2020 Danube River Cruise

Budapest to Romania

2020 Danube River Cruise

Budapest to Romania NEW Largest Most Luxurious AMAMAGNA (BEST river cruise ship EVER!) 16 day cruise/tour - May 8, 2020

Countries Visited:
Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria.

Major Cities Visited:
Hungary: Budapest, Pécs and Mohács. Croatia: Vukovar. Serbia: Novi Sad and Belgrade. Bulgaria: Vidin, Ruse and Veliko Tarnovo. Romania: Giurgiu, Sibiu, Hunedoara, Sighișoara, Brașov, Sinaia and Bucharest.

Tour Overview:

  • 7 nights 5-star Luxury Exotic Danube River Cruise through Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania.
  • Includes all Shore Excursions.
  • Major Tour Highlights: Budapest Castle Hill, Chain Bridge, Pecs, Yugaslav Civil War tour, Petrovaradin Fortress, Baba Vida Fortress, Veliko Tarnova (Bulgaria’s ancient capitol), walled city of Sibiu, ancient Corvin Castle, walled city of Sighisoara, Transylvanian Alps, Bran Castle, Brașov, Peles Castle, Sinaia Castle and Bucharest.
  • Special Guest Educator: Diane Prince.
  • Tour managers throughout.

Tour Information

We have combined a fantastic Exotic Danube River Cruise with a Romania Tour. There is not room enough to express how fantastic this tour is. You will visit 5 countries: Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria & Romania. You will be sailing in luxury on the NEW AmaWaterways ship. The AmaMagna ship is the largest most luxurious ship to ever sail on the Danube River. It is double the size of the other AmaWaterways ship – BUT it only added 20% in additional passengers. This means everything becomes less crowded. There are more restaurants, the observation deck on the top of the ship is double the size of their other ship, with only 20% more passengers to share it. All the cabins are more spacious. The New ship sets sail in 2019. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

You’re going to absolutely love Romania, it has 3 of the top castles in Europe and what we consider to be the #1 Castle in the world. It also has the mystique of Count Vlad Dracula. Yes, there really was a Count Vlad Dracula in the Transylvania mountains of Romania. He was born in a small medieval walled village in 1431 and the village is still there. One of our favorite castles, the Corvin Castle, was once voted the scariest place on earth! Count Dracula was a prisoner in this castle for many years in the 1400’s. Please listen to us, Romania is our favorite country in Europe, if you ever wanted to do this part of the world, why not take the luxurious AmaMagna ship to get there.


  • #1: Quality of ship: AMA Waterways has won almost everyone’s award as the best cruise line in Europe, even beating out Viking.
  • #2: Shore excursions: Shore excursions are included with River Cruising in Europe. The issue is the quality of the shore excursions. They often do short city or walking tours, skipping the sites that have expensive entrance fees and almost daily they end up stopping at a winery for wine tasting. ***THIS IS BIG – AMA Waterways has agreed to allow Fun For Less Tours to design their own shore excursions.
  • #3: Lower the pricing: We have chartered 23 ships over the next two years. By Chartering the AmaWaterways ships, we are able to save our passengers huge amounts of money. On the NEW AmaMagna ship we were able to save our passengers up to $1,700 PER PERSON! On some sailings, the cruise company offers $250 per person discount, but NO ONE EVER offers a $600 to $1,700 per person discount, especially when you consider the extra costs to do enhanced shore excursions, the costs of bringing our Fun For Less Tours staff and the costs of bringing our guest educator. YES, the cruise line made us an unbelievable deal and you’re reaping the benefits!!!

Comparing The Older Ships Pricing We Are Using in 2019
With The NEW AmaMagna Ships 2020 Pricing

Old Ships: Cat D porthole window cabins: Ship price $3,898 – minus 600 savings = $3,298.
NEW Ship: Cat D porthole window cabins: Ship price $4,098 – minus 600 savings = $3,498.

  • The NEW Ship Cat D is only $200 more than the OLDER ships.
  • The new ship’s cat D cabin is 30% larger than the older ships cat D Cabins.

Cat C Cabins with sliding glass door at 170 Square feet and the BB & BA cabins at 210 square feet with outside balcony – are not offered on the new ship. The new ship jumps from the D all the way to an AA. On the old ship, it would have cost a huge amount of money to upgrade all the way to the AA Cabins. NOT THIS TIME. We have a gigantic upgrade deal for you. The New Ship Cat AA with 255 square feet costs $2,000 per person to upgrade from a D cabin. BUT that is for others, NOT FOR YOU! It only costs you $700 per person for the same upgrade. That is a savings of $1,300 per person. For only $700 more than the D cabin with portholes, you can upgrade to an AA 255 square foot luxurious cabin on the new AmaMagna Ship with a large outside private balcony. It’s not only affordable, it is highly recommended to take the upgrade.

One more SUITE deal. If you would like to jump from the AA cabin to a suite. We have a suite deal for you. The Suite SB cabins have 355 square feet in them. For $700 more than the AA cabin category, you can upgrade to a Suite. That is $1,700 off the ships price per person!!!

Here Is A Recap of Our special Chartered Pricing:

The NEW AmaMagna is the biggest and most luxurious River cruise ship ever built – twice the size of her sister ships, but only 20% more passengers. Twice the open observation deck space with only 20% more passengers. It has more of everything. Did we mention it is a brand-new ship in 2019? Here is the very best pricing exclusively for our members and clients:

  • Cat D – 210 Square foot porthole window cabins: $4,098 – $600 savings = $3,498.
  • Cat AA – 255 Square foot large private Balcony cabin: $5,598 – $1,400 savings = $4,298.
    • Upgrade to a Cat AA cabin for only $800 more than the D Cabins.
  • Cat Suite SB – 355 Square foot suite balcony cabin: $6,598 – $1,700 savings = $4,898.
    • Upgrade to a Cat Suite SB Cabin for only $700 more than the AA Cabin.

Package Price Includes:

Our package price is a combination of two packages:
The Exotic Danube River Cruise with AmaWaterways (with savings up to $1,700 per person) AND our special Land Tour and Hotel Packages in Budapest and Romania.

AmaWaterways Exotic Danube River Cruise Package Includes:

  • 8 day 7 night sailing on a 5-star luxury river boat from Bucharest, Romania to Budapest, Hungary covering 5 countries: Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania with AmaWaterways.
  • Cabin Category D: Two Large Port Hole Window Cabin.
  • Enhanced Shore Excursions designed by Fun For Less Tours.
  • Special Guest Educator: Diane Prince.
  • Fun For Less Tours Staff.
  • Three quality meals onboard the ship every day.
  • Free internet.
  • Free movies.
  • Bottled water, fluffy bathrobes, and slippers free in each cabin.
  • All bicycles and helmets on board are free to use.
  • Option to upgrade cabin to French or Double Balcony.

Danube Cruise Package Price Cat D: $3,498
PLUS, Ship Port and Taxes: $168
Total Ship Price Price: $3,666

Budapest and Romania Land Package:
Note: AMA Waterways charges $1,720 for their 6-night land package added to their cruise. It includes 2 night Budapest, 2 night Brasov and 2 nights Bucharest. Our Special Land Package is for 7 nights: 1 night Budapest (all you really need), 2 nights Sibiu – that will include the walled city of Sibiu and the Corvin Castle, 2 nights Brasov – that will include Bran Castle and the walled city of Sighisoara and 2 nights Bucharest. All for $1,320 – THREE hundred less than the ship charges for their 6 night package, plus our package delivers more.

Here is what is included in our special Budapest and Romania Land Tour Package:

  • 9 days of buses, tours and entrance fees in Hungary and Romania.
  • Deluxe Hotels in Budapest, Hungary along with Bucharest, Brasov, and Sibiu in Romania.
  • Transfers to and from airport, hotels and river cruise ship.
  • Three Major Castles: Peles Castle, Bran Castle, and Corvin Castle.
  • Two Major walled cities Sighisoara (where Dracula was born) & Sibiu.
  • All Entrance Fees.
  • Fun For Less Tours Staff.
  • Guest Educator: Diane Prince.
  • “Whisper Perfect” headset receivers.

Cruise Package: $3,666
Land Package: $1,320

Package Price: $4,986 - total for both Packages*

*Does not include International air or tips.


This is a partial list, and subject to change as needed to accomplish everything we can in each area we visit. We will have local guides who will make sure we see the very best in the time we have.

Day 1:  May 8:  Fly to Budapest
Fly from the US to Budapest.

Day 2:  May 9:  Budapest
This morning you arrive into Budapest:  You will visit Buda Hills and St. Mathias Church and the Fishermen’s Bastions. Continuing on to the elegant part of Pest, we stop at the Hero’s square. Overnight Budapest.

Day 3: May 10: Budapest – Danube Cruise Ship
Today we will finish touring Budapest. This afternoon transfer to the 5-star AmaWaterways Ship. Tomorrow morning, we will set sail on the Danube for Romania.

Important information:  The actual day by day during the Danube River Cruise on the AmaWaterways ship is not ready at this time.  The owners of Fun For Less Tours are spending four weeks in Europe during the summer and fall of 2018.  They are visiting AmaWaterways ports of call on both the Danube and the Rhine Rivers.  The shore excursions are included in the price; we just want to make sure you get the best shore excursions possible.  What is included at each stop will not be available til we get closer to departure.  But we know it will be better than what the ship normally includes.

Day 4: May 11: Mohacs
Shore  Excursion TBA
Day 5: May 12: Vukovar – Novi Sad
Shore  Excursion TBA
Day 6: May 13: Belgrad
Shore  Excursion TBA
Day 7: May 14: Babaqui – Kladovo
Shore  Excursion TBA
Day 8: May 15: Vidin
Shore  Excursion TBA
Day 9: May 16:
 Rousse – Veliko Tarnovo
Shore  Excursion TBA

Day 10: May 17:  Giurgiu – Sinaia – Brasov
This morning we depart our beautiful ship in Giurgiu and then drive approximately 120 miles to the mountain resort of Sinaia. Sinaia is often referred to as the “Pearl of the Carpathians”.  This beautiful valley contains three castles, one of which we consider one of the most beautiful castles in the world – the Peles Castle. We will then drive 30 miles to Brasov.  This city is nestled in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains.  This location made it an ideal setting for a medieval city.

Day 11: May 18:  Brasov
Today we will tour Bran Castle, often referred to as Dracula’s Castle.  Though there is little concrete proof, many historians agree that Vlad Tepes (a.k.a Vlad the Impaler, whom Bram Stoker used as a model for his 1897 story-Dracula) did reside at Bran Castle during his raids in Transylvania.

Day 12: May 19: Sighisoara – Sibiu
Today we will travel to the walled city of Sighisoara.  Sighisoara is another of the seven citadels constructed by the German settlers in the 12th Century.  Walking along the magical cobbled alleyways in the shadow of one of the nine towers transports you back in time.  It is possibly the best-walled city in Eastern Europe.  The city is also the birthplace to the infamous Vlad Tepes otherwise known as Count Vlad Dracula.  This afternoon we will travel to Sibiu, designated the European capital of culture for 2007. Sibiu was the largest and wealthiest of seven walled cities that were constructed in the 12th century by German settlers.  Today Sibiu has been preserved and the streets have not changed in over 500 years. The center of town is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Day 13: May 20: Corvin – Sibiu
This morning we drive to Hunedoara Castle, nestled in the Transylvania Alps. Recently the castle has gained notoriety and was named one of the scariest places in the world.  The castle held Count Vlad Dracula in prison for 7 years. After our tour of this fantastic castle, we will return back to Sibiu to overnight.

Day 14: May 21: Bucharest
This morning we will tour Sibiu.  After our tour is done we will travel to Bucharest where we will overnight.

Day 15: May 22: Bucharest
Today will be a full day tour in Bucharest.  Includes a city tour and the open air museum.

Day 16: May 23:  Fly Home
Today we will head to the airport to catch our international flight back to the US and home.