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Dr. S. Michael Wilcox also has a passion for Shakespeare. He has attended Shakespeare plays all over the world and has seen every play in the Utah Summer Shakespeare Festival for over 20 years. No other educators can come close to the quality of these two. The problem is going to be which one to go with!!!

Even those that feel they would not like Shakespeare will love and understand each play after our educator explains the plot and characters of the individual plays. Having our educator explain each play prior to viewing the performances makes all the difference in the world in being able to understand and enjoy the play.

We have the complete package:

Dr. S. Michael Wilcox as your educator.

We see all 6 plays in Center Orchestra Seating.

We have included all of your meals.

You will stay in quality Hotels.

In addition to Michael, we have arranged several private seminars & tours hosted by actors and Shakespeare Festival staff.

Fun For Less Tour staff throughout your experience.

For complete information & itinerary, click on the dates below.

Vacation Date Educator/Entertainer
Utah Shakespeare Festival - 2016 Aug 08, 2016
Dr. S. Michael Wilcox
Utah Shakespeare Festival - 2016 Aug 11, 2016
Dr. S. Michael Wilcox

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