. Around it are rolling mountains, peaks and picturesque rocks, which gives a sense of mystery as if in fairyland.
Hotel: Sunshine Hotel & Resort Zhangjiajie or Similar 5*

Day 11 April 19: Zhangjiajie/Yichang/Ship by bus (Breakfast, Dinner on the ship)
This morning we will take a beautiful drive to the 3 Gorges Dam and our 5-star luxury ship on the Yangtze. We will spend 5 days 4 nights cruising the beautiful majestic Yangtze River. Welcome Dinner on the ship.
Cruise: Century Cruise 5-star cruise ship

Day 12 April 20: Cruising the Yangtze (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
The Yangtze is beautiful with green mountains, manicured farms and fjord-like 3,000-foot cliffs, you will be awe-struck at its beauty. We will start our day by visiting the world’s largest man-made dam. The ship’s locks of the Panama Canal pale in comparison. Each of the 5 ship locks will raise the ship 60 feet into the air. Spectacular, unique, mystic and magical are the adjectives describing the magnificent scenery along the Three Gorges, unfolding on a monumental scale, equal to the Grand Canyon. Today we will go through the Misty Gorge where you will see exquisite peaks, grotesquely shaped rocks and silvery waterfalls.
Cruise: Century Cruise

Day13 April 21: Cruising the Yangtze (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
We will start our day with our shore excursion into Shennv Stream. This is one of the most beautiful places on earth. We will then return and continue sailing through Wu Gorge and on to the grandest Gorge on the Yangtze, the Qutang Gorge.
Cruise: Century Cruise

Day 14 April 22: Cruising the Yangtze (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
Today will be a highlight day as we visit Shibao Pagoda., From the dock this magnificent structure majestically stands above its surroundings. The pagoda was built against the rocks; so only three walls were man-made. One of the first things you will notice about this pagoda is that its windows are round, which is unique for a pagoda. Also, the temple walls are painted in red with colorful decorations.
Cruise: Century Cruise

Day 15 April 23: By Plane (Breakfast, Dinner)
This morning we leave our 5-star luxury ship on the Yangtze in Chongqing and then drive back into the mountains to visit the special stone carvings of Dazu. Here monks have been carving life-size stone carvings for over 1,000 years. There are over 60,000 carvings in the Dazu Grottos! Most of our passengers have liked this site as well or better than the Terracotta Warriors in Xian. A MUST SEE IN CHINA. This place is rarely on tours offered by others and again will be one of your favorite highlights of China.
Dinner enjoy the Hot Pot dinner.  After dinner, transfer to the airport for our flight to Xian.
Hotel: InterContinental High-Tech Zone or Similar 5*

Day 16 April 24: Xian by bus (Breakfast, Dinner)
After breakfast, we will spend the day visiting the Terracotta Warriors, one of the world’s great archeological treasures. We will also visit the Wild Goose Pagoda. Xian is the capital of 11 dynasties and one of the largest medieval cities in the world. This evening we will attend one of the best cultural shows you will see anywhere in the world – The Tang Dynasty Dinner and Cultural Show. This fantastic show is full of music, dance and colorful traditional costumes.
Hotel: InterContinental High-Tech Zone or Similar 5*

Day 17 April 25: Xian/PingYao/Beijing by Highspeed Train (Breakfast, Dinner box)
This morning, we travel by high-speed train to visit the Ancient city Pingyao. It is also called ‘Turtle City’ because of its turtle-like city wall. First on the must-go attractions of Pingyao is the ancient city wall. There are six gates along the wall. Four of them are symmetrically set on the east and west sides, looking like the four legs of the turtle. The Southern Gate and Northern Gate resemble the head and tail respectively. Looking down from the top, it is exactly like a giant turtle with the crisscrossing lanes forming the patterns on its shell.  The Rishengchang Former Bank is the site of the first draft bank in China. Your tour guide will explain how the bank operated, and it will be interesting to see what banking used to be like 150 years ago. Later this afternoon we will take the highspeed train to Beijing. Upon arrival we will check into our hotel.  Hotel: JW Marriott Central Hotel Beijing or Similar 5*

Day 18 April 26: Beijing bus (Breakfast, Dinner)
Today we will visit the Temple of Heaven and then head to the Summer Palace (the summer residence of China’s Emperors. This afternoon we will make our anticipated visit to the Forbidden City. A huge complex of palaces, pavilions, courtyards and gardens. The Forbidden City was off-limits to common people for over 500 years). Tonight you will enjoy an Acrobatic Show.
Hotel: JW Marriott Central Hotel Beijing or Similar 5*

Day 19 April 27: Beijing bus (Breakfast)
This morning early, we will travel 40 miles north of Beijing to the Juyongguan Pass Great Wall. This extraordinary 4,000-mile-long fortification was built to thwart the barbarian invasions. A walk along the enormous towered and turreted wall is spectacular. We will return to Beijing midafternoon where you will have free time to shop at Silk Market and explore more on your own. There is no dinner tonight as most of you will be out shopping before heading home.
Hotel: JW Marriott Central Hotel Beijing or Similar 5*

Day 20 April 28: Beijing /ETD Flight Home (Breakfast)
This morning you will transfer to the airport for your flight home.  (Transfers are included if you booked our group airfare or your flight arrives on or before and departs on or after our group flights.)



Day 1: April 4: Fly to Hong Kong
If you are flying with the Fun For Less group airfare you will depart from your home this evening. You will have a layover in Los Angeles and then catch your evening flight to Hong Kong.

Day 2: April 5: Cross International Date Line
You will depart from Los Angeles around 1 am today. We will then lose a day as you cross the international dateline.

Day 3: April 6: Arrive into Hong Kong
We arrive into Hong Kong around 7:30 am. Upon arrival, we will do a city tour of Hong Kong that includes a boat ride on old sampans through the harbor of Hong Kong. After our city tour, we will transfer to the hotel in Hong Kong where we will stay overnight and you will have some free time to enjoy Hong Kong.  (Transfers are included if you booked our group airfare or your flight arrives on or before and departs on or after our group flights.)

Day 4: April 7: Hong Kong – Bali
Today we will have a late morning departure where we will transfer to the Hong Kong airport for your flight to Bali. Upon arrival into Bali, we will transfer to your beautiful LUXURY beach resort, where you will stay for the next 4 nights.

Day 5: April 8: Bali – Full-Day Tour
Free day to enjoy your fantastic beach resort.

Day 6: April 9: Bali
Full-day tour of Bali. You will see beautifully layered rice paddies, and also enjoy one of the most beautiful rafting experiences in the world as you float by moss-covered cliffs and deep jungles in the middle of Bali. We will then visit Tanah Lot before returning to our hotel.

Day 7: April 10: Bali
Free day to enjoy your fantastic beach resort.

Day 8: April 11: Bali – Hong Kong
This morning you will travel to the airport and fly back to Hong Kong. We will arrive a little after 2 pm. After our arrival, we transfer to our hotel. Tonight we will meet the group not doing Bali. The rest of the tour will be together.  (Transfers are included if you booked our group airfare or your flight arrives on or before and departs on or after our group flights.)