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British Isles

18 day cruise & tour July 14, 2011

Ultimate British Isles with Scotland & Ireland - SOLD OUT!

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Dr. S. Michael Wilcox
Dr. S. Michael Wilcox
Special Guest Educator

Shakespeare ~ Harry Potter ~ C.S. Lewis ~ History

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With a little creativity we have taken a Princess Cruise and added a land tour to reach the important places missed on the cruise. When you combine a great cruise, with a great land tour and then add a great educator in Dr. S. Michael Wilcox, you create the Ultimate British Isles & Ireland Cruise & tour. This is the best itinerary we have ever been able to offer! Here is a partial list of what you will see and experience on this special cruise/tour:

Visit the following sites by cruise ship: 
In England: Southampton, Liverpool, Guernsey Island. 
In Wales: Conwy Castle & Beaumaris Castle. 
In Scotland: Edinburgh, Edinburgh Castle, Inverness, Loch Ness, Scottish Highlands, Glasgow. 
In Ireland: Belfast, Ireland Costal Drive, Giant’s Causeway, Dunluce Castle, Dublin, Glandalough Monastery, Cork, Blarney Castle.

Visit the following sites on your land tour: 
In England: London, Windsor Castle, Tower of London, Stonehenge, Oxford, Stratford upon-Avon, Warwick, Warwick Castle. 
In Wales: Tintern Abbey, Church History sites, 
Stay in Marriott & Hilton hotels during your Land Tour.

Bonus: The first stop after leaving England, on the cruise, is Le Havre, France. Instead of boarding the ship in England we plan to board the ship at its first stop in France. This allows us to fly into Paris, enjoy a night in Paris by the Eiffel Tower, and then travel to the famous castle island of Mont San Michel and the Normandy Landing beaches before boarding our ship in France.

A Message from Your Educator

Dr. Wilcox has been a religious educator for over 35 years. He has escorted many tours to China, Israel, Europe and Central and South America and more.


"England is the foundation of our heritage. From it we received our language, our most endearing literature, our freedoms, our sense of humor, and our general outlook on the world. Many of us trace our individual roots to England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland. From Shakespeare to Harry Potter, to C.S. Lewis to King Arthur and his Round Table, to Beatrix Potter or Jane Austin, the culture of England continues to shape our world and define our place within it. Its heroes and villains are part of our everyday consciousness. Its castles, cottages, palaces and ancient ruins fire our imagination and haunt our thoughts. Come with us to the “Sceptred Isle” as we reminisce of everything from Kings to paupers. You will enjoy the green wonder of Scottish highland lochs, the rocky cliffs of Ireland, the rolling hills of the English countryside and the wild beauty of Wales. I look forward to traveling with you."

Dr. S. Michael Wilcox

Price Includes

  • All Port Charges
  • Deluxe hotels in Paris, the Normandy Coast, Warwick England and London England
  • All tours, entrance fees, buses and guides during the land portion in France and England
  • All transfers to and from hotels, airports and ship
  • Special Guest Educator: Dr. S Michael Wilcox
  • Fun For Less Tour Staff throughout the tour and cruise
  • Option to purchase deeply discounted shore excursions
  • Option to purchase deeply discounted airfare

Holland and Brussels 3 day extension
We offer a 3 night extension that will include Amsterdam, Brussels, Bruges and more. You’re already in this part of the world, why not see it all.

Pricing Information

Others Price
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Fun For Less Tours Member Discount Price
($3,295 price above are cash/check discount rates.) 
Call for our deeply discounted airfare.
*Cash discount price per person based on double occupancy.
Price does not include airfare, fuel surcharge, cruise taxes, shore excursions, taxes and fees.

Itinerary (subject to change)

Eiffel Tower on the Seine


Day 1 Thu. July 14: Fly to Paris
Fly from the US to Paris France.

Day 2 Fri. July 15: Paris
After a small city tour we will check into our hotel near the Eiffel Tower. You will have the rest of the afternoon and evening free to enjoy the sights, sounds and romance of Paris. 

Day 3 Sat. July 16: Paris – Mt. San Michel - Normandy
We will depart early and drive to Mont Saint-Michel, a rocky castle island off the coast of Normandy. This will be one of your highlight days. The original church was built in 1144 AD and many of the other buildings were completed in the 13th Century. A wonderful ancient walled city to explore, almost every building is over 500 years old. We will overnight near the Normandy Landing Beaches. 

San Michel

Day 4 Sun. July 17: Normandy Landing Beaches – Princess Cruise Ship
This morning we will tour the Normandy Landing Beaches including Omaha & Utah Beaches. We will also visit the American Cemetery. This afternoon we will travel to Le Havre and after a tour check into our Princess Cruise Ship. 

Day 5 Mon. July 18: Fun Day at Sea
We spend a fun day at sea as we cruise to Scotland. In addition to relaxing, dinning and being entertained, we will meet today with our guest educator, Michael Wilcox. 

Day 6 Tue. July 19: Edinburgh – optional shore excursion

We have an entire day to enjoy Edinburgh. We will have a morning tour of the city including Edinburgh Castle. Sir Walter Scott created the mystique of the Scottish clans here and there is a monument to this famous Scott. Edinburgh is also the city of Greyfriars Bobby and J.K. Rowling who wrote Harry Potter from the upstairs window of a local pub. You will enjoy Edinburgh Castle and have time to walk the Royal Mile. At the bottom of the Royal Mile you will find Holyrood House, the palace of Mary Queen of Scots. 

Day 7 Wed. July 20: Inverness – optional shore excursion
We plan to spend a fantastic day driving through the Scottish highlands. We will stop at Eilean Donan Castle out near the Island of Skye and then back in land to Loch Ness to look for the Lock Ness Monster. We will also stop at Urquhart Castle often called the Lock Ness Castle before returning to our ship. 

Day 8 Thu. July 21: Fun Day At Sea 
We spend a fun day at sea as we cruise to Ireland. In addition to relaxing, dinning and being entertained, we will meet today with our guest educator, Michael Wilcox. 

Day 9 Fri. July 22: Belfast – Ireland Coast – optional shore excursion
Today will be another highlight day! We begin our time in Ireland with a spectacular coastal drive along the northeastern shore of the island. We will visit the Giant’s Causeway, one of the most remarkable geological wonders in Europe. We will visit Dunluce Castle, perched precariously on the cliffs above the sea, before returning to Belfast for a short tour before re-boarding our ship. 

Day 10 Sat. July 23: Glasgow – optional shore excursion
We will spend the day exploring Glasgow and Stirling Castle. Stirling Castle was built in the 14th and 15th Centuries. Several Kings & Queens have been crowed here, including Mary, Queen of Scotts in 1543. 

Day 11 Sun. July 24: Liverpool – optional shore excursion 
This morning we are off to Northern Wales and the castle and walled town of Conwy. Built by Edward I as part of a ring of castles to cower the Welsh into submission, Conwy stirs images of the legends of King Arthur, for Wales was the origin of the famous Camelot stories. Time permitting we will also visit the Beaumaris Castle before returning to tour Liverpool. Though home of the Beatles, Liverpool is most famous as the scene of thousands of hope-filled and tear-stained goodbyes as immigrants poured through its docks to sail to America and a new life. The Albert Docks still carry the memory of the sounds and sights of tall-masted ships bulging with cargo and small knots of families settling on board for the long voyage down the Mersey River and across the Atlantic. 

Day 12 Mon. July 25: Dublin – optional Shore excursion 
Just a little south of Dublin we will visit the ancient Monastery of Glendalough. The history of Ireland is deeply intertwined with Christian monasteries and the inspiring story of Saint Patrick. It would be difficult to imagine a setting more peaceful. You will have time to walk the ruins and sit by the lakes or walk the footpaths once trod by Irish monks whose labors saved much of Western Civilization during the dark centuries following the fall of Rome and the barbarian invasions that swept over Europe. We return to Dublin to visit Trinity College home of the Book of Kells, a beautifully illuminated manuscript of the New Testament and the greatest treasure of Ireland. We will also visit the Library whose romance will make you want to open a book and linger with the smells of old leather and ink.

Day 13 Tue. July 26: Cobh (Cork) – optional shore excursion 
We will tour the area of cork with a stop at the Blarney Castle. This is your chance to kiss the Blarney stone to get the gift of gab. 

Day 14 Wed. July 27: Guernsey Island – optional shore excursion
We have never been to S. Peter Port or Guernsey Island. At this point we do not know if we will be doing a shore excursion or recommending you do the port on your own. 

Day 15 Thu. July 28: Southampton – Land Tour 
Early this morning we will depart our ship and start heading to ancient Stonehenge, the mysterious circle of stones that still carries the aura built into it over four thousand years ago. We will then travel to Southern Wales and visit the Tintern Abbey. The afternoon will be spent visiting the some significant LDS church history sites in England and enjoy a drive through the English countryside. Late this afternoon we will arrive at Stratford upon-Avon (home of Shakespeare. You will have time to explore its Tudor streets. 

Day 16 Fri. July 29: Stratford, Warwick, Oxford 
This morning we will travel the short distance to Warwick Castle, perhaps England’s most famous. You’ll have time to explore the towers and dungeon and watch demonstrations of medieval archery, catapults, sword fighting and falconry. In the afternoon we travel to the literary center of England, In the afternoon we take a walking tour of Oxford, the college town of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, William Tyndale, Lewis Carroll and dozens of other great English thinkers. Oxford was the scene of the most famous martyrdoms in English Protestant history for it was here Archbishop Cranmer was burned at the stake along with Bishops Latimer and Ridley. It was also used in Harry Potter films. We will overnight in London. 

Day 17 Sat. July 30: London
We will have a city tour with a full visit to the famous Tower of London, a castle, prison and the most famous execution site in Europe. You will have the opportunity to see the English Crown Jewels. Our next stop is the British Library, home to some of the greatest documents in the English language and world from the original lyrics of the Beatles, to the notebooks of Da Vinci, to the Magna Charta, to the oldest New Testament in existence. We will finish about 1:30 pm. The rest of the day will be free time to enjoy possibly a Broadway play or just explore. 

Day 18 Thu. July 31: Fly home
This morning you will fly back to the US and home.