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Title Author Date Aired
Christmas In Zarahemla Dr. S. Michael Wilcox 2014-12-17
What Do We Know About The Wise Men - Who Came To Honor Jesus? Dr. John L. Lund 2014-12-10
The Bells of Bethlehem Dr. S. Michael Wilcox 2014-12-03
What Do You Know About Turkey? The Country Not The Bird, Take The Quiz! Dr. John L. Lund 2014-11-26
This, I Will Never Forget! Jack S. Marshall 2014-11-19
Peru, the Amazon and a Bamboo Fishing Pole Jack Marshall 2014-11-12
That Magical Border Bedlam Dr. S. Michael Wilcox 2014-11-05
Martin Luther And A Life Changing Moment Dr. John L. Lund 2014-10-29
A Land As Old As Time Itself Dr. S. Michael Wilcox 2014-10-22
Say What Jack Marshall 2014-10-15
Water, Water, Everywhere Nor Any Drop To Drink! Dr. John L. Lund 2014-10-08
Hidden Jewel Of Creation Dr. S. Michael Wilcox 2014-10-01
Africa: A land Where Wildlife Reigns Supreme Jack S. Marshall 2014-09-24
The Nabataean Kingdom and History Dr. John L. Lund 2014-09-16
Jeroboam and the Grandfathers Glenn J. Rawson 2014-09-10
Passport Family Portraits Dr. S. Michael Wilcox 2014-08-27
The Interesting People You Meet When Traveling Every Face Tells A Story Dr. John L. Lund 2014-08-20
Mother Whitmer and the Angel Glenn J. Rawson 2014-08-13
The Nourishing Place - The Cathedrals Of Europe Dr. S. Michael Wilcox 2014-08-06
Blessed Honored Pioneer Dr. S. Michael Wilcox 2014-07-30

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