Eric Towner

Special Guest Educator

Eric and his wife Anita have been tour leaders for 15 years at Fun For Less Tours.  Although they have taken groups all over the World, Eric’s passion has been Mesoamerica.  He has studied and researched many of the different location theories and has known Dr. John Lund for 40 years.  Eric has benefited from discussions with Dr. Lund on his books and has traveled with him many times to Central America. Eric has discussed this subject with many scholars their ideas as to where the events in the Book of Mormon may have taken place.  With a minor in geology, Eric says he always knew there would be a “geological thumb print” for where these stories may have taken place.

In 2006 Eric took one of his six, Spanish speaking son’s to Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras, to research the best ancient ruin sites to visit.  He continues to coordinate and handle the logistics of all our Book of Mormon Tours and to develop new ideas and thoughts on why Mesoamerica is truly the best candidate for the Lands of the Book of Mormon.  His lectures will be insightful, interesting and fun.