Dr. Taylor Halverson

Special Guest Educator

Dr. Taylor Halverson accelerates learning for individuals, teams, and organizations. He is a prolific author of nearly 200 articles and books. Dr. Halverson is an engagingly enthusiastic networker and connector. He has worked for many years in the professional development industry advising high-powered individuals and organizations to identify who they are, where they want to be, and how they’ll get there. Dr. Halverson is an entrepreneur who has consulted with dozens of early-stage companies and served on the executive committees of several non-profits. His creative output includes launching the BYU Creativity, Innovation, and Design group, an organization of more than 80 faculty members, and founding a technical team that creates 3D immersive visualizations of important historical sites. He regularly teaches inspiring design, innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship courses and workshops. Dr. Halverson holds PhDs in two separate fields (World civilization; and technology, design, and learning), giving him unusual interdisciplinary depth and breadth. He listens intently and synthesizes complex material to make it understandable, engaging and applicable.

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