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Title Author Date Aired
The Bells of Bethlehem Dr. S. Michael Wilcox 2015-12-02
What Do You Know About Turkey? The Country Not The Bird, Take The Quiz! Dr. John L. Lund 2015-11-25
6 Must See Castles In The British Isles Fun For Less Tours 2015-11-18
A Disposition To Be Pleased Dr. S. Michael Wilcox 2015-11-04
Martin Luther And A Life Changing Moment Dr. John L. Lund 2015-10-28
Say What Jack Marshall 2015-10-21
It Was Just A High School Assembly Dr. John L. Lund 2015-10-14
Where Few Are Allowed To Explore - Excavations Of Beit Lehi - Israel Dr. S. Michael Wilcox 2015-10-07
Long-haul Flight Survival Tips Jack S. Marshall 2015-09-30
When Dr. John L. Lund 2015-09-16
The Greatest Treasures Are Sometimes Closest To Home Dr. S. Michael Wilcox 2015-09-02
Nora and John Glenn Rawson 2015-08-29
No Photos Please Dr. John L. Lund 2015-08-19
I Will Cause the Earth to Testify the Truth of these Things Jack S. Marshall 2015-08-12
Shapers of Nations and Humblers of Empires Dr. S. Michael Wilcox 2015-08-05
Where the Gospel Begins, Your Traditions Must End! Dr. John L. Lund 2015-07-29
I Breathe…Therefore I Eat Jack S. Marshall 2015-07-22
The Promise Of Far-away Places Dr. S. Michael Wilcox 2015-07-15
Cornelius and Peter Glenn J. Rawson 2015-07-08
Age Doesn’t Matter Unless You’re Cheese! Jack S. Marshall 2015-06-24

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