Wendy Bird

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Since 2010 Wendy Bird has been to India sixteen times. She has gained a vast education on both the Northern and Southern parts of India. She lived in India for 6 months and travelled extensively during that time. Her humanitarian work in southern India has given her great exposure to the culture that India offers. Her outreach program has assisted hundreds of women in creating self-sustainability for themselves and their families. She is excited to share all of her experiences with you.

Wendy Bird is the founder of Pearls with Purpose Foundation, a social-impact organization. This unique training organization blends micro-enterprising with humanitarian assistance. Since 2002, Wendy has inspired and motivated people all over the world by sharing her passion for “teaching women to fish” rather than “giving them a fish.” A certified gemologist, Wendy leads women toward self-sustainment with jewelry-making and micro-business skills. These women utilize the training to create products and sell them in developed countries.

After beginning her work in Philippines in 2002, Wendy opened another co-op in Ban Nam Kem, Thailand in 2006. Partnering with Rising Star Outreach she then opened a co-op in Barathapurham, India in 2010, and another one in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2013. This worldwide outreach program has assisted hundreds women in creating self-sustainability for themselves and their families.

She is well known for her keynote addresses at Brown University, BYU Hawaii, GFWC, NAWBO, Rotary Clubs, youth groups and various other organizations where she has presented on True Happiness, Finding Inner Joy, The LBD and Loving as the Savior Loved.

Being a mother of five children, she has realized It is the natural hope of every mother, regardless of her circumstances, to want the best for her child. A mother should not have to choose between food for her child or their educational pursuits because of impoverished situations. Through the initiatives of the foundation, educational scholarships, medical needs and container shipments have contributed to the benefit of thousands of families in developing countries.

Wendy has received such awards as “Humanitarian of the Year,” “Utah Woman Making a Difference,” “Community Builder Award”, Utah Small Business of the Year award,  “Best of State” in jewelry production, and has been featured on Good Things Utah and various radio shows.

She is the mother of 5 children, and Nana to 5 ‘nanachildren’. She has an adventurous spirit and for years her motto has been “Life begins where your comfort zone ends.” She has accomplished several bucket list items such as (but definitely not limited to): learning to ski at age 40, riding LOTOJA, skydiving over Wallongong Beach in Australia, Hiking Havasupai Falls, The Narrows, Angels Landing. Caving in Son Doong, Vietnam, hot air balloon riding in Egypt and just being passionate about all things ‘life’! She has lived and worked extensively in India and several parts of southeast Asia and has a great love of life, people, cultures, customs and breathtaking sunsets no matter the geographical location.  When in country, she resides in Sandy, UT.