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Israel, Jordan & Egypt

We offer the best tours of Israel. On all of our tours we spend a minimum of 7 full days of touring in Israel. Starting in 2012 we will be doing a full 8 days of touring in Israel (7 has just no been enough) You are making a mistake of a life time if you try to do Israel from a cruise ship or even on a 8 or 9 day tour. A cruise ship will only give you 2 days of touring and a 8 or 9 day land tour (by the time you fly transfer, etc.) will only give you 5 to 5 Ĺ days of touring. You will have gone all the way to Israel and missed so much!! Take the time to do it right!

The Holy Land was not just in Israel, it was also in Jordan. That is why we spend two days in Jordan visiting Mt. Nebo, Christís baptismal site and more. Plus every tour includes two days in Egypt with a tour to the Pyramids, Sphinx and King Tutís treasures in the Cairo Museum. We have the best in educators! We don't just send you an educator with a name you may recognize, but with no real experience in Israel. All of our educators have been to Israel a minimum of 15 times. You will also stay in the best hotels through out your tour. We really do have the best tour of the Holy Lands.

Our once in a lifetime tour includes all of the important sites in Israel: Here is a list of what you will see and experience: Jerusalem, The Sea of Galilee, Bethlehem, BYU Jerusalem Center, Nazareth, Garden of Gethsemane, Mount of Olives, The Garden Tomb, Mount of Beatitudes, Mt. Carmel, Capernaum, Masada, Caesarea, Mt. Tabor, Antonia Fortress, tour on top of Temple Mount, Palace of Caiaphas and so much more. We also visit many sites others do not visit or are not allowed, some do not even visit Bethlehem. For example we visit the City of Lehi excavations missed by others. Located a short distance down from Jerusalem is the City of Lehi Excavations. A cave was discovered with writings from 600 BC. The Arabs consider the hill above the cave to be a sacred place. As they put it ó "Before there was Muhammad there was a great prophet named Lehi and he taught from that hill." We do not know if this is our Lehi, but we do know this will be a huge highlight as you visit an active archaeological dig.

Visiting the Holy Land is a life changing experience. You will never read the scriptures in quite the same way after walking in the footsteps of prophets, apostles and the Savior.