Dr. David K. Douglas

Special Guest Educator

David K. Douglas is a fun, adventurous, family-man who loves to travel and make history come to life. His full time employment has been for the Church Education System for the last 22 years, in Seminaries and Institutes. Dave’s bachelors degree is in Psychology & his masters degree in Recreation Management and Youth Leadership both from BYU. He has a PhD in Parks Recreation and Tourism from the University of Utah. As part of his research into living history, he performed at ‘This is the Place Heritage Park’ playing Orrin Porter Rockwell the infamous lawman and bodyguard. His own children hardly recognized him as he got into character and had a good laugh.

Dave is a born storyteller and has years of experience making battlefields, castles, museums and sacred places come to life for visitors. He has a broad range of travel and guiding experiences including Church & American history, African game parks & World Heritage sites throughout Europe. He appreciates that travel can be both extensive and intensive, but rather than devouring miles at a rapid fire pace the traveler can learn to mindfully linger at each site.

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