Rome Temple Tours

Important Information

We had over 1,000 people that signed up to be the first to know when we might do a tour to Italy that would include the Rome Temple Open House. After talking with a large number of those signed up, we came to the decision to not do the Rome Temple Open House. We decided we would wait for the Rome Temple to open and go when we could do a session or two and visit the new impressive Rome Temple Visitors center when there would be no crowds. From the best information we can get, everyone seems to feel the Rome Temple should be open by summer of 2019. The LDS Church recently opened the Paris Temple. We felt it would be nice to have an option to do both the Paris and Rome Temples.

We have taken 4 of our tours we will be offering in 2019 and put an optional extension to visit the Rome Temple and 3 of the tours will also include an option to visit the Paris Temple. In 2020 all of our tours we plan to offer in Europe will include the world famous Oberammergau Passion Play. The Passion Play has been performed in Oberammergau every 10 years since 1640. The Passion Play will not happen again until 2030. We have taken 4 of our tours that include the Passion Play in 2020 and added an option to do the Rome and Paris Temples.

The 8 tours listed below, are the only tours we are planning that will include the Rome Temple and the Paris Temple in 2019 and 2020. If you have interest in visiting the Rome Temple and possibly the Paris Temple please look over our list of tours. Give us a call to sign up or to get additional information. View our digital magazine for all of our Rome Temple Tours below. By clicking on the fullscreen-128 icon below you will enter the full-screen display (ESC to exit).  Turn pages, zoom in, share by email, social media or download a pdf to print. Enjoy!

Vacation Special Guests Date
British Isles Land Tour Glenn Rawson Aug 13, 2024
Limited Space!
British Isles Land Tour Glenn Rawson Aug 27, 2024