Our Book of Mormon Land Tour includes all of the most significant ruins in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras that date back to the Book of Mormon Times.  We have the very best in Guest Lectures.  We don’t just give you a name with no experience, all of our educators are well known and have been to Central America over 20 times with groups. 

You will explore the past during the day and at night you will stay in deluxe and luxury hotels.  We also fly in side of Central America to cut of 3 or more days of driving.  You will not find a better tour!

All of our passengers will use individual “Whisper Perfect” headset receivers that allow you to hear every word spoken by our educators, tour staff and guides; even when you step away from the group to take that important picture. 

Here is a partial list of what you will experience and see

  • The impressive ruins of Teotihuacan
  • Ruins of Palenque – considered by most to be the best ruins in Central America
  • Boat ride on the Mayan Nile – considered by many to be the river Sidon
  • Ruins of Yaxchilan – possible candidate for the area of Zerahemla
  • Ruins of Tikal – possibly the most impressive ruins in Central America
  • Ruins of Kaminaijuyu – possible candidate for the city of Nephi
  • LakeAtitlan – possible candidate for the Waters of Mormon

We offer two different itineraries.  One is 9 days and the other is 11 days.  The 11 day tour offers everything the 9 day tour has, plus additional sites like Copan in Honduras.  Most of our passengers pick the 11 day tour.  In the list below the 9 day tour is 9 March 2012 with Jack Marshal, the other two dates with John Lund are the 11 day tour. 

For complete details and itinerary, click on one of the dates below.