2019 Utah Shakespeare Festival

Cedar City Utah
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2019 Utah Shakespeare Festival

Cedar City Utah 4 day tour- July 1, 2019

“I’d rather see Shakespeare in Cedar City than in Stratford, England.  My experiences have been better there.  This is professional theatre rated among the top three Shakespeare festivals in North America.”
– Dr. S Michael Wilcox
Michael has seen all of the plays offered each summer for over 20 years.  No matter how busy he is he finds time to experience Cedar City’s Shakespeare Festival.
Everyone, even if you question your love of Shakespeare, will absolutely love this festival.  It has 4 Shakespeare plays and 2 other musicals, comedies or Broadway type plays.  Michael helps all of us understand each Shakespeare play by explaining the story and the characters before we go to each Shakespeare play.  Knowing the story will make Shakespeare more enjoyable for everyone.  Each day you will enjoy 2 wonderful plays.
Look at the fantastic line-up of plays for 2019:

Eileen and Allen Anes Studio Theatre

The Conclusion of Henry VI

Pitting the Lancasters and the Yorks in a battle for the crown and the future of England, this story is at times both grim and heroic. The epic tale of kings and families at war will be concluded in one grand event spanning the War of the Roses in an epic and expanded experience. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime theatrical event.

The Engelstad Shakespeare Theatre


Haunted by the witches’ prophecies and spurred by his wife’s ambitions (as well as his own taste for power), Macbeth dares to tempt fate. But in this, one of the world’s first psychological thrillers, he slowly finds that his murderous machinations are doomed to bitter and tragic failure.

Twelfth Night

Orsino loves Oliva (who won’t give him the time of day). Olivia loves Viola (whom she thinks is a boy). Viola loves Orsino (who doesn’t know she’s a girl). Malvolio loves being in love; and Sir Andrew, Toby Belch, and Maria love life to its fullest. It’s all rollicking confusion, but these hilarious characters do, at last, find love where they least expect it.

The Book of Will

Without William Shakespeare, we wouldn’t have the world’s most memorable plays— and without his friends, we wouldn’t know he wrote them. After the Bard’s death, his fellow actors realize that the plays they love are being muddled and even lost; they know they need to publish a collection of his plays. Thus, they launch a seemingly impossible mission to print “the book” of his plays and save his legacy.

The Randall L. Jones Theatre


Prince Hamlet wants the truth—and retribution. Driven by his father’s ghost and the corrupt society all around him, he plots and withdraws, schemes and retreats. Written at the height of Shakespeare’s career, this powerful examination of the human psyche is the Bard’s most mature and chilling revenge tragedy.

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

It’s bright! It’s loud! It’s technicolor! It’s Joseph’s new coat! And it sets the tone for a frolicking Biblical satire filled with vaudevillian tunes, country and western swings, calypso, and good old rock and roll. This classic musical has been going strong for fifty years and guarantees to leave everyone in the family humming for days.

Fun For Less Tours GREAT Seating!

Our Package:  Two of the plays are in Rows 1-5, Two of the plays are in Rows 6-9, and Two of the plays are in Rows 10-13.

Package Price Includes:

  • Daily lectures from Dr. S Michael Wilcox.
  • On the First day only dinner will be provided. The second and third day breakfast, lunches and quality dinners will be provided.
  • 3 nights in a great hotel in Cedar City.
  • Special private meeting with founder, Fred Adams.
  • Prop seminar & costume seminar.
  • Special private behind the scenes backstage tour.
  • Private seminar with the best actors.
  • All tipping.
  • Souvenir program.
  • Use of our “Whisper Perfect” headset receivers.
  • Fun For Less Tours staff throughout to make sure everything is perfect!
  • All 6 plays & musicals are in orchestra seating. Seats are located in different rows according to the package you purchased.
    • Hamlet, Macbeth, Twelfth Night, The Conclusion of Henry VI, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and The Book of Will

Package Price: $994 *

**Per person cash discount price, based on double occupancy. Does not include transportation to and from Cedar City, or to any of the festival activities.


The price from Salt Lake City, driver accommodations and drivers meals, cost almost $100 per person. We felt most of you could drive to and from Cedar City for around $40. With so many of our passengers coming from other cities and states, we just felt it would work better having you drive to Cedar City. We will not be including transportation to and from Cedar City, or to any of the festival’s activities.